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  1. What do you think is better a Panoptic 41mm or a William swan 40mm or just go for a TPO 50mm?
  2. Mr. Brown Dwarf I just visited (Stockholm) Sweden and (Bergen) Norway last year. Really beautiful countries and really pleasant locals and cold weather. Im considering Baader clicklock diagonal and the starsense autoalign. Any suggestions?
  3. I have a place to go to near the beach in Batangas (province 2 hrs from Manila) where you have clear skies all the time and practically see the belt of the milky way with your naked eye . Im thinking of getting barlows 1.5, 2 and a 2.5 and for reducer maybe .63 and a .5. Im thinking Celestron CGX to go mount. Thank you for your reply!
  4. Hi I will buying a Celestron 11" HD cassegrain and to save I need to buy most of the needed equipments since they are 2x -2.5x price in Asia and i would not want to end up with things I dont need. For eyepieces will a combination of Ethos 13, 17, 21, Nagler 31, Panoptic 41 or William swan 40 and a TPO 50mm. Any suggestions please? Im not really well versed yet with filters for planets and deep sky and other than sky viewing I will be using a Nikon D5500 for astrophotography and maybe buy a simple webcam. Any suggestions? Im also considering getting a JMI dual speed motored focuser....Any suggestions? I hope with your suggestions I can gather most of what I need since I will be bringing them home to Manila Philippines where there no astronomy stores. Thanks in advance.
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