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  1. I wouldn't say 3.4" is bad, in fact you can get some smashing images at 3.4, this image was taken at that sampling rate: QSI 683 WSG - 2x2bin on the 130pds
  2. Did what you said mate and did some bad pixel mapping, ive saved it off as well so I can apply it every time. It cleared up about 8pm here, but im just too knackered to set up tonight I'll leave it for another time.
  3. There ya go, that looks a bit better now Ive taken some calibration frames: Needs more data though I reckon, its just 90min per panel (x2)
  4. There's not much to be confused about. My recommendation is to use as little as possible at first. Just the capture software, PHD and the handset (only resorting to stellarium for sharpless, vdb, ldn, lbn etc). It's an arrangement that's been perfectly adequate for my imaging needs since 2010. Only introduce other elements once it's settled as you don't want to be in the situation where you're struggling to get the software to work as the stars pass you by. There's been a few occasions at star parties where some have their heads down looking at monitors, pushing buttons and scratching heads - while I'm already well into my imaging run with the simple no-nonsense approach
  5. It's either stellarium or eqmod, not both. Though I'm a fan of making things as uncomplicated as possible (less to go wrong). So I use either the handset or stellarium for objects that are not listed in the handset.
  6. Just a quick update, I'll process it properly with a bit more dynamic range (and with HST colour) hopfully tonight or tomorrow:
  7. I just need to clarify that this image was taken with a QSI 683 CCD, and 5nm Astrodon filters (both kindly lent to me by davey-t). The 178MM is still attached to the samyang lens and I didn't want to disturb that setup Though a 3.5 micron pixel size might come in very handy for bagging the details of galaxies on the 130pds without going past the theoretical resolving limit of the telescope.
  8. Its been a while... but here's a little something im working on tonight
  9. knock it up to 30%, or higher should move a lot faster then
  10. What level have you set the star detection threshold at? Try raising it to speed up registration, also make sure DSS has access to use all processors (if using a multi-core CPU).
  11. Blummin' fireworks!... already!

    1. martin_h


      Been at it all week here!

    2. michaelmorris


      Had them last night for the first time this year. ?

    3. Uranium235


      Yeah, it started just as it got dark.... fortunately I was using 5nm Ha filters, so that should have blotted out the worst of it.

  12. May be a creeping focuser, depending on the load and how high up its pointed. You may need to tweak the hex screws under the focuser and see if that improves the situation.
  13. Just checked the normally outrageously optemisistic metcheck - and while it agrees with Friday, it's saying Saturday could be a goer... so I'll take that!
  14. Hmmmm guess I'll be bringing more homebrew rocket fuel to pass the evening... err I mean wine...lol. It's been ageing for over a year now so it should be alright... alcohol content = unknown!
  15. In place of a planned imaging workshop this year, I will be running a surgery style session where I can give some 1-2-1 tuition to those who struggle to get the best out of their data. I'll be on call from 10am - 3pm. I'll be based in the non-EHU pod on Wye meadow, or if you see me lurking about just give me a shout and I'll will pop over with the required tools for the job Or you can just pop your name in this thread and I'll come looking for you. The imaging workshop shall return once my life is a little less hectic
  16. Yeah we're pretty chilled.... though this image made me chuckle a bit
  17. Hmmm looks like I'll have to poach a few new recruits for team scumbag - as ithe looks like we're a few brains down this time!
  18. Hmmm the 183 is the one I was considering getting when things improve - though I do have my heart set on the Atik 490 as the ideal match for short FL optics. But I doubt I would be buying a new one, trouble is I cant ever recall seeing one come up on the used market. Still, thats going to be about 18months down the line, so plenty of time to wait for the right moment. So, I'll just keep on delivering those curries and save up the extra dosh (even though its making my car stink...lol). Though it is pretty tiring doing that on top of a full time job.
  19. I was thinking more along the lines of whether it would be alright on the 130pds @f5. There isnt really any point in stopping down the f2 lens becuase is performs so well wide open.
  20. Actually, it seems they're only 30 quid more... not bad. But would they be ok at slower speeds? (f5)
  21. The baader 7nm filters are OK at f2, there wasn't really any detectable problems at that speed. It would probably be a problem with a narrower bandpass, but 7nm works well enough for me. Besides, high speed filters are hideously expensive!
  22. Thanks all For now it's just a change of methods, and short subs given the ASI 178 is CMOS. Though on an f2 lens, that shouldn't be a problem. There might be an opportunity tonight for a couple of hours - depending on whether my new powers cable arrives today, and what time I finish work this evening. Also going to need a new Ha filter (1.25") at some point, since I've sold all my 2" NB filters as well.
  23. Sadly, this will be my last image with the Atik 383L+ which has served me faithfully and flawlessly for some time (now sold). As for what the future holds, Im not sure as its going to be at least a couple of years before my situation improves - but I still have the ASI178MM Cool to use for now (big thanks to FLO), so Im hoping I can give that a really good run now that the nights are getting longer and colder and attempt to show what you can do with modest kit. It works pretty well with the Samyang 135mm, and is pretty good on the 130pds (although oversampled) on small targets....lol. at least there is absolutely no danger of overtesting the corrected field of either of those instruments. So... here it is.. a Cephus widefield taking in the Bubble, Cave and the Wizard sneaking in towards the bottom. 25x240 (L) Samyang 135mm @f2 x2 panels Plus some recycled Ha from the Star 71 Thanks for looking!
  24. Thats ok mate Thats why it always pays to get in there quick when stuff like this comes up As for me, all is not lost on the imaging front - FLO (bless them) have let me hang on to the test ASI178 Cool for a bit longer, so Im hoping I can champion that camera.
  25. Here is a dark, not that you need them since 99% of the time using the proper stacking routine sorts out the hot pixels:
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