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  1. Managed to grab a few frames of the ISS as it flew over recently using my dob and DSLR. Pretty happy with this though I've a lot to learn. Focusing could be better. Hope everyone is well and not too frazzled. Maybe getting some garden stargazing done?
  2. Declination balance is a disaster with the supplied dovetail. I've added an Arca Swiss clamp and long rail to give it a bit more toward the front but it adds quite a bit of flexure. Hopefully you can see what I've done from the image - I had the clamp and rail anyway. If someone could tell me exactly which dovetail I could buy to improve the situation I'd be delighted.
  3. Nope. I know I can do better...just need those elusive holes in the clouds to practice with.
  4. Rosette Nebula with the SA, SkyWatcher 72ED, and an unmodded Canon 600D. About 35x120s @ 1600 with flats and darks. Loads of the images had to be chucked as that lot is a bit undermounted on the Star Adventurer and I think the little grub screw was too loose so there was quite a bit of backlash on the RA. I'm hoping a CLC filter (on the way from Ali Express!) and a future modding of the camera will help me out with detail.
  5. Blimey you have to be on the ball when you post a Wanted eh?
  6. That really is very good looking! Agree with Jiggy, would happily have those on my wall.
  7. Just carried out a sidereal test of the SW Star Adventure Pro. According to the mount, one Sidereal day is.... ... 23hrs 56min and 34s! (+- 30s for gaffer tape slippage) Very happy with that result. It also means I'm not very good at polar aligning or balancing my ED72 on it as the last night had quite a bit of slip. I blame myself.
  8. Before you head in the loft can you give me a range of cost? Not sure how much these things cost used. “One million dollars!!”
  9. I've a new mini-frac (SW ED72) for imaging but wouldn't mind doing a bit of light visual, so looking for a di-eletctric diagonal on the cheap. Thanks!
  10. Exactly this one but I've not actually used it yet so caveat emptor until i've actually generated some flats with it... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07GJBF4P3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. That's so pretty! And that's just newt spider vanes causing those lovely spikes?
  12. My cheapo tracing pad flat field generator.
  13. I'm being an idiot. this foam has an "edge" of a set size that goes all around. No reason I can't do away with the edge and cut a larger block to fit. And that I shall!
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