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  1. Guiding tonite.... and its a good un!

  2. Good clear sky tonight, but too windy - but tomorrow is looking good

  3. Armageddon has arrived for next door's trees, feel sorry for the birds though.

  4. Ohhhh yes... just seen the forecast for tonight and its looking good!

  5. Ohhhh yes... just seen the forecast for tonight and its looking good!

  6. Clear forecast tonight ! Xmas had come early !

  7. Attempting to install an SSD in an Acer aspire one..... easier said than done!

  8. Clear skies and no Moon forecast , yahoooooo!

  9. Glacial internet speeds, constant interuptions, pages that wont load, sites blocked...yes I am in China!

  10. Dunno what happened last night, was running fine for 90min - then all of a sudden it was blob city! (maybe dew on secondary?)

  11. Its clear..... but cold!

  12. Guiding tonite!

  13. So, Met Office says 'clear' and Clear Outside says 'cloudy' - I go with Met Office forecast, but Clear Outside has got it right... Damn! I know what will happen too, as son as I pack everything away - yes, you know too!

  14. Unexpected clear sky!

  15. What are the chances of another clear moon-free night before next year?

  16. Holy Subs Batman that was 9 hours worth !!!

  17. Dress up warm and don't forget the dew heaters

  18. Guiding tonite! (and its a good un!)

  19. Guiding tonite! (and its a good un!)

  20. Whats with this sky - one night its clear and fog rolls in - very frustrated!!!

  21. Looks like I won't be using my new mount anytime soon due to bad weather.

  22. Guiding tonite! (not sure for how long though!)

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