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  1. Cheers John, looks like mine is heading the same way! cheers Keith
  2. Hi everyone. Techie question! I'm just wondering if anybody has resolved the problem with the Skywatcher Wi-Fi dongle connection issues? I've read the thread on here from Proto star but it didn't resolve my issue? I bought one second hand for a few quid (I know, buying second hand!!) from a fellow astronomer who said he had no issues with it. I'm trying to connect it to a NEQ6 Pro mount, I'm using the handset cable as instructed, trying to connect it to the Synscan Pro app using a good android phone, tablet & even a laptop. The devices are seeing the dongle but it
  3. Hi Proto Star. I've just picked up on this thread as I'm having the same problem with a second hand dongle . I get the same type of address from mine. It's seen by my phone, tablet etc but won't connect through the synscan pro app. Did you resolve this by any chance? I know you sent the dongle back did you get another one? I'm asking as I've a NEQ6 Pro mount so it seems too coincidental!
  4. Hi everyone! Anybody have any experience with the little Altair Astro EDF60 with the FL53 Flourite lens? Looking at one to go with my Star Adventurer with its Field Flattener. https://www.altairastro.com/60EDF-ED-R-Refractor-Telescope.html Anyone have one/used one ? Is so are they any good/easy to setup? Cheers!
  5. Hi again everybody! Need help & advice from astro imagers please! I want to try my hand at Lunar & planetary imaging & I'm looking for a 2x or a 2.5x Barlow for this. I want to connect it directly to a Canon DSLR without eyepiece projection. Reading up it seem s the Teleview Powermates are the choice but they're out of my price range. There's lots of chat about the Celestron's, Revelation & others. I've also come across the TS Optics which are offering Apochocromatics at a very reasonable price, anybody had a try of these?? I think what I need to be able t
  6. Thanks everybody for all your help! I've found the loader works great. Will upload to advanced & back to basic firmware which I'll start off with to get used to the SA which will be in approximately 2020 the way these bloomin skies are going !!!
  7. Hi guys. I've got the firmware patch but how do I load it onto the mount? Am I missing something obvious? The dial is the standard one and in the advanced instruction manual there's a print out for the new dial. I would've thought there would be a loader programme like for upgrading a synscan handset?
  8. Hi everyone! Help required please! I've purchased a Star Adventurer (new green & white model Astrophoto kit) & I want to upgrade the Firmware to the Advanced version? I've updated the Prolific driver so the PC recognises it. I've trawled all the Sky Watcher website & the net but I can't find a link to the software required to a) Check the Firmware version & b ) upgrade the Firmware? I've emailed SkyWatcher but had no reply. I would have thought they would have put the software on the same page as the Firmware patch but I can't find it !!! Anybody shed some light
  9. Hi everyone. I'm modding a canon eos 450D by taking out the IR filter. I wanted to replace it with an optically clear piece of glass but I can only find the astronomik one but at £56 it's a tad expensive! Anybody know of anybody else that sells this type of glass cheaper? OR has anyone managed to get the IR filter out in one piece and managed to strip the coating off? If the sensor is left as is doors it affect the imaging in any way?
  10. Here we go again! I'm trying to get ot grips with a NEQ6 mount. I've followed the instructions for setting up the Polaris reticule orientation & alignment. Whilst doing this procedure the RA is upside down as in the counterweight shaft is pointing up & the puck is pointing down? I've gone with the flow and first clear night I thought I'd try polar aligning. Again following the instructions on aligning the polar reticule the real image was a mile out. I resorted to using SynscanInit & just rotated the RA til it looked the same & used latitude & altitude adjusters to pu
  11. Hi again! So hardware list completed drivers downloaded all talking ok. Software downloaded registax DSS sharpcap backyard eos and more. Reading Steve Richards excellent book making every photon count I'm trying to prep the software. First thing do the bias frames. Ok. Getting them to stack for a master bias frame? No chance! I've tried running these frames through all the stacking software no luck. I've raw and jpegs but none will process them. DSS is supposed to be one of the best but it keeps asking for light frames? Somebody please put me out of my nightmare before I bin the
  12. Hi Jim & thanks for the info. I spoke to Steve at FLO & I think he's hit the nail on the head. The trick seems to fit the lens element off a 2X Barlow lens into the path before the eyepiece/camera. I've tried this (you have to unscrew the lens part of the Barlow off the eyepiece adapter) & focus can be achieved. I just need to make a push fit adapter to fit the barlow element inside the rear of the finder scope then I can fit the helical focuser. Should be able to achieve focus with a camera & an eyepiece with this set up!
  13. Is this the adapter you bought from modern astronomy mate? Found a few threads online and the norm seems to cut down the finder tube assembly and re- thread it great If you've got the gear to do it!
  14. Cheers for the info Mark I was hoping to use it as a finder & guider combo by switching between eyepiece & camera, looks like it's not feasible?
  15. Hi again! So here's problem 656 so far (feels like it trying to get this gear to work!!). I'm trying to convert a 9x50 finder for guidescope use? I've a Celestron & Skywatcher finder. I've bought the correct step rings & a Baader Helical focuser thinking this would do the trick? Nope!! I've tried using a 25mm Plossl in the back & I've a QHY CCD guide camera but the focus point is well inside the main finder tube? I've taken the back off & manually moving the eyepiece in there is a huge difference between the two focus points. With the Baader on there'
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