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  1. john2y

    IC410 Tadpoles SHO

    About a month ago I started gathering data for this gorgeous nebula. I prioritised this one over the Flaming star since I really like the blue oxygen pool in this one. Honestly I didn't think it would turn out this good. I'm shooting from the balcony in the center of big city from the red zone and even in narrowband the difference in seeing comparing to countryside is huge since the city has much more dust particles in the air and pollution. So far I've gathered 139x3min of Ha, 154x3min of Oiii and only 40x3min of Sii, I'm planning on adding around 100 exposures of sulphur and 40 to Ha and Oiii to be done with this nebula. The reason I'm posting it already is that the two week streak of clear nights has ended for me and according to the forecast I won't be shooting at least a week or so, so I've decided to process it just to see how it looks with the data I have now. Equipment used: Explore Scientific AP 102/714 ED APO Triplet with 0.8x flattener and ASI1600MM Pro with ZWO NB Filters, Processed in Pixinsight Clear skies Jan
  2. john2y


    Thank you, It's just 30x3min in Ha and Oiii each. Taken from the city center from the red zone. (all hail narrowband )
  3. john2y

    NGC 1491 SHO

    Thank you! Hopefully it'll improve once I add more oxygen and sulphur data.
  4. john2y

    NGC 1491 SHO

    I made a mask using rage selection tool in pixi and lowered the brightness of the center, then reverted the mask and increased the brightness of the rest of the nebulosity.
  5. john2y


    The crab nebula taken with ES 102/714 + 0.8x reducer and ASI1600MM Pro HOO combination.
  6. john2y

    NGC 1491 SHO

    I haven't seen many images of this nebula and I felt sorry for it so I started gathering data about a month ago. I'm done with Ha data but I'm still working on Oiii and Sii so the result is a bit noisy. This was just a test processing to see what colours I should expect. What is hard about imaging this object is that the center part the " blue arrow" is really bright but the rest od the nebula is very dim so I had to fiddle with the curves and masks a lot. Taken with Explore Scientific 102/714 with 0,8x flattener and ASI1600MM Pro with ZWO NB filters. Data gathered: 254x180s Ha, 31x180s Oiii, 28x180s Sii Processed in Pixinsight
  7. john2y

    IC 1805 and 1795 Mozaic WIP

    Thank you
  8. john2y

    IC 1805 and 1795 Mozaic WIP

    Another update, Heart nebula is done, but I still want more data, so far 17,5h on it. Two nights of Ha and one night of Oiii and another night of Sii. Since I'm waiting for the moon to shoot Oiii I'll be shooting another sulphur data next.
  9. john2y

    IC 1805 and 1795 Mozaic WIP

    So after 4 hours of playing with Pixi, I was able to get better result of the FIshhead nebula. I've processed each channel on its own and I fiddled with it a lot after I combined it. I would love some feedback and I'm open for criticism.
  10. Since I got new ASI1600mm pro I've decided that good first light would be these two beautiful nebulae. I'm planning on doing them both in SHO with each channel about 10hrs each panel. So far: Fishhead nebula: 5hrs each channel Heart nebula: 5hrs H-alpha Taken with ASI1600mm pro cooled to -15 degrees with ZWO narroband filters through Explore Scientific 102/714 APO Triplet with 0.8x reducer/flattener. Cheers. Jan
  11. john2y

    FireCapture crashes on launch

    It used to run with or without camera, I've updated my camera driver but still the same. Just blinks and shuts down.
  12. Hey guys, so after few months of deepsky imaging I wanted to do some lunar photography but when I wanted to launch the FireCapture (as many times before). The window with the program would just blink and close itself. Forward to today. I've tried versions from 2.2 to 2.6 beta both 32 and 64bit, all in compatibility mode all the way to winXP. Doesn't matter it still does it. I'm running win10 and using ZWO ASI178MC , SharpCap works btw. Any ideas how to fix it? It used to run really well. Thanks, Jan
  13. Awesome pic but I would wait for more data before you stretch it so much. I fiddled with the tiff a bit and I think that when you focus more on the Horsehead and Orion it will look better. I reduced stars and the CA and balanced colours a bit.
  14. john2y

    Rosette nebula HaRGB

    Thank you! It's one of my favourites too
  15. john2y

    Rosette nebula HaRGB

    I'm really happy that I can share with you my first HaRGB image ever! This is 40 minutes of RGB data combined with 70 minutes of H-Alpha.

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