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  1. That is VERY VERY nice, it 'might' benefit from some very gentle deconvolution in astra image and a little curve adjustment in photoshop but as i said, it's very nice as is, one for the wall maybe?
  2. Think yourself lucky you didn't go on a cleaning forum and tell them you were having trouble with your electrolux hoover!
  3. I cannot understand these people who don't like the moon, it has so much potential for variety and even for practice, I keep trying with the moon simply because I think if you can consistently produce good moon shots then your more distant stuff can only get better, I always enjoy these moon close ups. I like the bottom one best, more contrast & texture.
  4. For the size it's still got plenty of detail and sharpness, definitely a keeper. if that was mine I'd have printed it and be knocking on the neighbours doors with it!
  5. Thanks Brian, and yes, I'd agree the IGB looks nearest to eyepiece view, to me too. I just wish this damned weather would clear up so I can get more practice in.
  6. I'm too dumb to know what all the letters mean and what they are, but I like the top middle RRGB one, nice amount of detail. With my toucam imaging, the white middle is the part that I struggle with to get much detail so I tend to base my opinion of others images by how much I see there, for that area alone the IRGB one seems to have a little more but the RS is a tad washed out. I'd be more than happy if I was turning out images as good as either of those two. I can't get my head round all that new fangled RGB and LRGB imaging though.
  7. Is the hard drive also noiser, ie grating noises?
  8. There's about 20 on a pallet, that bloke bought 5 pallets of them at 50p per pallet lol. I know there's 2 pallets left. There's also some lots of jump starters again, sometimes they go for a good price, sometimes someone gets auction fever. Auction day is Tuesday so I'll take a looky. Watch this space.
  9. OK, this might sound a bit daft at first but bear with me. My lad works at an auction house, quite a big one, they do returns from bid up tv & tescos & allsorts, anyway, the owner is a long time mate of mine and now and again, if they're a bit busy I help out. Obviously I also keep my eye on what's going. Well, look at this ebay ad :- **Brand New** Nottingham Rehab Bathboard on eBay (end time 18-Sep-10 20:03:47 BST) Look at the enlargements of both his pics to see the overall quality and what they are, they are cork laminated on the top, which is a very nice quality ply, (same as the stand offs on the board pic) I know what you're thinking, "where the hell is he going with this?" Well, if drilled with various 2" and 1.25 inch holes, wouldn't they make rather nifty eyepiece racks? And with a bit of doctoring, and especially if you picked up one of these :- Mobile Work Centre - Toolboxes -Tools, Electrical & Plumbing - Wickes Wouldn't they make a nice 'inserted' eyepiece rack? I know what you're thinking... "He's off his trolley!" No, but you see, I know EXACTLY where that seller bought those I know that he bought FIVE pallet fulls of them, I know that they are brand new and boxed, I know because it was me who carted the pallets out to his van! Now I also know there are a further two pallets of them, and if I can get them at the same price he paid, would anybody be interested in them? Since i'd have to buy a pallet full. I know what you're thinking... "this is not going to be financially viable, he's off his trolley!) He paid...... get ready for it..... 50p a PALLET!! no, that's not a typo, 50p a pallet plus buyers premium which is 15% Is it a stupid idea or would anyone want one at say 50p each plus postage? If not an eyepiece rack you could either :- a) Buy one for the intended use Buy the full pallet, take them apart and build a plywood obsy!
  10. TIFF sounds good, thanks Brian, been twiddling with bitmaps but they end up a bit big! Would be better if the astro imaging software writers could settle on a cross compatible default.
  11. Whilst this weather is so poor, I'm playing around with the various editing softwares and am hitting a slight snag. What format do you tend to use when working on your images, Registax seems to prefer to save as PNG, nice choice, lossless format, but then Astra image doesn't like PNG, so, when processing, do you work in one particular format and save the final as another or what?
  12. My autofocuser controller box went faulty on Wednesday night, I immediately parcelled it up and put it in the post Thursday morning, lo and behold, this morning (Saturday) a new controller dropped onto my mat, now to me that is a level of service that can not be bettered! 10/10 for Rother Valley Optics and yet another reason why they will always get my custom.
  13. I agree with all the above, lovely image with some really nice colouring but still keeping a natural look, I'd be VERY happy if I'd turned that out.
  14. OK, greeny yellow then I get that if I turn up the saturation a little too much in registax, am not familiar with craterlets.
  15. You can get that clonk from an armature strike in a HD, in basic speak, a hard drive is a number of usually glass or ceramic wheels coated with a magnetic coating, much like old cassette tape. These spin at whatever RPM the drive is. ie 7200rpm the armatures are little readers/writers on supports that move across the wheels and they hover only microns above. Interlock your fingers at 90 degrees to each other and imagine one hand is the wheels and the other is the heads/armatures, so they move across the disks reading and writing data. A knock can cause a head strike, as can the tiniest particle of dust not even seeable by naked eye, also can be caused by an electronic failure or surge. A strike doesn't have to be against the wheels (which normally would create numerous data errors) it can also be against the parking point, or even the extreme edge of a wheel, not causing data loss/corruption but misaligning things making them VERY slow. Unusual noises from HD's is always a bad sign.
  16. One word.... LENSPEN, they are absolutely brilliant! As a glasses wearer I have been cleaning lenses regularly for about 25 years (I suddenly went short sighted at 21) For me, this is the PERFECT lens cleaning system :- HURRICANE/AIR BLOWER. SENSOR&LENS CLEANING DUST REMOVAL on eBay (end time 14-Sep-10 11:55:28 BST) LENSPEN GENUINE AND FROM UK on eBay (end time 24-Sep-10 06:19:17 BST) For those little plossl's look up micro lenspen.
  17. Yes, Wcctrl and WcRmac along with other good info :- Welcome to my Astro Pages And our own member RWG (Robin) for his brilliant sharpcap imaging software that now has it's own little page :- SharpCap - rwgastro
  18. Looking good, It's a matter of taste re the colouring though, personally I prefer the top one, to me, the colour always gives it what I can only describe as a 'watery' look, like a picture that's been wet if you know what I mean. Although I'd love to have a go at one of the coloured moons some time, like this :- Lunar Moon Pictures and Photographs
  19. You do know that you can get a new HD for it for next to nothing don't you. If you don't feel confident to do a clone & replace of HD, I'm sure one of the lads lives fairly near you that will do it, failing that, send it to me and I'll do it for you for a VERY modest price.
  20. I like first one best but have you turned the saturation up a little too high, that greenish cast doesn't look right.
  21. Don't be hasty in selling the toucam, put it away for a bit in case you change your mind, they aint that easy to come by.
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