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  1. Thanks man, your guide was the main inspiration though Hoping to give it a proper test tonight (guiding with it), but im amazed at how much weight its saved. The 6" newt feels a lot lighter.... which is welcome at the moment as ive done my shoulder in...lol.
  2. the persids are due to peak on the 12th Aug (next thursday), so all fingers and toes crossed for some clear sky. we might be lucky tomorrow too in terms of clear sky, so best to have the kit on standby
  3. Thanks guys, ive taken a look and registar seems to be the one im looking for. Im guessing that its only for combining final images? (ie: the output from DSS or Maxim DL) Because it doesnt seem to have any stretch or curve functions.
  4. Update: Had a clear patch for about 20min just, so ive fine tuned the spacer... its now spot-on. I managed to get a screen grab too, there arent any other stars as i was shooting this through what turned out to be quite a thick cloud. But its down to a point and the profile looked good, so a few more finishing touches and it should be ready for business
  5. Imaging source cameras are probably your best bet for planetary. Bear in mind they arent cooled, so theyre not ideal for DSO work. Imaging Source Cameras Maybe you should step up a little more and get the Atik 320e, not too budget, not too pro - and it would probably make your dslr redundant at the same time Or you could be patient and grab something 2nd hand (thats what I hope to do).
  6. Hiya, Which util/prog would I need if I wanted to combine images taken with the same camera, but with different FL scopes (ED80=600, 150P 750). I know its possible with Pixinsight, but are there any others? It would be interesing to combine subs from both scopes, and maybe even go full spectrum with subs from the newt. Thanks in advance for any info
  7. After reading this, I decided to dig out my 9x50 finderscope and attempt a non-destructive, fully reverseable adaptation for the QHY5. All that was used were 2 aerosol can tops, some masking tape, a craft knife and a file. I found what the focus point was with the cam before creating an insert from one top (packed out with marking tape so its a snug fit) and a spacer made from the other top (which has a slightly larger diameter). The thickness of the spacer determines the focus, Ive tested it on some houses about 500m away and they come to focus ok - but ive yet to test it on stars (cos there arent any!!)... better take the file with me in case I need to make any fine adjustments If it works it means I dont have to go through the hassle of swapping the ST80 between main scopes (and therefore wrecking the alignment). Thanks for the great idea!!
  8. Ive had the same error message before too, and that was down to not plugging the st4 guide cable in fully... doh! I only re-calibrate if im imaging a completely different part of the sky - eg: going from M101 through the meridian to M31. If its just a short(ish) jump, then no need to. Good polar alignment will help a lot... oh, and choose "north" or "south"... not "auto" as you will get backlash. Choosing north/south or means that the gears only need to correct in one direction in DEC - its just a case of figuring out which way it likes to drift. For me its North on the East side of the meridian, and South for the West. Let us know how you get on anyway, and try not to get too steamed up when it wont guide for toffee....lol.. it happens to us all at some point.
  9. Ahhh, thanks for clearing that one up - so twice as much glass doesnt halve the f ratio. Its just that I did the sums and it was easier to justify than a CCD. Another (2nd hand) scope & dslr + dual mounting plate could be done for as little as £650 - whereas an Atik 314e starts off at about £800 (before i even get to filters/reducers). Hmmmm... hard to choose as ive no idea which setup would prove to be the fastest. The last couple of months have made me appreciate the fleeting dark, clear nights of which we have had so few. So grabbing stuff quickly is becoming more of a priority -Ive considered getting an 8" newt but that would be too heavy and ruin my lovely PHD graphs so its back to looking at the imaging device instead. I like the wasp array 5x of everything.... yeah, if I win the lotto tonight! Mind you, if that happened I wouldnt be here as id be on a plane to Chilie
  10. It is possible to have two similar fraccys on the same mount (plus guidescope), both imaging with DSLRs at the same time? Just thought it would be a great way of speeding up the effective f ratio of my setup, 7.5 would become 3.75 as im capturing photons at twice the rate. It would probably be cheaper than a mid range Atik too. Hmmm... CCD v 2xDSLR....... any thoughts?
  11. Nice Shame theres no clear skies to use it
  12. S'ok Luke, im chilled From my point of view, taking a DSLR and making it do things it isnt designed to do (ie: exposing the sensor for 10's of minutes to open air, cold, moisture etc) is technically abuse. Ashworth read it how it was intended and wasnt meant to be a brag of any kind, Ive tried to do things as cheaply as poss and made a few mistakes on the way. If i had made the same mistakes with more expensive equipment - I really would be crying into my beer. I was just probably fed up of cleaning mine at the time, and had just entered a stage of acceptance that if youre going to use a DSLR it has to be just for one or the other application - not both.
  13. Far from it, but what I was getting as is that id rather have a 1000d than a 500d going anywhere near a telescope. That way, when you do eventually end up getting it mucky/damaged it wont be too big a loss.
  14. Thats spot-on Peter, thanks! Nothing wrong with sat24, just wanted to see a bit further out Just had a look, you can see where its streaming in all the way from the US east coast, thats a lot of poo weather coming our way
  15. Most of this cloud seems to be coming in off the Atlantic, is there anywhere else (apart from Sat24) that would show us whats brewing out there? All im looking for at the mo is a patch of clear sky @ sunset so i can take some new flats.... not much to ask for
  16. 1000d.... nuff said. Cheap enough to abuse, and the results speak for themselves (especially when modded).
  17. I was waiting for it to clear last night too. It was still cloudy at 11.30pm, by which time I had given up..... and when I did one final check out of the window before sleep, what did I see? Stars..... bah! Mind you, the seeing wasnt exactly perfect so no big loss. With luck we might get a night over the next 2 weeks, im desperate to add to my M31 - especially now the moon is on its way out.
  18. For a change I decided to process the subs in Maxim DL, and what a difference it makes! DSS had beed giving me problems with the colour balance of the final image due to using flats taken from a laptop screen. I read from elsewhere that this problem can occur in DSS if using a modded dslr + CLS filter. Its my first stab at Maxim DL (and it takes an age to process), but I like what i see so far.
  19. Yea, same here too - hope to see some action later on tonight.... its so hard to say "no" to a clear sky! Hmmm... but from the look of Sat24 at the mo, its not looking too clever.
  20. You should put all your cameras in a (big) box and hope they breed...lol.. I thought you already had (at least) one 1000d? Would be interesting to see a Hutech/Astronomik head to head.
  21. Thanks shame about the moon really. But knowing my luck, when its a new moon it will probably cloud over again for another 3 weeks!! All i need is one good night to nail that sucker for good. Will keep the subs I have and chuck it all in the mix once I have about 30 subs (3 hours total). Normally, when the moons up I just image the opposite side of the sky where its dark but theres not much on offer in the west at the mo, all the action is in the South and East (where the moon has decided to park itself).
  22. Did you offer him a vest? He might not do it otherwise
  23. Youre starting to see one or two dust lanes there, nice one. Maybe you should up the ISO to 800 and increase the exposures to at least 3min, you'l get it a lot quicker and you should be getting M110 too (did you crop it out?). The moon is still about at the moment though, so its best to wait until a little its as it tends to wash-out DSOs. Keep em comin'!
  24. I have both models (Nikon & Canon) which I used on the 150p. It offered some relief in terms of in-travel (just a few mm) but I was already able to get focus with the 150p. So I cant be sure if it would work with a 130. But otherwise, its a very useful bit of kit and is threaded for 2" filters. Really, you need to get away from using the barlow as its a real killer for imaging times (I made the same error when I started).
  25. cheers m8, I think I will try to add another hour or two to bring out a few more of those dust lanes
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