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    Hello again

    Hello all First time back on the site for years Have had bad issues with my eyes with retinal detachment and then cataracts so stopped observing for a long time Had the cataract in my left eye removed just before Xmas and my wife bought me some binoculars as I now have one good eye! Even hope to get the old telescope out again soon!
  2. I have not been around for a couple of years due to life and such also have had a detached retina in my right eye which has made observing a bit difficult Started lurking again a few weeks ago and have decided to "step into the light" again
  3. I remember that artillery piece -I mean -16 inch dob too at SGL5 Wonderful....
  4. Could leave Brian out for me....
  5. What about these? Winter Boots Footwear Hiking WEASY boots
  6. I have both the Celestron 130 and the Skywatcher 130 The mount is better on the Celestron but the tripod is better on the Skywatcher! There is little to choose visually between the two, but cosmetically the Skywatcher just edges it The RDF on either is rubbish but a Rigel Quikfinder sorts that problem out....
  7. about the same....although I did put up with the hurricane to look at the M101 SN last night
  8. NO....Three times NO! Never look at the Sun directly!!!! It is for looking at full moons (but a filter works better)
  9. I saw this at NASA visitor centre in Florida in May Is wonderful!!
  10. I have a couple of these....a bargain I think
  11. Forecast is clear for tonight so maybe....just maybe?
  12. That would be a great Munro! Imagine ski-ing down that...
  13. Just returned from the family holiday to Florida and (apart from seeing Endevour launch from Space view park) the highlight for me was the visit to Kennedy Space centre. The Shuttle launch simulator was a blast (sic) but the Imax film about Hubble was excellent 42 minutes on the launch, repair and work of HST with numerous pictures and video diary reports from the astronauts, a measured commentary from Leonardo Decaprio with many facts and a real sense of wonder Good for the informed and less inforned alike Well done NASA
  14. They aren't predicting the end of the World...Just the end of this civilisation or current life The World will plod on for another 4 billion years or so....
  15. Very interested.....South Leeds here but Ilkley is < 30 minutes away
  16. It is roughly 1500 LY away so we are seeing it as it was then... It will change shape as we travel past it and it past us...and as gravity pulls the dust together Timescale wise I have no idea....it wont look different next week I imagine
  17. Never tell them the truth...they can't handle the truth...
  18. There isn't anything in Leeds so I may nip across for this!
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