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    All imaging remotely from astrocamp Nerpio, Spain

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  1. don't know it but if it is clear (my scope is based in spain), I'll have a butchers and photgraph it.
  2. berkonights

    Remote Imaging

    Since Sept 2012 I have been remote imaging using my equipment at Astrocamp, Nerpio, Spain. (www.astrocamp.es). All these images are captured remotely and processed by me. Learning all the time!
  3. I just rejoined today after a 5 year gap visiting this site. Now I do all my imaging remotely using equipment I have installed at astrocamp atop a mountain in Spain. Mostly I do deep sky stuff, but I had one go at photometry with the help of a friend to process. I'm keeen to do collabrative projects if anybody else is? I have a Stellavue 102ED with televue flattener on Paramount MX mount, QSI 683wsg with 8 filters, lodestar for off axis guiding, lakeside electronic focuser, kendrik dew heater. s/w Sky X6, maxim DL, ccdautopilot professional, ccd navigator3, photoshop etc. I have on order a Tak
  4. i got photoshop cs3, should help with the processing. But i'm saving up my shekels and pocket money and any other currencies i can get my hands on for a visit to astrofest in london, which usually sees me parting with hard earned dosh in a mad buying fest. actually just want a televue reducer/flattner for my imaging.
  5. second hand is the way to go, not only ebay but also astro buy and sell is good, or drop a line to a few astro societies, they'll check amongst their members. I think you should also consider an astro ccd camera, i sold a starlight express MX7C one shot colour camera on astro buy and sell with software and it fetched about £350 i think, having bought it about 5 or 6 years earlier for about a grand, so there are deals to get good kit.
  6. Thanks, could do with some clar sky. Plus having to take a short break from imaging as the connector on my Lodestar autoguider broke, solder problem so it's gone back to Starlight, who were very responsive.
  7. i'll take a look thanks
  8. anybody else out there got an opticstar DC 145M ICE by the way?
  9. appreciated. it really is with imaging that i need all the help i can get, plus if anybody can either clear the skies and pollution or perhaps lend me their cabin and equipment on a chilean mountainside is always appreciated too.
  10. Hi ,I used to have a celestron I think you should not use the pole star as one of the aligment options. think that will do it.
  11. Hi I have just joined. I live under orange skies in the UK. Marvellous. No choice. I have a roll-off obseravtory with a pillar, vixen sxd mount and for visiual an orion optics UK 12" Maksutov. I have started astro photography in the last year and use a stellavue SV 102mm and an opticstar DC 145M ICE ccd run by nebulosity. Coupled with this I have a skywatcher 66mm and Starlight lodestar for guiding. I can get very long exposures as everything is rock solid, but usually do 5 minutes then stack them. I am poor at processing which i need to learn. I use astro art mainly. (dreadful instruction bo
  12. berkonights

    new QSIwsg camera images

    Just bought a qsi so off we go
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