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  1. Heres another photo of jupiter taken on the 20th but this time just with my cellphone attached tp my c11
  2. well in stll learning but this is what ive got so far... this was taken on the 20th with an orion starshoot attached to a c11 and stacked with regestax
  3. i never thought of it being a satellite, with a longer exposure i would have seen a longer stream but 30 seconds is all i can get my phone camera to do... thank you thank you
  4. these are pictures of orion taken almost a year ago from my home, sorry about the light pollution. they were taken with my note 5 attached to my etx60 and are 30 second exposures... their is something there i didnt notice until all was done... i have no clue what it is so i just figured it was space junk, any thoughts would be appreciated...
  5. this is for everyone who have welcomed me already and for everyone else reading. thank you all for the greetings from everyone and from everywhere, i hope to correspond with you all. im working on posting some of my photographs for you all and would welcome any and all input on them. they aren't the best but i got lucky with a lot of them. i dont have a camera they were all taken witb my phone , ive been trying to get good pictures without spending a lot. i have an etx 60 and a classic c11 but i live in oregon so the weather is not my friend right now. i will post the the pictures asap. thank you all again. i also have to ask, how many of you will be in my part of the world on August 21st????
  6. well im new to everything but heres a attempt from me, totally amature and still learning and experimenting . this was taken april 28th with my Samsung note 5 mounted on a etx60, hopefully the next attempt will have some detail...
  7. thank you so much, youll probably see me all over the place when i get my forum leggs going, a lot to look over and very interesting subjects... thank you again
  8. oldstargazer


    To one and all...im not new to astronomy but extremely new to forums so any help would be greatly appreciated. i have lots of pictures to share and lots of questions and would love advice and would also love to help anyone witj questions im just not sure where to begin, i figured this was the best place to start with...
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