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  1. Thanks, I will have a look at it.
  2. Hello all I am wanting to get into astrophotograpy, particularly DSO's and widefield views, but don't have a huge budget (£300). Can anyone recommend a camera with full manual settings that could be bought for under £300. Secondhand is good too, but please say how much they are likely to cost. Many thanks G-James
  3. Hi and welcome to SGL - (from another beginer!)
  4. Im pretty new to this but I have recently seen m65 and m66 with my 4.5" Skywatcher. They were really difficult to spot - at first I thought it was just my eyes, but I checked on Stellarium and it was them. Seeing them from London though... try looking halfway between Chertan (in Leo) and the mag 3.5 star directly below it. You will know when you see them, as there is a wiggly line of six or so bright stars down one side.
  5. After seeing a couple of easy DSO's I wanted to start finding and observing some Messier objects, galaxies in particular. However, I can't seem to find anything. Recently, I was trying to spot M51 and M101, which are (apparently) quite easy objects. I knew where to look so I pointed my scope at them (or where i thought they were) and looked. Nothing. Has anyone got any advice on finding things? Thanks
  6. Is there any way I can get into astrophotography with limited funds.(£120 - Im 13!) I already have an old SLR but Im not sure about make and model. I also have a 4.5" Skywatcher with an EQ2 mount and a really basic drive. Thanks
  7. I know this is a little off topic, but how do you set your signature and profile picture? I have tried to several times, but there is no edit button for that. Please can someone tell me?!
  8. G-James


    Erm...Im going to sound like a complete idiot, but how do you add a signature and profile pic???
  9. Can you see any detail on the planets with an f/4 telescope. I am using a 114mm Skywatcher (500mm focal length) and wanted to know as I am considering buying a 6.3mm eyepiece, so I could see more of the planets. Would I see more? Or am I wasting my time?
  10. what magnification do I need to see it clearly. Unfortunately, I am limited to 100x with the eyepieces I have.
  11. Before Christmas, I attempted to see the ring Nebula, in Lyra, before it went and disappeared below some trees. However when I looked around where it is supposed to be, I couldn't see it. I looked all over the place at low power but I still couldn't see it. I was using my 4.5 inch Skywatcher, is this to small?
  12. I could swear I saw something like this on the 28th, at about 9pm. It was just below Orion. I thought I was imagining things, but maybe I wasn't...
  13. What magnification do you need to see Saturn clearly? Is 180x enough?
  14. a) where you went to get advice Various websites and reviews how helpful (or not) was the advice Pretty helpful, although some of the reviews were a bit exaggerated c) what sort of scopes did you look at Astromaster 90EQ, Bresser Galaxia II and Skywatcher 1145PM d) what did you buy Skywatcher 1145PM e) why did you buy what you bought Its reviews were pretty good and it won the Sky At Night beginner scope of the year. f) how has it worked out - what do you like with it/dislike with it Its a very good beginner scope - M81 and M82 are crisp and clear while Mars and Jupiter show some details even though its an f4 scope.
  15. What is the minimum magnification that you need to see the ice cap and/or other details. I am limited to about 180x.
  16. M81 and M82 are exactly in line with the bottom left and top right stars in th bowl of the Plough. They are the distance between these stars x2
  17. G-James


    Hi everyone! My name is James and Im a complete novice. I got a Skyhawk 1145PM for my Birthday (I'm 13) and have used it for a couple of weeks. I got some decent views of Jupiter and M31 and stumbled across M81 and M82 while sweeping the Milky Way. I haven't done much recently as the weathers been awful here. So...err thats me! P.S Try to remember im only 13, no really technical stuff! ( Just, please dont patronise me! (I'm sure you won't though!))
  18. Hello! I have recently got a Sky Hawk 1145PM, which seems to be an OK beginner scope. However it only comes with a 25mm, 10mm and a 2x Barlow and I was thinking about getting a 5-6mm for planetary and lunar viewing, but am not sure if it will be worth it. My telescope is generally un-suited for observing planets (f4.4), but would still like to know if I can get any other eyepieces (£25-£30 max) Thanks a lot!
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