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  1. hi can i put a 4mm EP on a Celestrone astromaster newtonian 114 eq ?..if so which is the cheapest one .
  2. Hello Richard, i have a 10mm and 20mm plossl eye piece on a celestrone 114 eq newtonian ,
  3. Sure i will send it tomorrow
  4. Hi i could not watch jupiter yesterday as i was late and by 11 pm planet was on top of me exactly perpendicular. I tried best to on tripod to locate the planet but my efforts went in vain and was painstaking . I am afraid whether tripod is set properly or not. I dont know as a newbie using a astromater 114 eq newtonian with standard tripod provided . Thanks
  5. Hi Watching stars and Planets is enjoying but to tolerate Mosquitoes is really challenging. Never thought so much mosquitoes in dark feasting me .
  6. hi The tripod for Astromaster 114eq newtonian is shaky, even a fine adjustment on eyepeice is painstaking, any suggestions please to use this tripod
  7. hello can get eyepiece online thats not a problem
  8. whats the best solution, India is a land of dust and pollution.
  9. Hi can i put a glass near the opening end of the telescope for eliminating dust on to the primary mirror of celestone 114 eq newtonian telescope
  10. Hello what is the best eyepiece on celestron astromaster 114 eq newtonian to see jupiter a bit larger. I have at the moment 20 and 10 mm and 10 mm shows a bit better. So apart from these kindly suggest me eyepieces to have much closer view of Jupiter and other planets regards
  11. what is the best time, and month for better viewing of heavenly bodies ?
  12. Star finder calibration is some thing i have never understood. I went through all writings regarding the same. But still not understood . As i seen and understood is there is a red led light to align the view with the star or planet so we dont waste time hunting the subject. But again what is the process and how do we look in to the star finder. is it same like how we aim an object for shooting with a gun close one eye and look to the tip of the barrel of the gun whre we have two ref point..
  13. @Neutron Star ...... Thanks for the Info.
  14. Ronin , Thanks for the reply so fast. Again bothering you. How will i know what make is the lens. Please guide me. Also thanking you with the best of the best reply with illustration.
  15. Hi I have a Celestron 114 eq Newtonian telescope, I am totally new to this area. While installing accidently oppend 20 mm eye peice now can any one please guide me the how is the lenses fixed originally.