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  1. celestrone 114eq astromaster...
  2. hello i have noticed whenever i move the telescope from place to other in a car i find the alignment going a bit haywire. Why is it that critical during transportation that also in a car . please advice regards shyam menon
  3. Dear friends Now as its a rainy season in this part of the globe ie Kerala in India.. may be fr a couple of months rest to the telescope. So how do we keep the telescope intact as there is lots of moist , will this moist corrode the primary and secondary mirror coating, if so what should be the precaution taken . thanks shyam menon
  4. i will also try RDF dual red dot , celestron has a single red led and its just not happening .. i will try dual one
  5. The problem is i reach from office by 9 pm night and by this time the jupiter is some what overhead of me and then with the reflector telescope just moving around the sky bindly as i dont know the basics some times lucky some times tired and i loose and jupiter wins ... hahaha ... so my point is the telescope beaming to sky is wrong i think because its so tiresome and moving around blindly right?
  6. after 7 pm jupiter rises from south east and moves towards south west ...
  7. thanks for the update, i have a ubuntu 16.04
  8. stellarium need good graphic card and my PC doesnt have ...every time i try to lauch the programme , it evantually terminates with a no graphic card message.
  9. hi After buying the telescope i hv started to view moon and Jupiter till now ie almost 1 month over . And in one month due to rainy season most of the time its cloudy. and when not cloudy still i am aiming the sky blindly i mean no systematic approach , because i dont know. To catch a glimpse of Jupiter i struggle for more than 45 to 1 hr some times lucky some times not lucky. regards shyam menon
  10. Thanks for the video, good one.. will try today
  11. when rotated on the focusser tube the light travels from center
  12. how do we collimate the laser collimator i mean calibrate it...?
  13. hi using a LASER ( astromania ) collimator, i removed the lens inside the focusser tube and inserted the collimator and alingned secondary mirror 98% accuracy but while collimating the primary mirror the red light in the collimator do change its position fromone place till the center where it should dissappear. but here it spread in the center hole. am i doing it the right way ? regards shyam menon
  14. hi What makes venus and uranus planets rotate clockwise and others anti clockwise. i mean why all the planets dont rotate in one direction. as per the theory cloud of dust and gases rotating for years in one direction and later swells as per the big bang theory ( if i have understood it properly ) should all the planets rotating in one direction. secondly the assumption is could be some big meteor or comets banging the planet made the rotation direction opposite. if thats the case the planets venus and uranus rather than still rotating and revolving around sun shoul have shuld be either colliding or moving away or towards sun.. right?