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  1. darknight

    Skywatcher 8" newt

    the 8" is a very good scope, I used it for mainly observing but I did add a ccd and a dslr to get some very nice images sort of on the cheap. I could throw in a couple of odd lenses to get you started, not top notch ones but the standard ones. you would need a tripod, my son used a standard eq5 then added a motor drive, this worked very well, and even the image on my avatar is his from that scope and a dslr. an eq5 is what would come standard usually on this scope and can be picked up pretty cheap, its on its limit on weight, fine for visual, just gotta be a bit more carefull with astro, personally I think its a good starting scope, big enough to see decent without a huge cost. let me know if I can help anymore, if you pm me then I usually get a message text......mostly
  2. darknight

    Skywatcher 8" newt

    hi paul, sorry for late reply, its the 200p explorer, came out before the ds, exactly same mirror just ds Is a bit shorter, supposedly to make astrophotography easier, but I never found it a problem with this one
  3. darknight

    Skywatcher 8" newt

    if any help up to Cardiff in next few days or so
  4. darknight

    Skywatcher 8" newt

    in virtually as new condition, few signs of use obviously, comes with all in pictures, pick up is preferred will send of course if needed, just sort out a courier and ill pack it. only selling as moved up to larger scope cheers for looking £160
  5. darknight


    ah dam sorry bout this guys, I think I'm having trouble with getting messages, if it helps anyone I can do the scope with rings and dovetail and the little finder for £250 as the reducer isn't around now, edited above post sorry again
  6. Skywatcher Ed 80mm, comes with original finder, dovetails/rings, good condition, lovely optics, couple of small usage marks only. happy to post extra, but prefer not to knowing the post. i live in exeter but happy to meet if not to far, prefer cash £250 plus postage if you need can supply pics if needed
  7. darknight

    Filter wheel

    5 position manual filter wheel, brand new in box with different attachmentsto fit to scope/ camera. £45 inc postage to uk
  8. darknight

    Atik 314L+

    just in case, as I have a few pms (not sold yet though) but I'm away for a week on Friday so wont be answering till then or at least posting. thanks
  9. darknight

    Atik 314L+

    hehe, yea ok sorry, its hardly been used really, never have enough time now
  10. darknight

    Atik 314L+

    the 314L+ is mono
  11. darknight

    Atik 314L+

    in excellent condition with box manual and leads, not much else to say about it really its so well known looking for 600 ill try and get some pics up later if wanted/needed
  12. darknight

    Nikon for long exposure

    yep works fine, also on d7100 and 7200 and its great software
  13. darknight

    Star Tracking

    thank you Galen
  14. darknight

    Star Tracking

    phew, may be a big ask, you can do about 20 with good polar align, maybe 30 depending on subjects so mmmm, but maybe could you stretch to one of the dedicated dslr guided mount heads?
  15. darknight

    Meteor Capture Software

    you can use sharpcap, in the settings you can change what you need, also checkout the forum as there was a post on about it as well

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