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  1. Hi tingting, Excellent first video stack. Taking more frames will make a big difference, try for 2 mins of data the next time. Look forward to seeing attempt no 2! Carol
  2. Thanks tingting, Those are the best Jupiter images I've got to date, was pleased at how they turned out I'm no expert in Registax 5 but have found that chosing compress and stacking by centre of gravity gives me the best results. Have you tried stacking by centre of gravity? Have you heard of Jerry Lodriguss? I've been reading a few of his blogs on planetry imaging with a canon 550d on cropped movie mode to see if i could find out how he converts his mov files to avi http://www.astropix....03/23/saturn-2/ After a bit of digging on his website I found this comment on one of his images "The video was converted to AVI format with Rad Video Tools. It then had to be re-saved in old AVI format in VirtualDub so it could be opened and processed in Registax v5." and on aonther he said "The video was converted to AVI format with Super and processed in Registax v5." So that's three more programmes to check out when I get the chance. I noticed he used EOS movie record instead of the cropped movie mode to record his data for this image, maybe worth checking out as an alternative to backyard EOS? http://www.astropix....listo-ganymede/ Anyway, these are just a couple of possible solutions i thought I'd share. Hope they turn out to be helpful! All the best Carol
  3. Thanks very much for the info Chris, I didn't know that! I checked Zoom Browser and it has only two options, convert to MOV (H.264) or MJPEG . Can you suggest a programme which will do a good job of converting Canon movie files to avi ( i don't have photoshop!) Thanks Carol
  4. Hi tingting, Yes it can get frustrating but it's all part of the fun that is AP! I did notice that zoom browser converts to MJPEG, that's why I wondered if it's just the wrong conversion programme to use for PIPP? I've been using Registax 5 (not so keen on Registax 6) for a while now and it will stack the MJPEG files produced by zoom browser no problem with some good results. But I've also noticed on the forum that many use PIPP then Autostakkert 2 to process their data which seemes to pull out lots of detail in their images. I'd love to try it to see what sort of results I'd get but ........and you've guessed it...... the MJPEG files won't work in Autostakkert! What camera are you using? I have a Canon 550D and I get my data eyepiece projection using the hyperion zoom set at about 16mm and recording on cropped movie mode. I've got loads of Jupiter images using my 8" orion optics dob (tracking manually for 2 mins).It is tricky to keep the planet on screen for 2 mins, it moves around a lot! But Registax can cope with the movement. I wonder if I could get better results if I ran it through PIPP first then stack in Registax or Autosatkkert. This is one of my images so you can see what I'm getting. I have been using the same set up (hyperion zoom and cropped movie mode) with my SW120ED on HEQ5 mount and this is the best I've got. It is sharper that the one taken with the dob but I'm sure I could get more detail from the data. Just got to practice processing! lol Btw, all processing for these was done in zoom browser. All the best. Carol
  5. Hi, I'm converting my canon files in the same way as you do. Get the same error message too! I'm wondering if there is another program which will convert to an avi that will work in PIPP? If you find a solution please let me know. Thanks Carol
  6. i did think of that as I have a de-humifiier but surely it's got to contain lots of other impurities? Carol
  7. haitch, that really does help....and it takes alot of stress out of trying to find distilled water. Thanks very much. Carol
  8. Hi pete_I, I intend to rest the mirror at an angle and let it dry naturally, how do you dry your mirror? Thanks Carol
  9. Thanks for your replies Steve, what a co-incidence! I just watched your video this morning, it was very helpful and I do intend to follow your instructions. Checked out the link for distilled water and although they can supply it the smallest unit the sell in is 10 litres, is there anyone who'll sell it in litre bottles Kieran, I definately need to clean it, the scope has been well used in a city for over three years and it's now got to be done! Tried garages and Halfords but they only sell deionised water...as do Asda's. The chemist can get some kind of filtered water but it's not distilled. That's why I'm wondering if deionised water will do the job, I can pick up a bottle from the garage round the corner for less than £2. Carol
  10. Hi, I'm about to clean my primary for the first time but I'm finding it very difficult to buy distilled water can I used deionised water for the final rinse? Where do you all buy your distilled water? Thanks very much Carol
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  13. Thanks very much. I'm chuffed with this shot, I really didn't expect a mobile phone camera to be so good.... but then again I found my old phone in a dinosaur's cave, which may explain it! lol Carol
  14. I managed to catch a glimpse of the sun through the clouds at lunchtime and that prom at the 6 o'clock position was just spectacular, the biggest prom I've seen so far. Thought I'd see what sort of image I could take with my mobile phone ( Samsung Galaxy S II). My PST was mounted on a normal photographic tripod and I took this image through the hyperion zoom at 8mm. It's not bad for a phone image, it captured the giant prom and a few others on the right side and sun spots as well! "] Carol
  15. Hi all, Sorry about the delay in replying... it's been a busy week! Olly, Keith is absolutely right, it is 2 images, one exposed for the proms and one for the surface detail. They were taken in movie mode set to record in mono, focused with live view x 5. I also use a shutter release cable to take the shots. To process I first of all tweek in Zoombrowser (the software that came with the camera) adjust levels, curves but not too much, add a little unsharp mask and then colour. Once I'm happy with the two images I use GIMP to copy and paste the surface detail on to the prom image...which is why you can see that black ring...still got to figure how to get rid of that. Pibbles, not sure what Astrophotography tool is, do you use it to capture images via a laptop or is it for processing? I did manage to get a peek at the sun today, 10 mins before it clouded over! Supose it's better than nothing. Hope you all fared better. All the best Carol
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