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  1. collimation

    Thanks dear , Good Info
  2. collimation

    hi there is a lens inside the focuser tube thansk shyam menon
  3. Hello a very good day to all out there. As the Rainy season getting over in my part of kerala in India.Now i have started to get along with the telescope celestrone astromaster 114 eq. Now while doing collimation i could see in the eye peice two objects one the primary and with that spider with a small dougnut kind of thing. Now my doubt is when the barlow correcting lens removed and seen through the eye peice i can see my eye is it correct ? bit of confusion after a long gap . Now when lookin through the eyepiece installed in normal state, am i seeing the object in the dougnut thats where i saw my eye when barlow removed . thanks shyam menon
  4. hi untill unless our face in not seen properly in the primary reflector, would prefer not to clean the mirrors. Rather than cleaning mirror often i would say collimation is a must if not daily once every two months.
  5. Colimation

    celestrone 114eq astromaster...
  6. hello i have noticed whenever i move the telescope from place to other in a car i find the alignment going a bit haywire. Why is it that critical during transportation that also in a car . please advice regards shyam menon
  7. Dear friends Now as its a rainy season in this part of the globe ie Kerala in India.. may be fr a couple of months rest to the telescope. So how do we keep the telescope intact as there is lots of moist , will this moist corrode the primary and secondary mirror coating, if so what should be the precaution taken . thanks shyam menon
  8. i will also try RDF dual red dot , celestron has a single red led and its just not happening .. i will try dual one
  9. The problem is i reach from office by 9 pm night and by this time the jupiter is some what overhead of me and then with the reflector telescope just moving around the sky bindly as i dont know the basics some times lucky some times tired and i loose and jupiter wins ... hahaha ... so my point is the telescope beaming to sky is wrong i think because its so tiresome and moving around blindly right?
  10. after 7 pm jupiter rises from south east and moves towards south west ...
  11. thanks for the update, i have a ubuntu 16.04
  12. stellarium need good graphic card and my PC doesnt have ...every time i try to lauch the programme , it evantually terminates with a no graphic card message.
  13. hi After buying the telescope i hv started to view moon and Jupiter till now ie almost 1 month over . And in one month due to rainy season most of the time its cloudy. and when not cloudy still i am aiming the sky blindly i mean no systematic approach , because i dont know. To catch a glimpse of Jupiter i struggle for more than 45 to 1 hr some times lucky some times not lucky. regards shyam menon
  14. Thanks for the video, good one.. will try today