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  1. Hi, I have an LX90 8" and am after a second hand wedge. I have been offered a second hand LX200 wedge and told I may just need an adapter plate to be able to fit the LX200 wedge to my scope. Does anyone know if this is correct? Thanks in anticipation, Kevin.
  2. Hi, I want to buy a focal reducer for my Meade LX90 8" to get better DSO viewing. I have looked at various outlets at the cost for Meade F6.3 and F3.3 reducers which are quite expensive. Are there any alternatives out there? And can anyone give advice on which to get (6.3 or 3.3)? Regards, Kevin.
  3. Hi all, has anyone had experience with using a telrad with a Meade? I am thinking of buying one to use instead of the spotting scope and wondered if anyone had any positive comments about them? . Also how do they fit on to the tube, does it fit directly on to the spotting scope dovetail or is there a separate fitting? I have an LX90 by the way. Thanks , Kevin.
  4. Hi, when removing the front cover I found it easier to use a 6" flat bladed screwdriver, and prised the front cover of easily in a matter of seconds. Also, I left the webcam plugged in so that I could see the LED's and knew when I had broken them. Kevin.
  5. Thanks Cliff, I have sorted it out now, think it is a dodgy USB port on my laptop. Tried the others and it works fine, which I should have done in the first place! Kevin.
  6. Hi, does the Xbox webcam work with Windows 7 64 bit? I brought 2 for less than a tenner but can't seem to get them working even though the dialogue box says it has downloaded the latest drivers and it is ready to use. Kevin.
  7. Thanks for that. I have already used the camera cable which worked fine, but I thought there was more to it than that! Think I'm getting confused with all the posts I'm reading on here! Kevin.
  8. Hello all, I'm desperate for some help in sorting out cable connections from my Canon 450D to my laptop when using APT. I'm under the impression that in order to control the camera shutter from the laptop you need a USB/ serial converter, is this correct? If so could someone explain in laymans terms what cables I need and where to stick' em! I have a number of USB cables and the USB/serial converter, but I'm at a total loss as what to do! Regards, Kevin (in hope and anticipation).
  9. Jake, I have saved a copy of the 'print screen' but cannot get it into SGL. tried cut/copy and paste but no luck. Can you advise me how to do it please? Kevin.
  10. Hi Jake, this is a capture file I copied after downloading Firecapture 2.1. Hope this is helpful. If you need me to do anything else just let me know. Kevin. Filename=Mars_R_173955.avi Date=30.01.2013 Start=17:39:55 Duration=10s Frames captured=97 Camera=DTCS033 CCD USB2.0 Camera ROI=252x250 Profile=Mars Diameter=4.08" Magnitude=1.18 CM=193.6° Filter=R FPS=9 Shutter=0.000ms Gamma=-858993460 Gain=-858993460 Histogramm(min)=220 Histogramm(max)=255 Histogramm=100% Noise=0.0 AutoAlign=false PreFilter=none Limit=none Comment=null
  11. Dan, interestingly I got a similar shot using my 450D on Monday morning, using the same settings as yourself. Got up for work and saw the full moon just about to set, first clear skies for ages. Processed mine in Photoshop and was quite chuffed with the result considering I set up so quickly.
  12. Thanks for the info chaps. So that makes it easier and cheaper then! So it's just a case of sidereal tracking on the alt/az mount then? Regards, Kevin.
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