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  1. I was trying to update my synscan hand controller when the update at 24% stopped then my hand controller don't work properly it only shows set language and key = voltage = 12.1v ? what am I supposed to do to make it work properly again and the firmware updater isn't connected to it properly???
  2. hello , i have a neq5 mount pro syncscan and i got a rs 232 cable to connect the mount with the laptop through the cable and the handset and use it through stellaruim but when i configure it in stellaruim it keep saying connecting but nothing happens , can anyone help me?
  3. Does this app connect with Neq5 mount ??? And if yes does it need the skywatcher wifi adaptor?
  4. i will see the stars through the eyepiece of my telescope or align them through finder scope?
  5. today i am getting my Neq-5 (Eq5 pro sync scan go-to mount) and its my first time dealing with equatorial mounts or even go-to (used it once but it was ready and aligned ) i wanted to know how to setup the mount and align it to be ready to use
  6. Can you autogide on eq5 pro sync scan mount and how?
  7. I am getting a camera for my skywatcher 200p neq5 pro sync scan for general astrophotography I am planning to capture lunar and planetary and see sky photography so which is better for camera under 400 usd dslr or specialized astronomy camera ,,, my options are ( canon 1300d (t6) unmodfied or celestron skyris 618c or altair gp can 3 385 or zwo asi 224mc ,,, if there is better cameras please notify me
  8. i will save and buy that dovetail bar but i wanted to know how can i connect the eq5 pro sync scan mount with my laptop and use it through stellaruim
  9. where i can find these to attach canon 1100d to neq5 mount
  10. i wanted to ask if the sky-watcher 7AH power tank is compitable with the eq5 prosyncscan mount or no
  11. Canon 1100D astromodified with hot mirror (rear filter) removed for astophotography. The camera has been re-shimmed to keep auto-focus and focus to infinity with camera lenses. is this camera monochrome??and can i shoot daylight and nightscapes with this camera without expensive filters or without filters at all?
  12. that helped me so much thank you and i want to ask is the neq5 pro sync scan is the eq5 prosync scan or there are difference ?
  13. and could i attach the camera to the mount without the telescope? (eq5 pro sync scan mount)?
  14. is there any diffrence between the neq5 and eq5 pro sync scan and thank you ver much for the advice
  15. hello i am hussain yasser i am new to astrophotography and i want to have some equipment to a sky-watcher 200p so this is my suggestion please tell me if its good or not (eq5 pro sync-scan , canon eos t3i rebel with ef 50mm f/1.8 II lens , celestron power-tank ( is this compatible with the eq5 pro sync-scan ?? and ( 6 , 10 ,12.5 ,20 , 32 eyepieces and x2 and x5 Barlow ) the optical tube i haven't received yet and i had only experience with small Meade telescope and this gear is up to my budget and think i wouldn't change in it for a couple of years so is it good?? and what is the difference between neq5 pro sync-scan and eq5 pro sync-scan and heq5-pro ?
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