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  1. Yrs you're right it is very windy, but the dark skies make up for it!! Thank you for the heads up re: north wales Astro
  2. Recently moved to anglesley and I am looking for local observing groups/ Astro friends??
  3. spacetrace


    Hello are you still in anglesley?? Recently moved to the area and looking for local astronomers/ observing groups etc
  4. Hello I have bought a WO zenith star 80mm scope with a focal length of 545mm, making it an f6.9. I would like to buy a focal reducer but I don't know how to choose the right one. The focal train is 2". Does anyone have any suggestions ? I also have another, slightly related, question. What are the disadvantages of stepping down the imaging train from 2" to 1.25"? Does stepping down affect the image etc? I would be using a canon 1100d as I am sure the effect depends on chip size?
  5. I have recently got myself set up for guiding, and so far I have only used guiding through the camera, having it connected via the st4 port. The reason behind this is it should be simpler - less settings to have to deal with through the ascom set up- until I eventually get to grips with guiding etc. So far it has been pretty sucessfull. If you are struggling then it may be worth switching over to the "on camera" method just until you know you have everything else set up fine, then switch over to ascome pulse guiding where you can then start to fine tune everything. As suggested above switch your frame rate up too.
  6. Hello, I have a celestron 114slt that I would like to mount onto an eq5. The 114 has a plate attached directly to the scope that fits the alt/az goto celetron mount, I was considering removing this and buying tube rings to fit but I am not sure of the appropriate size to buy, does any one have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks you Tracey
  7. Hello, I checked everything and it seemed to work fine after a restart. After a night of perfect running, it started happening again. I have found out that it is the USB port on the laptop. It seems that the USB port keeps switching itself on and off. I had read that USB ports can have power save mode set, so I went into the device manager to check this out and it is not switched on, so I am still not sure. I have since switched laptops and the problem has not occured again. So for now the problem is solved but I need to solve the prblem with the laptop
  8. On facebook there is a group called astronomy for fun, there are several members from around the midlands and we have met before. We are currently in the process of getting regular access to a rugby club that does have decent skies and facilities with potential access to power. We held a mini star party there last week, whilst the weather was not brilliant when it did clear there were good views all round. Plus the group is full of friendly people so if youre interested feel free to join! More the merrier
  9. There has been a fireball spotted right across the UK at the same time, looks like a lot of people saw it! you were lucky if you did!!
  10. report on the bbc says that it was spotted over ireland, the midlands and scotland
  11. thank you. it does seem to be the same problem. will soon test it out! i hope so, as that can easily be solved.
  12. hello, i really hope you can help. last week i guided sucessfully for the first time using a qhy5 with phd. i used ascom eqmod to control the scpe, but guiding is through the guide port ffom the camera to the mount. when setting up i noticed that i hve to have phd running before i connect to ascom scope through cdc otherwise the status bar at the bottom of phd does not display. by connecting phd first then this issue is resolvdd. however, when i tried to start guiding yesterday i continued to get messages with fatal error 22, something about not recognising the command, sometimes this wouldappear half way through calibration. so this tells me that everything is connected ok because i can see an image through phd, lock onto a star and star to calibrate. tonight ive set up again, ensuring that all cables are fine and no snagging etc but i then got the message that device is not functioning correctly. ive gone into ascom settings and turned off pulse guiding options so that ohd has full control and should not conflict. has anyone any ideas or suggestions? has anyone had similar issues. oh ive madevsurevall the drivers are upto date. im using cdc to slew and sync.
  13. Hello, There is going to be a star party held on 15th September 2012 at Harbury Rugby FC in Warwickshire, not too far from Leamington Spa post code CV33 9JN. If you are interested in attending please visit www.onlineastronomysociety.com or contact events@onlineastronomysociety.com further details are posted in the forum section. If you would like to attend please book soon as places are very limited. Thank you
  14. Hello, Just a heads up. 15th September 2012 there will be a star party being held at Harbury Rugby FC, Warwickshire. This is event is being hosted by the online astronomy society. Pitches are limited so if you are interested please visit www.onlineastronomysociety.com
  15. Thanks for the reply, the penny hasnt quite dropped as to why, but im sure after alignment has been completed it doesn't matter as the programme knows where the scope is posistioned. At least I can push on and try star alignment now Tracey
  16. Hello, I need a little clarification as I am sure that I might be a tad confused. I have recently installed EQ5 goto upgrade and running through ascom. Now im confused with starting star alignment. I get that I polar align my mount first prior to performing star alignment. But do I need to have my telescope pointing to polaris with it centred in the eyepiece prior to starting th alignment method using CdC? As although my mount is aligned to "home" dosnt necessarily mean that polaris is centred - am I missing something here?? Thanks and appologies if Im being dumb!
  17. Figuring out the new SGL forum ;?

  18. As for wireless, I'm not sure- with eq mod you can use a wireless game pad to controll slewing etc and I've also seen eq Bluetooth mod but I have no experience with these
  19. To make it full goto you can buy the eq5 goto upgrade for about 300.00. Then you can buy a USB2EQ5 cable for 45 quid and connect directly to the mount - by passing the controller. or you can use the serial connector included in the kit and connect via the hand controller but if you don't have a serial port then you will need a serial to USB converter. You will need to install ascom and Eqmod
  20. Hi, I had exactly the same problem with my dual axis motor and I did it in the same way. after several attempts at repair I had to get hold of a new set.. I have just upgraded to the full goto.. so if you do need new motors and controller I have a dual axis stepper motor and hand controller available for sale. it is a DK3 hand controller and motors that are based on the vixen mounts dual axis drives and the quality of the gears is better and quieter than the SW set, allowing 1x 2x and 32x slewing. PM me if you are interested. http://www.astronomica.co.uk/dk-3-dual-axis-drive-system-controller ps that is not the price im after either
  21. Hi Guys, thank you for your replies.. i've sorted it. It seems that when I plugged in the cable my PC decided that it should use the drivers from a previously installed serial to USB converter and therefore did not assign the FTDI driver to the port.. so once I had sorted out the driver and rebooted it all connects spot on and slews using cartes du ciel. Im excited and need clear skies to test this out! Do any of you use this set up for AP, if so, unguided how long an exposure do you manage with these motors.. Ive previoulsy had dual axis motors fitted and could manage around 1min 20 seconds with trailing starting to appear.. is this improved with PEC training?
  22. Hello, I require a bit of help, I decided to take the plunge and purchase upgrade synscan for EQ5 mount, which I have fitted and it works fine. I also puchased this cable http://www.opticstar.com/Run/Astronomy/Astro-Accessories-Imagers-Shoestring.asp?p=0_10_5_0_5_66 so I can connect it direct to USB and controll via PC. I have EQMOD software installed and the drivers for the port installed I tried to connect last night but it is not finding the scope. I have checked the COM ports and they are set to the correct ones.. not sure what esle.... have I brought the right cable?? and does this by pass the handset?? Thanks
  23. I've been searching the web, and it seems that most societies have cancelled viewings. Birmingham Astro viewing at lickey hills has been cancelled, so It appears that the Barr beacon viewing has been cancelled too.
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