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  1. OK - I'm a fool... Going on holiday next week and I thought it'd be good to take a small scope with me Decided that the Celestron Travel Scope 70 - £65 delivered - would be fun to use - not only during the day but also to look at the moon and Jupiter I was deluded - what as I thinking £65 would get me in the way of optics... Last night I took it out - added a mirror diagonal and tried to look at Jupiter - what a mess - just a bright blur - even when I swopped the eyepiece for a Celestron X-Cel Bah - learnt my lesson and sent it back. Still here's one thing that was more successful - I bought a Visionking 8x42 waterproof monocular with pistol hand grip from Ebay for £28 - to replace my 10x50 binos - I've never got on with binos. I went for Vision King as they're a company that does a range of optics - so should have some quality control. They're good for the price. No ghosting and limited colour fringing - sharp up to about 10% of the edge. They only weigh 300 grams and so they can pop into a pocket when I walk the dog. The pistol grip is very useful and makes it look like a ray gun - ahem. Waiting to use them on the moon but the stars were sharp the other night.
  2. Yep - it would be ! Probably tip over the scope and poke my eye out!
  3. An old thread but very useful Just ordered one to see what it does with Juipiter
  4. 0.25 inches is about 6mm 0.5 inches is about 13mm 1 inch is about 25/26mm I can sort of see that working... I wondered if it was multiples of 6. 6mm 12mm 18mm 24mm 30mm
  5. John - thanks for the reply Sounds like a nice to have rather than a definite. Something to put on a Christmas list Here's another related question - I really like my 26mm 4000 Meade - but would a BST Explorer (apart from the wider field) be any better? - Sharper - More Contrast??
  6. Why do eyepiece manufacturers make 26mm eyepieces... i mean specifically 26mm - rather than 25mm or 20mm or 27mm Why 9.7mm instead of just 10mm? They seem 'odd' numbers to pick. What's the original reason for it? - Is 26mm a conversion from 1.1 inches. Is it just what we've always made?
  7. Thanks for the feedback - really useful Got great view of Jupiter last night - using my 26mm Meade 4000 with a 2x Meade Barlow and a 3x Celestron Barlow. Is there any benefit in getting a dedicated good quality 6 or 9mm eyepiece for looking at Jupiter ? Or would the views be the same as using an 18 or 26mm and barlows?
  8. Thanks for the comments If I looked through a 9mm eyepiece and then a 18mm paired with a x2 Barlow would I notice any difference?
  9. Hi guys I have a f5 Meade Mini Lightbridge 130 (and very nice it is too) Planning to use it to look at Jupiter over the next few weeks - clouds permitting I have a 23mm Revelations, a 26mm Meade 4000 and a 18mm Celestron Xcel and a long x2 Meade Barlow I was planning to Barlow the 18mm down to 9mm. 2 Questions 1. - Will the image be dimmer - narrower? compared to a a 9mm eyepiece? 2 - And if I was to buy one other eyepiece what would people recommend in terms of mm for this f5 scope - a 12mm - a 9mm - 6mm? Looking forward to your suggestions
  10. Some 'reviews' of the Xcel on this forum. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/465314-celestron-x-cel-lx-eyepieces/
  11. Just for completeness the BST Starguiders are £49 and on paper have the same spec as the Xcel.
  12. HI it was Wex Photography a couple of weeks ago. It must have been a special offer as they're now £74. The best price currently seems to be £69 My thinking was that I only need 3 eyepieces and a x2 Barlow (to get x6 different magnifications which is more than enough). So I decided it's worth buying x3 reasonable quality eyepieces The Xcel seemed to be the best midranged ones I could save on cheaper own brand ones but I decided that the Celestron ones offered good quality control and would retain their value
  13. I bought a Celestron 18mm Xcel recently and was delighted with the quality. Bought it for £59 new inc P&P. I could have save £10 by buying more generic BST Starguiders or similar but I figured that the Xcel's would hold their value more if I ever came to sell it. Kept the box it came in!
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