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  1. Did you use it for imaging or for visual? If for imaging, what was the difference between that and just an IR/UV cut?
  2. The deluxe super dooper absolute cream one just HAS to be the Baader Neodynium with IR and UV included, as this will give the normal IR UV benefits but also enhance contrast on planets allegedly
  3. I know this was a big popular modification back when SPC's were easy to get hold of, but has anyone here used one of the long exposure modded webcams and is it a worthwhile mod to consider? What does it give you? How far can you push it?
  4. Second one looks like you've gone too far up with the wavelets, the first one will improve a LOT if on the wavelets page you tamper with the contrast and brightness setting and on the final tab, ramp up the saturation a little. it's obvious that your capture has caught quite a bit of detail but your processing needs a little practice, that's potentially a 'good un' for a webcam shot.
  5. @Thingy These were taken with my 200P and a toucam webcam, I took about 1200 frames at 10 fps and registaxed. But to be honest, even the bare avi wasn't bad at all. I was thinking of doing another one of these and putting in a tiny tiny flag and posting it on my facebook page announcing where armstrong was, guaranteed to get a few bites! In fact, watch this space
  6. <--- Is now chasing Lions round knowsley safari park with a bin bag & a shovel!
  7. I bet you look like one of peters and lee! Ooooo there's a blast from the past!
  8. Interesting! That's an understatement, it's a stunner, I just want to know all your secrets now!
  9. Looking a lot better, a good tip when moon mosaicing is to swing to the brightest part of the moon, set your gain there so it looks right, then don't touch gain again and do your full mosaic and your overal balance will come out right. Have you got a motorised focus? They help a LOT with the focusing side.
  10. Funnily enough I bought that issue, will have a lookie now.
  11. Or you could totally convince the neighbours and your family that you've lost your trolley by wearing theses beauties! Amazon.com: Orion Red-Tinted Astrogoggles: Camera & Photo
  12. Don't get me started on that stuff, with me it's cats, I have a SERIOUS problem with having to clean cat c*ap off my lawn when I don't even have a ruddy cat!
  13. Come on now! don't go backing out on me! My wife is soooo not pleased that I have 14 boxes measuring 29 x 10 x 10 inches stacked up in the living room!
  14. I'd be in and out of me tent every twenty seconds! No such new fangled focusing software on my toucam set up.
  15. Something that's puzzled me a bit. I know at star parties it's considered 'etiquette' to have one of the red acetate jobbies on your laptop screen, but how do you go on with CCD/webcam imaging? if you're like me, you have your face to the screen, twiddling with the focus, tweaking the gain & shutter speeds etc and closely watching the monitored image on the laptop. Do these red laptop filters not affect your ability to 'tweak'.
  16. I've found a really good page with info on using the reticule system to drift align your mount, here :- Classic Astrophotography - Photographing the Cosmos with ordinary film Also there's an Andy's Shot Glass on using the method here :- Andy's Shot Glass - Drift Alignment for Amateur astrophotography,ccd, Neutonians and Refractors, amateur astronomy
  17. It's about time you posted a complete "what I did" essay, with all software used, all settings and what you did.
  18. Is it easier to follow it with your eye to the finder than it is to watch it on the lappy screen through the webcam preview? Wouldn't mind a go at this but it sounds well hard!
  19. Definitely one to be proud of, silly question but what's the red line that runs diagonally under the actual planet? Is it an artefact of some sort?
  20. Mine are no brand 2500 NiMh D cells, just found these on the bay, and at that price not much different than duracells, all you need is a charger. Pack of 2 Energizer rechargeable D batteries 2500 mAh on eBay (end time 22-Sep-10 18:48:43 BST) Even better if you haven't already got a charger :- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/UNIROSS-BATTERY-CHARGER-4-D-RECHARGEABLE-BATTERIES-/300452016626?pt=UK_ConsumerElectronics_Batteries_SM&hash=item45f455f1f2
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