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  1. Hi. I have a problem. I cant collimate my dob telescope. I allign all those laser dots but when i move it, it goes in the same place how it was before. Any tips? Can someone make a tutorial? Thanks alot.
  2. Good idea. I've sent them an email too. I hope they will sort this problem out
  3. Yeah. Thats the only thing i dont like about them. Those poorly made soft eyecups... It does yeah, but still some blackouts when i look in certain way. Gonna work on that
  4. Okay. I think i will call it a success. Made two "eyecups" out of toilet paper. One for normal use: And one for when i wear eyeglasses You know what they say. If its stupid, but it works, it aint stupid (Sorry for such huge images. Already cropped them, but im too lazy to make them smaller )
  5. Bit of an update, for anyone with the same problems. i will try some "eyecup" from a piece of that thingy in the middle of toilet paper. Fits perfectly lets see how this is going to work
  6. Thanks guys!!! You are all lovely! Love this site and the people on it. You are really helpful! Clear skies!
  7. Well i do, but i can take it off during sessions. Seems it doesnt matter because i can focus with the scope both ways.
  8. I have the same scope Guess you guys are all right. Thanks for the tips
  9. Hi, I've purchased my first "high-end" eyepiece Morpheus 6.5mm. But i have an issue. Every time i try to look through the eyepiece and "look around" in its beautiful fov, i get these blackouts. Any idea how to avoid them and enjoy the full field of view? Its REALLY annoying. So much that it makes me sad that i wasted my money...(high-school student.. basically all my money) Thanks Mathyas
  10. The secondary mirror was indeed off axis. I was just not paying attention too much So i used a col. cap that i made and lined it up
  11. I've just pulled out my dob after like a week of bad weather from its shelter and i just cant focus. I dont have any collimation tools, but it seems that mirrors are in normal position. Any ideas?
  12. I know John. Been there Love the view that you get on many open clusters!!
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