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  1. Did you use the FR with that one? Your 10x10 did better than my 14x6, hmmmm I think I might get one now ive seen a direct comparison. Heh.. nice filter ey? I knew you'd love it
  2. Thanks guys, I will have another poke around with the combo to see if I can tame the core a bit better whilst still keeping as much of the outer dust rings as possible. Easier said than done with this monster.
  3. Good luck with that, the weather is looking a little dodgy for me over the next couple of days. Thats why I stayed up uber-late last night, to get as much done as poss before the cloud returns to annoy us all again. It was well worth it, i could call a high-point in what ive experienced since getting my first scope last December... more of the same please PS: Last nights results are now in deep sky section
  4. Hiya, As seen in the DIY astro section, last night was the first true test of the homebrew QHY adapter I made for the for the 50mm guider using just aerosol can tops and masking tape. It did the job very well indeed and guided the scope for the whole night with only a couple of slight drifts (down to polar alignment... or lack of it!). It was probably the clearest ever night since I moved here and couldnt believe it when I saw the milky way overhead... I had to check stellarium to make sure i wasnt going loco As a bonus, I had the pleasure of watching the persids while imaging... hmmm, doesnt half crick your neck though. The M31 is a continuation of a previous shoot done with the ED80. Except this time i used the newt with the intention of combining the output of the 150p and the ED80. It worked pretty well, apart from the fact that the coma from the newt has slightly affected the star matching towards the edges. If you think ive burnt it a little in processing, let me know so i can change it, thanks Secondly is a bonus target of M33, it pops up above the houses about halfpast midnight so i thought "why not?", but is it supposed to be that blue? M31: Andromeda 1) 14x360s from ED80 2) 10x360s from 150p 3) Combination of both M33: Triangulum 1) 10x360 from 150p Guided by homebrew 50mm finderguider (a serious competitor for my ST80 now). Thanks for looking!
  5. Yes, same settings apart from the guide pulse which I upped to 350. But thats probably down to the fact I didnt polar align my mount, I just plonked it down into the markers i drilled into the patio. It went wayward a couple of times to be honest, but that wasnt down to the guider - but my haste to set up Just working on stacking last nights results - will post em a bit later in the deep sky section.
  6. Cracking is an understatement Lots of firsts tonight - a working finderguider, Persids, Milky Way, M33. I just hope the cam battery lasts 2 more shots... its down to 2 bars now.
  7. holy moly!!! Its so clear I can see the milky way out here First time ive ever seen it naked eye.
  8. Still clear here, have moved onto my bonus target for the night - M33
  9. seen about 8 so far, 2 of them ruined a sub....lol. One really bright one that broke up, nice colour too!
  10. Great show tonight, just watching them out here on the patio while imaging m31. Clear as a bell
  11. Oh, I forgot to mention a head torch is very useful when cleaning as it shows up stuff you would otherwise miss. Cam setttings are a pretty standard ISO800 with noise reduction switched off, as far as the camera AWB goes, Ive left mine at Auto and sort it out when processing. But i have heard of people using the Daylight setting, not sure if it makes any difference though. I think Psychobilly is the best man to ask about Canon settings - what he doesnt know isnt worth knowing Have fun with the filter tonight, im trying mine with the F5 Newt to see how far I can push it because 5min on the Newt is about 11min on the ED80. Would be nice to have my ED80 subs of M31 complimented with some real diffraction spikes from the newt (thats if theres any stars bright enough to produce any near there).
  12. Ahhh, same boat ey? I know how annoying this can be. The best solution for me was to go full spectrum (no glass at all), use the CCD CLS and buy the sensorklear pro kit - which includes the sesnorklear pen, 3 spare heads, 1 (pretty good) rocket blower and a cloth (but dont use the cloth on the CMOS). Take a couple of flats to identify where its worse, remembering that a speck in the top left corner is actually located in the bottom right of the sensor. The rocket blower comes in handy for shifting quite a lot of it, save the pen for the tough stuff. When i use the rocket blower, i do it with the camera above my head so any explelled air & dust is pushed down & away from the cmos. As long as the central area is clean it doest really matter about the very far edges or right in the corner as its not very often you will need the entire frame. Another tip, if you want to shift a biggish speck while in the field - just take your cam off, flip it into live view and give it a blast with the blower - worked for me Good luck with the cleaning, let us know how you get on.
  13. Looking good for tonight Scopes oot for the lads!
  14. Ive got the 1000d with both filters replaced with fresh air, and use the CCD CLS filter to keep out any dust. The only slight downside is you will never be 100% dust free so you might end up spending a while with your rocket blower and cleaning pens.... depends on how you feel about the odd dust spot. If you do it, take a few flats, combine and inspect them. That should give you an idea of how clean it really is. Also, a good set of flats should help iron out any nasties that may remain on your sensor when youre stacking. Btw: The CLS filter will be a dramatic improvement in terms of cutting LP, just be prepared to process things a little differently due to a slight colour imbalance. Oh, and try to use real flats (not lappy screen) if youre using the CLS with DSS, that should ensure that the RGB channels get an equally good exposure.
  15. Cheers man, will try those settings when i get the chance (hopefully tomorrow). Last night during my clouded out attempt to set up, I noticed that I can further finetune the focus by loosening the ring just below the first lens, then its just a case of screwing/uncrewing the lens to move it backwards/forwards. After youre done you can lock it in place by re-tightening the ring, that gives me a couple of mm either way to play with I think you must have read my mind when you mentioned the C8...lol it was that scope that I had in mind because the CG5 would be able to take one of those + a finderguider (but not the ST80)
  16. Bahhh... what a waste of time that was! Hardly had time to get to the second cal star before it clouded over again oh well, never mind ey.
  17. Yarr... there be stars out here! Not sure how long it will last, hopefully long enough to calibrate the mount
  18. ello ello ello... I can see stars on the southern horizon. Gonna take a gamble, lol... might be back in half an hour tho.
  19. Just been out and counted a grand total of 4 stars through the gaps... wow... not. Will give it another half hour, then sack it for the night. Next potential opportunity should be on Tuesday eve.
  20. good film man. just watching the community shield here, spam united v chelski...... yawn
  21. Cloudy here at the moment, but theres a clear slot heading towards us on Sat24, maybe it will reach the midlands @ about 11pm+. An hour or two of some clear stuff would do very nicely!
  22. lol.... love the special version :D
  23. Have got the demo of registar now, just need something to test it on.
  24. What cal step length did you use? 1500? I'll take a look for a better bracket, but for now I can just tape up the qhy5 cables to keep it as stable as poss. Its cost me £0.00 so far, so keeping it at that price would be great. However, if I take to it as a serious competitor for the ST80 then I might very well end up buying the adapter kit for it. Am I right in thinking that this would not be suitable for guiding over 1000mm?
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