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  1. Lovely stuff Joves. What diagonal did you opt for
  2. swiss75

    COMPLETED - skywatcher 127 mak

    Just seen this on Gumtree https://www.gumtree.com/p/telescopes/automatic-sky-watcher-telescope-/1302121350
  3. What make is that zoom John
  4. Cheers Geoffers Got it for 140 quid...slight bargain One of the things i thought might be up was firmware but struggled to put the handset into data mode
  5. swiss75

    Anyone around Romford

    Hey Ross I'm in Romford. Send a PM mate
  6. Update... Replaced the batteries which stopped the error messages but the motor was still not working So I pulled off the cover and took the motor off, to find it was working *yay* This must mean it is jammed, so a quick unbolt of the arm reseat and do back up and it's now working fine Ngwillym. Thank you for the post. I was writing this one when you replied
  7. Afternoon all I recently bought a celestron 127 slt, it was described as faulty "up and down not working" The handset reports No response 16 & 17 I've just bought some fresh batteries incase it is as simple as that. Is there any other checks I could do to find out the problem
  8. swiss75

    End of feb viewing

    Brilliant news, thank you knobby
  9. swiss75

    End of feb viewing

    Is anyone allowed to use the site? I'm based in Romford and have been looking at that area, been scanning google maps for lay bys to set up in
  10. swiss75

    BST Barlow x2

    Here we are, post 10 https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/466305-which-barlow-should-i-get/
  11. swiss75

    BST Barlow x2

    Blimey, was a while back that I read it. Will search for it now for you
  12. swiss75

    BST Barlow x2

    It's my birthday next week I'm thinking of the ES as a present, however over on CN there is talk of it not being much cop on higher mag eyepieces (15mm if my awful memory serves) There is also mentions of its weight, it will be used in a skywatcher evo 90 and a heritage 130p. The 90 would be ok I think? but the heritage??

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