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  1. At last!! Last night provided me with my first light experience, however imaging proved to be a little more elusive as I ran into one or two problems. Firstly, the setup of the cg5 GT mount. I got it polar alignend (by viewing polaris through the polar axis, then did the startup and 2 star alignment procedure. It slewed to my first target (M45) reasonably well. However, targets after that seemed way off. I tried M42 & M31 but it seemed to miss the target, not by loads - but enough for it not to be in my FOV. So tracking of those targets wasnt on the cards for that session. Next time i will
  2. clear skies have arrived!! im off out for first light.. yayyy!
  3. Not a good idea thesedays...either in jest or idle curiosity. Thats a one way ticket to gitmo bay.
  4. Depends on where you are I guess. The Birmingham area is down for clear skies from Sun to Mon night. Tonight, it says there will be broken cloud about midnight. Heh I guess being in the middle of the country has its benifits (sometimes!). I'll put my gear on standby for this eve, just in case But knowing our luck, the BBC will get it hopelessly wrong again a la Michael Fish Glad the snow has gone now, cos going to work was like walking through a slush puppie, and it was even less fun when it got into your shoes. 10/10 for the trains though, wasnt late for work once this week. Update: I thin
  5. weather update: Looking clear for sun/mon night (fingers crossed!)
  6. Yea, use the cheshire (I have the ascension one, £17). I had to collimate my 150p out of the box having never done it before, but found it a breeze... done in 5min (though I only needed to adjust the secondary mirror). The only thing you will need to be mindful of is the size of the hole you will be looking through, it was so small it took my eye a couple of min to decide what to focus on.
  7. Aye, can confirm that for Saturday or Sunday eve (partly cloudy).... but dont hold your breath. If there is a break in the cloud, I can expect most of us being involved in a mad dash to the garden heh...you wont see me for dust! Just keep an eye on the BBC weather page.
  8. Grim.... I havent even seen the sun for a week now, let alone any other stars! At this rate its going to be Feb before we get any clear skies.
  9. Ahhh good, then the cam has got more stamina than I have then...lol.. id give up at -15! Also thanks for the info in regard to the cable I should use, though I cant imagine the higher IP rated stuff being cheap. I shouldnt need much though... about 12 meters to be sure (better too much than too little!). The sky has been a bit grey the past few days (and for the next week probably) so im still waiting for first light. In the meantime I passed some time by making a handy dewshield from laminate flooring underlay and a few staples... cheap & cheerful
  10. I like the idea of using hosepipe as a conduit, thanks for that Its unlikely I will be digging anything yet because Im expecting to move in about 2 or 3 months. Luckily the location will be semi-rural (Worcestershire) so a dark sky site should never be too far away Once im settled I will make the installation a more permanent affair. Bahhh... the clouds have rolled in for the night, looks like first light will have to wait a little longer.
  11. Ahhhh... figured it out!! I forgot to put the cam into Manual mode... duhhh!
  12. Ive run into my first technical hitch The balance is fine, the secondary mirror had to be adjusted a little (collimation is soooo easy) and ive tested the D60 to see if i can achieve focus ok - which i can But.... with the T-Ring in place and mounted on the scope the camera is reporting "No lens attached".... is there a way to fool the D60 into not doing this? Thanks in advance for the assist!
  13. Ahhh, so I have at least some headroom - I doubt it will reach -15 here. If im having mains power in the shed I could use the little fan heater to raise the ambient temp inside. Theres not much insulation, but it should be warm enough. Im just setting the mount up now.... god.. Ive soon discovered that the CG5 isnt exactly portable, it weighs a damn ton!!! Reassuring though this is, its not going to qualify as a "grab n go" setup the power cable seems nice n' long too, just what I needed! Next up is to check the collimation of the tube, hopefully it will be good to go out of the box. If th
  14. Right... off to fetch it all now. 7am on icy rural roads...... yikes. Better take some carpet and a shovel! Oh, and a flask of coffee
  15. Sound advice there, thanks! Ive already checked the distribuiton box and it seems ok, if anything gets tripped its just going to be the one switch. Its about 8 metres to the shed so I dont think distance will be a problem. If ever in doubt, before poking anything electrical... keep one hand in your pocket (it will save your life). That message was constantly hammered home while doing my 224. Lol... wish i had the option to dig a trench but the ground is more than a little solid (and buried) at the moment! The garden also faces due north - which is handy for polar alignment as ive always got a
  16. Okey doke will check the test switch and keep it to just the main cable on the floor, its a 10 metre extention so most electrical connections will be inside the shed, Though im not sure how long the CG5 power cable is yet. I need it to be at least 3 metres becuase the Maplins cigarette lighter mains adapter I have doesnt give much in the way of cable length (about 0.5 metres). The adapter has massive warnings on that it shouldnt be used outdoors, so its something ive got to keep super dry. If the CG5 cable isnt long enough then its going to be another trip to maplins @ merry hell (groan) T
  17. Hiya, I will be getting my first scope and mount tomorrow (150p + CG5 GT)... Yay!! I will probably spend the daylight hours checking collimation and aligning things up. And in preparation, Ive made space in the shed for a chair and a table for the laptop - I need to be in the shed to avoid the attentions of the neighbours PIR security light sensor (Ive had so many shots ruined by that damn thing!). The plan is to run a mains extention into the shed from a powerbreaker socket in the kitchen. Im just a little concerned with the amount of snow on the ground and the kind of temperatures I will b
  18. Im sold on the Baader now, but will have to wait till I get paid again methinks It will serve well as a "catch all" EP for me. But the only thing that concerns me is the sheer size & weight of the thing... kinda like a hand grenade (except you wouldnt dare throw it...lol). I would imagine that, plus a DSLR would upset the balance quite a bit or put strain on the motor drives hmmm... there must be a practical solution that avoids the need to re-balance every time you want to add or remove any heavy components.
  19. Maybe you should seriously consider the Baader Hyperion 8-24mm Clickstop (as mentioned earlier), it has the added bonus of allowing you to attatch a DSLR (with the addition of an adapter) for eyepiece projection so it might prove useful in the future. The EP and cam adapter will set you back about 200 quid. There is the Celestron 8-24mm (which I was thinking of getting), but Ive seen no review for that one yet so im a little cautious. Btw, you can attach a cam to this zoom EP too. Addition: Done some digging and found this: http://www.chuckhawks.com/comparison_zoom_eyepieces.htm http://www.chu
  20. Ohhh no way! I used to watch that when I was a kid, it left quite an impression on me. Carl Sagan had such a poetic way of putting things, enjoy that As for me, I got the Stargazers Handbook - pretty useful so far cos it contains star charts, pics and info on quite a number of DSOs. Something to whet the appetite while me scope is in the post
  21. Thanks for the quick response guys Its cool, Im ok with waiting till the 4th (its definitely worth it) - is it overnight delivery? Just so I know when to listen out for the knock at the door. I wasnt as lucky as you guys cos having Xmas off wasnt really an option where I used to work, always suckered into doing the Xmas shift apart from this year cos I was made redundant a few months ago. However, I was lucky enough to find a new job just before xmas (what a relief!!). I dont start until the 11th, so I might have time to squeeze in a session or two if the weather is kind. Btw: The setup i ch
  22. Hi guys, Ive just ordered my first AP rig from FLO via the net, I tried to call but the office is closed until the 4th Jan. Do you think they have some sort of back-room skeleton staff to take care of any orders in the meantime? Or is everyone off? If thats the case then it will probably be at least a week before I see anything..... patience is a virtue and the stars arent about to run away so i'd better chill...lol. Easier said than done!
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