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  1. Not sure what you mean Ken. Just applied a quick DDP with Maxim to the image and color balance. Anyway, as you strech image more visible vignetting is. Since no flat field was in it, i´ve use an Auto Flatten Background filter with Maxim and seems works fine on bright objects. Regards
  2. Hi all, Ken82..Try a simple colour balance decreasing green channel with Pixinsight histogram, PS or any other Regards
  3. For DSO, Photoshop is a extraordinary tool. If you have a license, internet is a great source of tutorials well explained and paid plugins..some free Take a look this: https://astroanarchy.blogspot.com.es/2008/11/star-removal-ps-action.html Very useful and good in narrowband astrophoto Regards
  4. Makes sense , but in any planetary gallery photo or sketching, you'll see that image resolution details are always better in a say, C 14 in relation to a smaller OTA. (IMO). No experience in my C 9 yet anyway Regards
  5. Hi Ant, Very kind! Best regards
  6. Hola Olly, THanks and glad to meet you :-) Hablas bien castellano :-D Saludos
  7. Hi Ant, Thanks so much! Regards
  8. Hi Peter, You´re very kind :-) I´m curious about geographic locations in Great Britain and from now on i´ll have a map with me Regards
  9. Hola alacant, gracias y un fuerte saludo para ti también :-)
  10. You´re right. Clear skies is the rule of thumb, but in contrast, rainy days throughout year are rare and that is the reason we have a age old problem even worst in summer
  11. Hi Dave y thanks for your welcome I live exactily here
  12. Hola Dave! You´re very kind. Thanks for your words
  13. Hi Pondus , you´re very kind:-) So sorry, i´m a baseball fan from fifteen. I´m considered in Spain like a very "rare" penson that doesn´t like football at all. However, due to my job i,ve been watching live football many times :-). Anyway, i heard about Nayim
  14. Aha aha, Thanks Dave, I´m no sure of that :-) Anyway, so sorry for my "noisy" english to all in advance
  15. Hi James and thanks for your welcome.... BTW, i like your quote :-)
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