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  1. End of feb viewing

    Brilliant news, thank you knobby
  2. End of feb viewing

    Is anyone allowed to use the site? I'm based in Romford and have been looking at that area, been scanning google maps for lay bys to set up in
  3. BST Barlow x2

    Here we are, post 10 https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/466305-which-barlow-should-i-get/
  4. BST Barlow x2

    Blimey, was a while back that I read it. Will search for it now for you
  5. BST Barlow x2

    It's my birthday next week I'm thinking of the ES as a present, however over on CN there is talk of it not being much cop on higher mag eyepieces (15mm if my awful memory serves) There is also mentions of its weight, it will be used in a skywatcher evo 90 and a heritage 130p. The 90 would be ok I think? but the heritage??
  6. Astro items sale.

    PM sent
  7. Inspiring stuff mate Seems I got it right on my own anyway
  8. Cheers Charic, I have seen that video* - and am a metal worker - so would be easy for me to do. I have checked the central position of the secondary holder with a set of dividers and it was off slightly so re-centered it and also adjusted it so the face is square to the front of the scope also, I had the secondary off last night to 'paint' the edges and back of the mirror with a black marker pen * In amongst hundreds i've watched trying to understand collimation
  9. I did try this method but the mirror flops slightly and tighten the screws to try and eliminate this. I'll try again tomorrow as my wife is now getting sick of me and the scope on the kitchen table
  10. This is the absolute best I can get it, one pic is via the cheshire and the other via a collimation cap, this is also probably the 10th attempt tonight and took an hour Would be great if folk can tell me what I'm doing wrong because if I read another guide saying it's quite simple I will most likely implode
  11. Thanks all, after 2 hours last night the secondary is less oval than it was before Just cannot seem to get the mirror circular and the three clips together, it is either one or the other then a compromise...slightly oval but with apparent alignment as per crosses in the third reflection pic above Do you have to 'tune' the depth of the cheshire to the secondary? As when it is pushed in as far as it will go the area in view is too close as to have a bottom edge like the first reflection pic above, I did think I'd be clever and just adjust it out but the holder allows movement and to my mind cannot be trusted The scope itself still gives good views, well, as good as the class 7 skies I live under will allow but it is niggling me that it could be better.
  12. Evening all, should the secondary mirror on my heritage 130p appear circular when viewed via a cheshire? At present it is oval which concerns me as for all of the research I've done thus far no images show this
  13. Wanted - 130p heritage

    Evening all. Hoping someone has one of these they're willing to let go Cheers