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  1. redid using the workflow I spent, ooh, hours working out. The moon looks a bit less mouldy now yet still can see some colours. . Thanks so much for the input @johnfosteruk
  2. First clear night in yonks and it's a blooming full moon. So flat and glary. Determined to actually get the scope out though. 16 still RAW images from Fuji X-T2 on an untracked 10" dob. Did pre-processing in Lightroom to get the saturation up, exported tiffs. PIPP to roughly line up and produce and AVI, then much playing in Registax as I'd never used it before. Apparently a full moon isn't so flat.
  3. I've been looking for a cheapo solution to attach the cheap and ubiquitous red-dot finder to my Celestron 20x80 but didn't like the official clip thing that Celestron sells. Bad reviews complaining of it easily snapping, and to me, overpriced. After much research and counting of pennies, I went for this all steel, no-snap solution, costing a whopping £6.90 (with free shipping). From the top: 1 x 20mm Dovetail to 11mm Rail adapter. £2.69 with free shipping. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/20mm-Dovetail-to-11mm-Rail-Mount-Weaver-Picatinny-Rail-Scope-Mount-Rail-SA089-P15/32800225228.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.b0d14c4dzyuqK1 1 x Picatinny/Weaver 20mm Rail Base Adapter (used to attach scopes to rifle barrels) . £5.11 with free shipping https://www.aliexpress.com/item/20mm-Picatinny-Weaver-Rail-Mount-Base-Adapter-Tactical-Hunting-Rifle-Gun-Scope-Mount-Converter-Laser-Sight/32792605686.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.b0d14c4dzyuqK1 1 x bit of thick plastic to act as a shim. Anything will do.
  4. It was an amazing moon. A tiny break in the clouds for us in Ireland, just enough to grab this featuring J Herschel, with my iPhone (with a small amount of help from a 10" dob). That is JH at 4 o'clock isn't it? Gassendi at 150x was amazing. The detail from the crater floor was gobsmacking.
  5. It's been a fantastic month for Mercury. Last year I went to great lengths (drove a bit) to find a horizon low enough to see Mercury for my first time. This year...it's just there.
  6. I had this exact same problem using a similar scope. With a finder scope it would help as you have less magnification. I find with the charts in S&Ts Pocket Sky Atlas, and really paying attention to the layout of the stars in the chart against what you see in a finder scope, hopping around gets easier and you'll never have to cheat and get a GoTo scope.
  7. I've spent wasted money on a cheap Seben laser collimator...which needed collimating. I then wasted so much time trying to get it perfect. I can't understand why anyone would get one. The Howie Glutter is probably a damn fine instrument, but I can think of better things to spend my money on. I've splashed out on the very fancy red anodised Cheshire from FLO and and a nice collimation cap. Very happy with the results, though it does take a bit more effort than a laser. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/other-collimation-tools/premium-cheshire-collimating-eyepiece.html
  8. Well that was an exciting thread! Worth it even if not a SN. I wonder what it was?
  9. I'm also 6ft and have an ancient Manfrotto tripod of dubious origin (it has Swarovski printed on it), but it's big. I use it for my 20x80 bins. This trigger grip adds a good deal of height and is super cheap and great to use with binoculars: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Neewer-10088448-Rotation-Camcorder-kilograms/dp/B01M8FQU5E
  10. Hi Lou. You've found the right place. SGL folk are the best and the threads a nothing short of inspirational. Have fun and clear skies.
  11. What a fantastic thread. The responses are great and you can apply them to any pass-time. Kind of.
  12. GCSEs seem to have got a lot cooler since I went through them with...out paying them my full attention. That kind of commitment sounds like you've nailed them already.
  13. Well thanks guys! Look what you made me do. I literally had no choice. Adding to my BST 8mm and BST Barlow.
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