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  1. Thanks guys , I'll go for a home made 100mm offset filter. Ray
  2. Thanks Tooth_dr I see the film is available on eBay, £24 for an A4 sheet. the hole in the Skywatcher dust cap is 50mm, do you think it's too small?
  3. Hi forum, I was wondering how to set up my SW 250px (10" reflector) for solar imaging. I notice it has a 50mm cap & hole in the dust cover.... I'm assuming this is to enabe solar observing with a suitable solar filter? is this correct? And I gues I don't need the finder, so just remove or cover it up. And for imaging, can I use my 10mm plossl and canon 5Dmk3 to image once I have the solar filter in place? or do I need additional filter equipment? Thanks Ray
  4. What gives here? An advanced member posts item for sale without price then just ignores folk! on other forums this post would be deleted by the mod.
  5. Thanks for the 'likes' guys... I'm very happy with this first attempt, even though it's not perfect it shows me what's possible. It's certainly got me hooked, I guess that's how it goes eh! I'm totally amazed at the level of software sophistication these days, my blurry video has become an image worthy of a 1980's episode of Sky at Night. I need to get a Barlow for the next clear evening, x120 is not enough to pull out the detail. X240 ought to work well, even if hand tracked. Cheers Ray
  6. posted this a few times (easy to see I'm new at this game)... anyway, this is my first and thus far the only image of Jupiter. Skywatcher 250px Canon 5Dmk3 with ML firmware (x3 Raw crop) 10mm Plossl and adapter tube (no Barlow I'm afraid) 3 x 15 second video clips, processed in AS3 and Photoshop
  7. Hi Sean Yes that's what is on my mind. but I can't decide between a Barlow or a higher quality EP , say 6mm in good glass. if I get a Barlow then I'll still have to use the cheap 10mm plossl with it. but if I get a quality EP it won't fit into my camera tube from eBay ! any suggestions?
  8. Folks, I just wanted to share this with you, in case it's not come to the attention of Canon users here. I have managed to use my 5DMk3 to record RAW video at x3 crop factor using Magic Lantern firmware. The process is: Record Raw in .MLV format at x3 crop, Convert to .mov format using MLRAWviewer, convert to AVI in PIPP then stack in AS3. Scope is a Skywatcher 250px on dobsonian mount- I was using lucky imaging !!! But the canon live view really helps here... made it easy to set up for a short clip then select x3 crop and record! Then Jupiter just drifts into the frame. EyePiece is the standard Skywatcher 10mm plossl (not great but does ok) Camera mounted behing EP using T-adapter and tube from ebay 7 x 15 second videos stacked and 20% of best images selected. It was was a poor night and a think this combo can do better with better seeing. but not too bad for a cheap plossl and large sensor camera!
  9. ok so after a few nights with semi-clear skies I managed to get something recorded. I used my 10mm possel from Skywatcher, an ebay T-adapter and tube to holdthe Eyepiece. then I used the Canon 5DMk3 set to x3 crop and recorded Raw video. Saved the frames and stacked... here is the result using a dobsonian mount and my first "Lucky imaging".. What ya think folks? I'm fairly happy with this given how crappy my first images were... Ps, this was about 20 seconds of video at 24 fps, stacked the best 20%
  10. Nice on Craig, now I can see what a mountian I have to climb... my stills don't come close to that... yet!!! Cheers Ray
  11. WOW, nice image Craig... for my benefit can you share a single frame so I can see how much difference the stacking makes? Cheers Ray
  12. Ah, got you.. makes sense. I'll try both approaches, Canon 1280 x 720 @ 50 FPS uncompressed and then the MagicLantern X3 crop factor @ 24 FPS RAW. I suspect the X3 crop will help when recording at Prime Focus and might even work well with my 25mm Possel... Forecast looks like I'll get some clear skies here on Monday.
  13. Hi Dave, yes just found it.. the Video menu allows 1280 x 720 @ 50 FPS uncompressed, I didnt see it earlier as this option only appears when in Video record mode... So is faster FPS an advantage with astrophotography stacking ? I'm guessing here, but has it got something to do with gathering more images while the object is in the sweet spot? Ray
  14. Hi Dave, agreed, I found the standard Firmware from Canon does not provide much flexability on video formats. However Magic Lantern is a user-developed non-approved firmware which enables RAW video capture at x3 crop and in 1920 x 1080 ... this still produces large files in .MOV format but at least the image will be x3 times larger... and since it's RAW I can adjust the exposure & colour balance etc in post processing. Once these clouds clear I hope to test it out... perhaps during the week. Ray
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