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  1. OK, I got my finger out and got the boxes weighed etc, postage would be 5:95 + VAT whether you have 1 box or two boxes, they are 11KG each box so royal snail would be extortionate, this is best deal I could find, 3 day delivery with home delivery network. So, there are 4 of the bathboards to a box, I can't split boxes as it would be a packaging nightmare. I have 14 boxes available. If it's OK with mods, seems a shame moving this into for sale section now, I'm happy to do it by PM, I obviously didn't start it in for sale section as at the time I didn't have them and hence couldn't offer them for sale, yes it's compliated lol but if necessary please move to for sale. VAT on 5.95 makes it to 6.99 so, £7 postage be it one or two boxes (same price up to 25KG, so that makes £11 for one box or £15 for two. Paypal preferred.
  2. DMX is easy! Telescopes, now thats where all the head scratching comes in
  3. OK, I've managed to find a supplier who will either laser or water jet cut 3mm aluminium 'donuts' to do this job, I've ordered mine for a 200P which, I've calculated on using a 92mm papst fan as they are a top brand, good priced, run quiet and are very happy to run slow on lower voltages. SO, for a 200P that's a 215mm circle with a center hole of 89mm. If anyone wants one, let me know. Cost is approx £10 + p&p EDIT Found another fan type I'm happy with and have ordered, it's a "Be Quiet Silentwings 92mm" http://www.ebuyer.com/product/169230
  4. I've redone the lower one and photobucketed it in the hope that it preserves some quality, still feeling my way round this processing lark!
  5. Neil, would you please consider moving house, somewhere near me, lots of dark sites nearby, and someone who will be your best mate and help you with your gear.
  6. OK, do your aligning and stacking in regi, then when you get to the wvelets bit, I like to do an RGB align at this point, (button on right) clicking 'estimate' always does a good job, it will remove that blue fringing. Those wavelet sliders are a magical black magic art, to start with, if you begin at the top slider, play with it, not being afraid to go up far with it, get it the best you can, then do the same with the sliders below, play around quite a bit, become familiar with them, and make your image the best you think it can be, also play around with the contrast/brightness on the right. Then click 'do all' As you play around with these sliders you become more familiar with what they do and how far you can push them. Basically they are sharpening filters. Once you're happy, click 'final' and again tamper with the hue and saturation sliders until again you are happy, then save image.
  7. Word of advise, dump vlounge it is absolute garbage! Do a search on here for 'sharpcap' you won't be disappointed. If you want more control over the cam, do a google for 'wcctrl'
  8. I'd forgotten about this, but can now confirm gain issue. A bit of experimentation will reveal how low you can take your gain with your relevant cam software.
  9. I wouldn't mind betting it's not on your filter but on your chip, correct me if i'm wrong here but I bet without the barlows, the spots are either not there or hardly there at all. Do they look like tiny dark spots with a lighter ring round them? Here's what to do :- Unscrew the nosepiece from the webcam, take a couple of good quality cotton buds, ie johnsons, not the superdrug rubbish! Wet one end of one liberally with isopropyl alcohol and gently 'mop' the chip surface with it, be thorough as for some reason, those spots can be hard to remove sometimes, use the dry end then to gently polish the chip as isopropyl left to evaporate will leave a slight residue. If necessary repeat the mopping process. DISCLAIMER Do NOT have the webcam powered up when doing this, and I take no responsibility if you mess up your chip, I have performed the above several times on different cameras including SPC900 and if performed properly it works perfectly.
  10. A big hats off to Robin for this software, I know he's put a lot of work into it and it's a brilliant piece of work, I use it all the time, it's simple, works perfectly and does everything it says on the tin. Credit where it's due, nice work Robin.
  11. I have NiMh's in mine and it still works fine and tracks superbly, I use mine for webcam astro and it tracks nicely when I align properly. I certainly wouldn't be without my EQ5 motors.
  12. I can't wait to do the mosaic when I get time tonight.
  13. OK, redone the larger one this morning before I go out, I'm happier with that but i just know with better processing skills I could get more.
  14. @Mike, I'm actually not 100% certain re mount, it's EQ5 not HEQ5, am not sure what's different with pro and non pro, mine didn't have motors when I bought it, I had to add them, it tracks very nicely though when polar aligned, for the above I wasn't polar aligned as I was at the front of the house & can't see polaris so it was a compass job, but I don't have the kit for DSO.
  15. 200P with a toucam and x4 imagemate for the big one and x3 tal for the smaller one. The upload has taken some detail away, and for some reason, uploading has lightened the top one, the original is darker. I'll do a reprocess on both tomorrow and reupload.
  16. Think when i'm less tired i'll reprocess these two, especially the top one.
  17. A report on conditions where I am tonight is in this thread with a couple of moon close ups :- http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-lunar/112638-night-moon-behaved.html I have no idea what was going on as like I describe in the thread linked above, conditions didn't look great, but in the scope and on the laptop screen they were truly outstanding! These are my two best ever jupes, one with x4 imagemate and one with talx3 I'm not exaggerating, tonight was like the telescope fairies had been out in the night and swapped my scope for something twice as good, I was totally blown away by the views, filled up when I got these two processing and saw what I had!
  18. about to post two jupes in planetary, I was nearly in tears when I processed the two jupes, they are by far my best yet.
  19. I went out tonight for a play again, now for some very strange reason that is beyond me, but that maybe some of the longer term guys can explain, on going out, conditions appeared to be far from perfect, cassi was very dim, there were definitely less stars, and the moon had a fair amount of halo. nontheless, I set up, let everything cool down, had a look at jupiter first, HOLY MOLY!! it was the best I've EVER seen it!!, set up the camera and the pic on screen was also the clearest and sharpest ever, did some imaging of it but it's too late to process now, maybe tomorrow, anyway, i went to the moon (not literally) and had a major WOW, because that also was the sharpest and clearest i ever saw it. I did a mosaic, which again i haven't processed yet, but i took a couple of close ups with Tal x3 and 4x imagemate, now those I just HAD to process before going to bed. My processing skills still need work, but to me, for a simple toucam job, I'm REALLY pleased, however, please feel free to burst my bubble if they are lacking, taking a look, you'll be able to tell which one is x3 tal and which is x4, I think with better processing though they could be better but i think my little toucam has excelled here.
  20. I'm thinking a nice Papst 90mm fan would be nice for this, whisper quiet and unquestionable quality the papst.
  21. I don't think my wife would agree to something bigger than A3 on the living room wall John. My printer does A3 photographic VERY well, so was thinking of one of those glass, frameless mounts when I achieve the standard of pics I'm happy with. It also seems like good practice for other targets etc because of the different focal lengths and focusing and multitude of gain settings etc, something of an excercise in learning.
  22. OK, I've got them, but, according to history, nothing runs smoothly for me, there's always a hitch! I had a lot on today, so I wrote a note for one of the lads that said :- "Last week, these went at 50p a pallet, put me in at the 50p and if necessary I'll go to £1" Then I went off and did what I had to do, went back to the auction, asked the lad, "did I get them" to which he said "yes" so, I run up to the office to pay, and the amount I get told isn't 50p + tax & premium etc it's a bit more, because the IDIOT has bid on them per item!!! HOWEVER All is not lost, because an 'item' isn't actually "an item" it's a box, each box contains FOUR of the boards. I'll post photos later and add something in the for sale section, the offset is though that instead of doing them at 50p, I'll have to do them at £1 each and best option is to do them in fours since that's what they are boxed in for some obscure reason. Keep an eye on the for sale section.
  23. It's the whites on the peaks, either that or it's snow lol, just looks a little burnt out to me, going to try different gain settings on a lump of moon when I get chance again.
  24. I'm definitely happy with the tal, pic is very slightly overexposed but I don't think there's much wrong with the sharpness and clarity considering it's a toucam job.
  25. Now see what you've done! I'm now wondering where to source a nice round ally plate for my 200p
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