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  1. Hahahah. No! But my bookmarks tab has grown considerably, and at least now all of my options seem to be solid ones, recommended by people that know what they're talking about rather than a random man at Jessops and my very basic googling! You've all been fantastic
  2. I agree about electronics - that's what's been said to me previously. I'll shoot FLO an email with a couple of questions! Thank you for the suggestion Observation area is our garden - we live in a very small town/city, on the outskirts so does get very dark. We're half an hour from the brecon beacons and some other dark sky sites, so would ideally like to take advantage of that and have something relatively portable. We do have a car - and would be able to drive with a larger telescope if necessary (if that's the best option in terms of quality for our smaller budget), but ideally I think a smaller more portable telescope would be ideal. It doesn't need be SUPER light, just perhaps not quite as heavy/bulky as those recommended to be previously! This is what I've feared. I'm happy to accept that this won't be his 'final' telescope, just something to get him started until he can work out what will work best for him and then spend more money on a serious bit of kit. But, I appreciate your honesty! Thank you for the suggestion! The bottom one was actually also recommended to us too! The plan at the moment is to fly to Guernsey and then boat to Sark. I fully expect that if he likes it, he'll want a bigger one for our home as the area we live in doesn't have a lot of light pollution, but we also go hiking a lot, so I thought perhaps one which is a bit more portable would be a great compromise to start with! Thank you for this! It's definitely on my list of things to do - I think he'd just love the novelty of being able to use his own bit of kit. He's been dropping hints for a while, so it'd be nice to surprise him. He's not done any research himself as of yet, as he's not expecting to buy one (he's awful at spending money on himself). We do have the space in our living room to store it (there's a convenient little nook), which is right next to our french doors. It would be a matter of feet for him to carry it outside. However, we do go hiking and camping a lot - and are close to the brecon beacons, so I know he'd absolutely want something that is portable. Thats a really great point - thank you! He is a bit of a techie, his interest actually started with an app he was recommended that allowed him to find starts. A year later, it's a full blown obsession! He's not the sort to lose patience or interest, which is the thing which is holding me back. He likes a challenge!
  3. Hi all! My better half is turning 30 in a few weeks and for the last year or so has become quite obsessed with astronomy. I'd love to get him a good starter telescope, but I just don't know where to start. I've read all the articles on how to pick a good telescope, but it feels like it's just going over my head. Can anyone help a girl out? I know he'd like to view planets, my budget is quite small - around £400-500 (around $650), and ideally, I'd like something that's quite portable as we'll be going to Sark in a couple of months time and I know he'd love to bring it with him, plus it'd be too good an opportunity to pass up! I've previously been recommended the Sky-Watcher Skyliner 250PX and the GSO 200/1200 Deluxe DOB, but they're pretty hefty bits of kit and I'm a little concerned (okay, a lot concerned) about portability. Does anyone have any recommendations or am I asking for too much for such a small budget? Is there a particular reason I've only really been recommended reflectors (budget perhaps?). TIA! Hollie
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