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  1. Yes in my case its the receiver, (I actually got 3, 2 for school and one for myself), now I need to build the antenna, after completing my radio jove reciever. (So many oportunities and so little time).
  2. My super sid has just arrived, I'll be learning significantly from you blokes so thanks in advance.
  3. Beginners Radio Astronamy

    Please do post. Profoundly interested.
  4. Brilliant! Just what I was looking for. Thank you so much!
  5. Radio Astronomy basic dish setup

    Mate I'm intending to follow a similar plan with my year 9 students. How did your work go?
  6. I hope to achieve results like this with my classes here in Australia. I would really like to learn what setup you have created and copy it. Congratulations on some beautiful images.
  7. Guys I'm embarking on a similar project here in South Australia, so your comments are gold! What do you intend to do to record and analyse your readings? Good luck and keep us posted.
  8. Beginners Radio Astronamy

    Guys I'll be watching this thread closely. I'm a science teacher in rural South Australia and have decided to 'have a go' at using Radio Astronomy to make wave theory a bit more exciting. I thought we'd start with something a bit LF/HF to get some earth readings, then progress to FM to read meteorites. Now I'm in the process of tracking down good day time falls as a 'hook' to get the kids interested. Regrettably I'm a techno / electro component moron, so I'll be learning flat out myself. I'll buzz you with questions and updates quite regularly. Cheers Dave.
  9. Hello from Rural South Australia

    To all of you thanks. I think we'll start with two projects, something LF / Hf, to read the planet activity, and something fm, to read meteor showers. After that we'll look at microwaves and see if we can't get Jupiter.
  10. Hello from Rural South Australia

    Forgive my intrusion. My name is Dave Simons and I am a high school science teacher in rural South Australia. Having lived away from any big light pollution for over 20 years and having complacently enjoyed the aesthetics of a night sky, it's time to get a bit more knowledgeable. I've dabbled with a simple optical telescope, but having found some details involving the construction of home made radio telescopes, it seems a perfect opportunity to excite some students as they can build these cheaply. So I'm here for advice and guidance. Regards, Dave. PS, I'm a techno Luddite, so please be patient.