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  1. Well I tried the teflon tape and it didn't work, because I had to cut lots of small pieces of tape and butt them against each other to get the arc the gliders follow they caught on the tape and ripped them off. I waxed the area the gliders run and it's marginally better and will do for now, the tape did work for the up and down movement, much smoother now. I also managed to have a quick look out last night during breaks in the clouds. Although it wasn't as dark as I would have liked I got a reasonable view of Jupiter, very pleased with my purchase
  2. This looks amazing, I'm surprised this thread isn't inundated with questions on how you did this. So I guess someone has to start, how did you make this?
  3. Probably would do the job just fine, it's messy and attracts dirt though, I like things clean ?
  4. Interesting, I think sourcing it might be a pain though so I have ordered some teflon tape instead which I am going to tape around the edge of the lower base, I am going to cover the washers too and possibly the gliders if needed, I think it should make enough of a difference for me.
  5. I thought so, all posts mentioning seem to be at least a couple of years old. I had also thought teflon tape on the lower board to line up with the upper boards gliders might work, its cheap so if it doesn't do much there won't be much lost.
  6. I had a read last night and bar the wax option, which I'm not convinced will make too much difference, there are 2 popular methods, ebonystar kitchen laminate discs as gliders or lazy Susan bearings. I can't find any UK supplier of ebonystar so the bearings might be the only option, seems a simple mod though.
  7. Thanks for that, unfortunately it's too short for mine, I'm sure there will be something out there that suits. My base doesn't turn that easily, I need to take it apart tomorrow and see if a bit of furniture wax helps.
  8. I picked the telescope up yesterday and put it together this morning. It's in great condition, a bit grubby but nothing half an hour of cleaning couldn't fix, looks like new now. Everything bar the caps for the 25mm eyepiece are there, the only slight concern is that the focus knobs turn very freely with next to no resistance, is this normal? Edit: the thumbscrew just needed loosening, focuses fine now.
  9. LOL, base and tube are definitely there, good to know everything that should be there is there. It all looks in superb condition, so good in fact I sent him an extra tenner for the extras, seems only fair.
  10. I have had some pictures through from the seller, there is the finding scope, 2 eyepieces in the box, should there be anything more? He's also included a planisphere, a star guide, a red torch and a star spotting book which is very generous. Im looking forwarding to picking it up
  11. Sunglasses sounds logical, also saves me a few quid I will swap between sunglasses and changing the caps and see whats most effective. The seller has included a red light which is a bonus Great tip, thanks very much for that She's a bit cold to be my mistress Not sure how men can afford more than one woman anyway! I have looked at the EQ platform, doesn't look too difficult however I feel it needs to have fairly accurate measurement to be any good. I think a nudge every now and again will do me.
  12. I have had a look at turn left at orion on amazon, I will see how i go before buying any books, there seems to be so much information on this an other sites. A red torch is on the list to buy. I keep it in the garage, a cupboard is not a bad idea, I have some spare stud work timber and some plywood left over from a previous project so than could be put to good use, saves me buying a cover too. I will check out the eyepieces that comes with it before buying anymore, see which length I prefer, I had a quick look around and as an eye glasses wearer it would appear that the vixen SLV or the BST that you suggested seem to be popular choices. Im unsure exactly what accessories I will be getting so I will hold off getting anything bar a moon filter (I want to be prepared for the first night but I will get it from amazon so I can return it if it comes with one) until I get the scope and see what it comes with.
  13. Thanks for that, I will download it and have a look later. Im not familiar with the sky at all really, I have an app on my iPhone that shows where most things are, how well do these compare to other programs/books?
  14. That's some great info, I will have a good read, thanks very much for that. Im waiting for the seller to get back to me with the accessories, it looks like it has the finder scope though, he says it's got quite a bit of 'stuff' that comes with but wasn't sure what it all was. He bought it for his 8 year old child and found it was far too much, it's been used a handful of times and he doesn't seem to know anything about it. Probably why he accepted my offer of £150, one sold yesterday for £210 so I think I did well.
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