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  1. Skywatcher AZ GOTO handset

    problem solved
  2. I can confirm is working on MAK 127. The only problem is the off-set setting. The line of starsense and mak is not the same.
  3. Celestron Starsense on Nexstar 127 MAK

    I can conform is working on MAK 127. The only problem is the off-set setting. The line of starsense and mak is not the same
  4. Mak 127 Adaptors for Sun Observation

    we will take it easy, very easy, with normal filters, white, yellow filters, than I will move to further halpha
  5. Mak 127 Adaptors for Sun Observation

    Just the 127 glass filter? How I can convert this MAK 127 for a H alpha?
  6. But I can install anytime a handheld computer on SupaTrack, V2, V3 or V4. All I miss on my configuration it is the J12(6 pin) to J45 cable(8 pin)! The motherboard of the rotating gear must be the same, the plug is the same.
  7. I wish to prepare my MAK 127 for Sun Observation. 6 points to be solved: Safety Front 127 mm glass filter Prism with heat extractor Eyepiece filter Eyepiece for sun Safety From your experieneces please make me a picture ! Thank you
  8. Celestrone 94006

  9. Skywatcher AZ GOTO handset

    V4 are compatible with any mount skywatcher. V3 has couple versions, some of them are compatible with any mount, later versions. It may be compatible,somebody with experience will give us the information
  10. Skywatcher AZ GOTO handset

    I wish to know how old are V3 and V4 ! V3 seems to be from 2007 ?!
  11. Any celestrone mount computerized with hand held or not. To be in perfect order. To support dovetail MAK 127. To be compatible with celestrone 94005 ! Thank you
  12. Skywatcher AZ GOTO handset

    IT IS IN ITALY ! Same adv. it is on ebay, does not drop a dime from the price!
  13. Skywatcher AZ GOTO handset V3 OR V4 WITH CABLE !
  15. Celestron AZ seems to be very cheap. I wish to know if anybody try to work with them on Skywatcher AZ