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  1. Hi. I got mine from TS optics in Germany recently. They call it the TSAZ5 kopf (head). The skytee 2 is made by GSO some say. TS optics appear to have them in-stock, but they come without saddles.
  2. Could imaging be another art form?. So one person makes an image the way he/she likes then shows it off if happy to do so. Maybe a section for the perfect fuzz? Or the most elegently elongated stars? Or add a bit of Color here or there? Maybe a bit silly I know, but science and art can hang out together.?
  3. Thanks once again John. Maybe I'll know better how little counterweight i can get away with once i get a clear night finally that's not a "school night" . Still, it's nice to have something left to tinker with. Achieving perfection can seem dull once you think you've found it
  4. Hi. Yet another Skytee 2 (TSAZ5) question. How perfectly do i need to balance my C8? Does it need to be perfect or just to keep the setup stable. I appreciate that the better balanced it is then the movement gets smoother. My C8 plus bits and pieces might be about 6 to 7 kgs. I've tried upto 4.5ks counterweight, but can't see much improvement beyond a 2kg weight. Will I just wear out the bearings without balancing it better? Of course I wouldn't need to ask all these questions if the manufacturers bothered to put some instructions in the box!
  5. Thanks John. It's all working perfectly. Just takes me 1 and half mins to set up now. Need a clear night now to test it out a bit better of course. TimB
  6. Hi. I've just setup my Skytee 2 (TSAZ5). It all fitted well to my SGXHAL130 and seems very stable with the adapter. Just one question though. Are the slo-mo's supposed to work all the time or just when the tension levers are tightened as i've found to be the case? I'm guessing that you get to where you want using the finder then tighten the tension levers and use your slo-mo's. If you get by without slo-mo's then nothing to tighten. Will have to get some practice on holiday in the Swiss mountains soon Cheers TimB
  7. Ah that's reassuring. Thanks. Will post a picture when i get it set up.....just before it all comes crashing to the concrete
  8. Just realized that the Baader saddle takes the M8 screws too spaced at 35mm so hopefully this will match the holes on the TSAZ5 (Skytee 2) when it arrives. Pretty sure I've still got the required countersunk M8s stashed safely. Can't find the exact spec for the Skytee 2 /TSAZ5 anywhere. Never seen any really bad reviews, just niggles that's why i've gone for it. Fingers crossed. Thanks everyone
  9. I see your point John. Bigger screws can be turned tighter for more confidence. I'll see how it all fits together when it arrives. Do you know the weight of your OTA and counterweights?
  10. That's good to know. Maybe it'll hold my C8 ok then at about 7kgs with bits a bobs attached, but i'll test it well first. Will definitely need a counterweight though. Bit of a balancing act.
  11. Thanks for your help. I have this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0018IOXXI/ref=pe_1909131_77697001_tnp_email_TE_AMZLdp_1 already so i'll try it first them maybe go for the ADM one if the Baader saddle feels iffy at all. Thanks though for the recommendations. Tim
  12. Just wondering which dovetail saddles are best for a skytee2 as a replacement. I've ordered the TS optics AZ5 from TS Optics which is identical to the Skytee2, buts comes without dovetail saddles. I'm going to mount my C8 on this with Vixen dovetail bar. Thank you TimB
  13. Hi. I've now spoken to Beat Kohler who personally makes the Ayo 2 who agrees wholly with you that the Ayo 2 fits easily onto a HAL SGX 130 so I've ordered these from FLO. Quite a long wait time though for the Ayo 2 to be made and shipped from Luzern in Switzerland though. Also Beat and FLO (Martin) both confirmed that the Ayo 2 need no counterweight for use with my C8se except possibly to balance the tripod and not the mount itself unless mounted on a wedge i guess, but i'm unlikely to do that. (never say never) Lots of great advice received and appreciated all round. Couldn't have made this decision to purchase without you all. Thanks TimB
  14. TimB

    Sky at Night

    Love learning about my relative back yard. Good show! Most of the solar system is invisible to us without a good bit of telly
  15. Hi. Just been reading about the Swiss Ayo II mount and it seems to be lighter with a 8kg/12kg payload (and some rather choice colors). Would this mount need the adaptor 75169 GPO60 to 45AD? The website seems to say so. No slo-mo but maybe with better claimed engineering slo-mo's aren't needed so much. The Dovetail clamp might not need repalcing as some say with the Skytee 2. Tim The mount is just as straightforward in combination with telescopes and tripods. It fits almost seamlessly into most small-mount systems that use Vixen GP or Takahashi standards. As with the telescopic mount, the mount can also be easily combined with the tripod connections: the Vixen SP / GP and SX system fit as well as the photographic standard. And that without additional adapters or conversions. Everything in it, everything! A detachable ring allows the use of GP and SX tripods. If you remove the Vixenstativ base, you can mount the mount directly on each photostat with 3/8 "central screw.
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