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  1. I'd found that in my 'investigations' The puzzling thing is, if it's a Chinese copy, why have the board etched with "spc900" and not badge it as such, as they don't usually bother about badging, also, these 880s don't have the 'Philips' on the front black tab but do have it on the back. Digging deeper, I found evidence of these being sold by UK suppliers but in white boxes, which ties in with something else I heard, which was that they were actual 900's but an 'OEM' version. I've emailed Philips asking them, so will wait and see, it's just that I 'may' know where there are a number of these 880's just waiting to be liberated.
  2. Yup, that was the one I was bidding on, I'll be sending the boys round later!
  3. This was my first go with toucam and tal x3, My Tal is brand new and was unused up until last night, Overal i was very impressed with the build quality of the Tal, and thought if it was a as good in use as the build quality suggests, I would be happy. It didn't disappoint :-
  4. Would it be the SPC900 that just went for £42 on ebay?
  5. So, when you do this, are you also trying to seal the fan/baffle arrangement at the primary end so that any pressure created by the fan is pushed up and out of the holey end (technical term) or is that not a factor? ie replacing as much air 'inside' the tube as is reasonably possible, also, does this have any effect on reducing dew?
  6. I agree, it was a PITA because of the differences in gain needed with and without filter, but i wanted to use the same wavelets settings for all pics, which has oversharpened the highlights somewhat on the first one, having no filter, but i think 4 'may' have some promise, which was camera in B&W mode through it's software, but with the filter. I think it does add some contrast which on first try, seems to improve the pic. I'll try that one again in a future session and do another in 'normal' mode and try and get image gains similar at the filming stage.
  7. I use the imerge method of keeping track of my avi's, this was pilot error and I've kicked myself and the dog, and the kids several times as the individual quality of the avis was the best I'd done. Ah well, there's always next time.
  8. This is a rough outline of what my personal aim is with regards lunar with my toucam. Firstly I want to manage a flawless mosaic, then, making sure the camera is still at the same rotation, I want to get decent quality close ups of some various areas, with lines from mosaic to blow up. When I get something I'm happy with I intend to print it onto A3 (have a nice A3 printer) and put it on my wall. something like this (which isn't exactly right but gives an idea. This was done with vanilla toucam, and the second one taken with x4 imagemate. Camera rotation was incorrect for zoom as it was only a tryout, but it gives an idea, I think setting goals like this makes the hobby more interesting.
  9. It's a **** (male chicken) up on my part really, the part where the 'bump' is was a replacement for a shot I buggered up, so it was taken a period later than the ones either side and I think that slight change in timing (about an hour) is what's messed up the alignment, even doing it manually gives me the bump, it's like the features line up but the perimeter doesn't quite.
  10. OK, here goes, these were all shot one after the other, roughly same number of frames, a saved wavelets file in registax so all processed the same. 1) Normal toucam image in colour mode. 2) As above but with wratten red #29 added 3) As 2 but the red removed at processing stage 4) As 2 but camera swithched to B&W at imaging stage.
  11. it's done with registax and then stitched with autopano, I'm going to have a play with it later, this is a shrunken jpeg of the original, I'm really happy with the degree of detail on the original so I want to fix it if I can, I'll post a small segment of it at full quality later.
  12. Was out for hours last night, I'm quite happy with the detail, but i think I took too long getting all my avi's, note the slight 'bump' on the left.
  13. I'm really excited as I think I may have cracked the moon mosaic tonight I'm not going to bed until I've processed the avis.
  14. Done the testing tonight, still need to process the avis, will post them to this thread when I've done it.
  15. Yes, I've just come in, am just transfering masses of AVI's to my big machine from the lappy, keep an eye out for some really nice images or some really poor ones lol, had a really enjoyable night though, if a little cold.
  16. Dweller, how are you powering it? battery or mains adapter or powertank or what?
  17. Dweller, what difference have you noticed? is it only faster cooldown times or is there more?
  18. I'm still sticking with my diagnsis of a hard drive failure, constant page file access doesn't cause a clonking sound.
  19. It was 'reprinted' within the last 12 months, that is not the same as 'updated' or 'revised' hence it still carries the 2000 year tab, basically meaning supplies were running short and they needed to make some more, however, as far as I'm aware, without grabbing my copy and having a look, the charts go up to 2014
  20. Does anyone know any specifics about a Philips SPC880NC. The info I'm finding is that it is exactly the SPC900 but was an oem version or some such like, does anyone know for certain about this particular model? thanks
  21. Arghh, it's lost some in the upload.
  22. I've just grabbed your pic and had a little go, as i said, i'm still learning with the software, and i think I've overdone it just a little, but it illustrates what it does. Astra image is worth getting hold of.
  23. OK, if you get hold of a program called Astra Image, it's basically a graphics package aimed just at tweaking astro photos, the deconvolution is basically a sharpener but with more control over it. look here :- Astra Image - Image Processing Software I'm still learning with it but it is very powerful, but you have to be gentle and be prepared to use undo a few times and just nudging settings at first.
  24. Great, I don't want the mods thinking this is a for sale thing really as it isn't, I just wanted to see if the interest was there on them before I attempt to get them, because it's an auction there's no promises, and if I get them I'll put notice in the proper place, but because of what they are used for, they are obviously good ply, and that cork facing, to me just screamed out eyepiece rack. I'll let you know how I get on with them.
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