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  1. Hi all and thanks for the warm welcome. Cloud has stopped play this week, Living in Scotland where we can usually expect 365 days off sunshine and clear evening skies,( No wait, Its 365 minutes ) Still reading forum, gaining knowledge , And finding my way around the scope, The hardest bit for me has been the technical jargon used, Never heard of some off the words used and confusing confusing me at times. Graham, Not just me then, Jaw dropping , Next thing that caught me by surprise was constantly adjusting chasing to moon across the night sky, Never realized how fast it moves as you view through the Scope. Looking at buying a 2x barlow lens, and the fine adjuster knob/cable that was missing when i bought the Scope. Again thank you all. Pat.
  2. Just came back indoors, Really clear night and great images of the moon with 20mm finder and 10mm. Tried the 6mm but nothing. Possibly due to Scope being basic model and pushing beyond its capability But very pleased with what I have seen so far. Thank you very much, Pat.
  3. Hi, If i could see the Moon crisp and clear with the 20mm finder and not the 10mm or 6mm I assumed the corrector must be there?
  4. Set up scope in kitchen with doors open, focused on trees in the distance, changed lens and, Bingo, hey presto, The amount off adjustment between in focus and out of focus is minute so I assume with the moon or stars it must be a even less, Steady hand required . Now i have one probably really stupid question. Why is image upside down, Please be gentle with me ...
  5. Hi JOC, Managed to get the filter chart from Celestron web page and now have a better idea off what the various filters do. When i changed down to the 10mm from 20 finder I am wondering if thats when i should have use the filter as the 20mm image was good but the 10mm has way to bright and blurred, going to repeat what I did but with filters in the eye piece on the 10mm and 6mm . Thanks again. Pat
  6. Hi Tuomo, Trying to refocus but it never became clear, I will get my head round it and fuigre it all out but it will take more time,
  7. Hi Ronin and thanks for the advise. There are no extension tubes and dont appear to have any in the focuser. It would appear to be the 457 tube 1000 focal length. Not had another chance to use as cloud and chores for the wife has kept be busy for last few nights. At the moment my ambition is to have a bit more understanding of how to use properly before the dark nights return. Thanks again.
  8. Hi, Just joined today, Bought used Scope yesterday on Gumtree, Celestron astromaster 144. no instructions but managed to roughly set up on decking last night, When I used the 20mm finder piece to Moon was really clear and crisp image, when i removed and tried other lens supplied 10mm and a 6mm plossil all I could see was a really bright blur and could not focus , came with 6 fillters but not tried these yet and not sure what different filters would be used for, Any ideas, Thanks, Pat
  9. laudropb, when I was viewing moon on the 20mm finder piece it was realy clear, Way better than I expected, ( like kid at Xmas ) When i used the other lens that came with scope _ 10mm and 6mm possil it was just a bright blur and could not focus.
  10. Thanks dave, Found the PDF file for scope, Have saved for reference , Part missing from scope so will track down replacement .
  11. Good old Youtube helped a lot with basic setting up.
  12. Hi all, Pat here from Perth, Scotland. 60 years young. Brand new to yet another hobby, Bought my first scope ( Used one from gumtree locally ) yesterday and was blown by my first look at the moon last night. Few issues with it which I will ask about in the correct forum as no instructions with the scope and first one I have ever held. looking forward to viewing some more weather permitting, Have to pick your brains about a few things I am not sure about so be patient,
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