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  1. suggestions

    hello No probs, i was comparing GSO with other telescope like zhumel , orion, celestrone etc. Because GSO available in INdia from Tejraj.com . 10 inch dobsonian telescope is around Rs 32k in dollars it would be 501 US dollars. if i go with it later shouldnt repent for quality . regards
  2. suggestions

    confused!!!! gso is good like zhumel , orion etc?
  3. hi what about GSO company;s dobsonian telescope. it a cheap telescope but what about the quality . please advice thnx
  4. hi what about -- STARTRACKER 12 inch PRO-fessional DOBSONIAN by GSO. how is this telescope which is quite cheaper to afford.But how is this telescope ? regards
  5. what are the expectations of space with this telescope. can i be able to see most of the space entities
  6. Friends how is Orion xt8 dobsonian telescope with following accessories Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope - 2. Orion 25mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece + Collimating Cap + Cleaning kit + Toolkit - (India 2012) 3. Solar filter for XT8 - 4. 9x50 ORION Correct image Right angle Finder - 5. Meade Series 5000 Ultra Wide Angle 5.5mm 1.25 inch Eyepiece, 82 Degree Field of View - 6. Celestron 10mm Luminos Series 1.25" Eyepiece - 7. X-CEL LX 1.25" 3X BARLOW LENS - 8. 2" Orion UltraBlock Narrowband Eyepiece Filter - 9. Orion 1.25" Variable Polarizing Eyepiece Filter - this is a second hand piece . what should be the cost for this roughly as a used telescope thnx
  7. hi i am looking at assembling lens . kindly let me know the source to buy lens and other accessories in making of a telescope regards shyam menon
  8. defocussed star dont look round with cross rather looks elongated on top as seen in the picture
  9. hi looks like the one i have drawn elongated .. ignore the round one.
  10. Hello I wanted to assemble a refractive telescope astronomical with a good viewing of milky way and other entities . This is for reason , one is i will have the knowledge while assembling it so any issue can solve it myself, secondly very important the cost can any one help in thanks shyam menon
  11. agree, mistake done how do i correct it. cause in my part of the world here we have no one interested in astronomy. Now need to correct it ,also this mistakes do teach us how to come out of it with a good support from this amazing team here on stargazer lounge . Also to remind that here till last week was a rainy season. So may to Nov never touched the telescope and i forgot Lol... Now its a action time regards shyam menon
  12. hi it looks like the photo , how do i correct it, and what is a comma corrector. I would prefer not to buy comma corrector at least for a time due to short of fund , i had removed the focusser corrector lens to insert laser to correct the path . i dont know whether the corrector lense position and primary and secondary mirror position . Moon looks ok only issue is stars regards shyam menon
  13. it looks somewhat the same as i sent like an inverted coma with star like a half moon
  14. hello its like an inverted coma kind of thing with star being like a smal half moon . when i look to the star defocussed i dont see a round with cross inside rather sees a distorted round with top portion a bit elongated and down ok . best regards shyam menon
  15. hello This is not the picture i have taken, this is just to show that my telescope also gives this kind of image exactly . kindly help to resolve this machine regards shyam menon