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  1. Ahh, I see you have the newer Baader filter then. I have the 2", but its the older version so its not UV/IR blocking. I think that can safely take you to 10min, even 15. But 20 would be pushing the limit - it depends on your level of LP I guess. With the weather we're having right now (unless its a clear night nailed-on), im playing it safe and sticking with 10min in case of passing cloud. But build it up slowly, try going 3,5,8,10,15 & 20. Luckily, you dont have to think about darks with your cam so you can mix and match sub times as you please. Hopefully you will have any backlash in dec under control with such a light payload (thats been the killer of many a session!), which is my only gripe with the cg5 - I wish it could take a bit more weight without going all sloppy. Which is exactly what happens if you mount a 6" Newt, an ED80 and all the other gubbins.... things tend to get a bit wobbly
  2. Ive managed to get 20min out of my cg5 so far, and 10min is the norm for me now (with appropriate filter). The only reason i havent gone further is because 25 or 30 min would be a lot of time to waste if the tracking went wrong. Ive just stripped mine and greased it with superlube and its running well smooth now (no stress in the motors), whether it improves guiding even further or not, we will see (waiting for clear sky). Old eyes, you asked about filters? Did you use a UV/IR blocker with the Atik? Because im pretty sure its a must if youre imaging with a fraccy. My understanding is that UV and IR isnt focused properly with a frac, no matter how good the glass is. The Astronomik CCD CLS 1.25" filter will do the job and its a mighty fine LP filter too.... riff-raff photons begone! PS: Oh, about the meridian. When youre out on the next session just load up Stellaruim and hit ";" that will show you the meridian from your location, if your target is on the eastern side (eg: IC1396) you can easily work out how long you've got before it crosses. If your target crosses the meridian, you need to stop guiding, then do another goto where the telescope now approaches from the other side - the downside to all this being that your next images will be upside down and back to front from the ones youve just taken. It can be sorted out with software, but its easier to just avoid the hassle (or wait till it crosses before you start imaging).
  3. Congrats on getting it to work old boy First time is always a challenge, especially with all the faffing around with ascom drivers and calibration. Now your subs are getting longer, you might want to start thinking about getting a good filter so you can go even further (10-15min) and see how far you can push it. But be mindful that you cannot guide across the meridian with a CG5, so if youre setting up for a long(ish) session just check to see if your target has at least 90 min on it before crossing the meridian.
  4. Have just completed a reprocess and have managed to pull out a bit more of the veil. Hope thats better now, let me know if its still not right, thanks! One thing has creeped in though, the use of the MPCC has introduced a strange halo next to the central main star - anyone get this before?
  5. The emery cloth worked a treat, and its now all superlubed up if my mount had a face it would be smiling like this
  6. Thanks peter, I noticed that they were raised on the edges. And yep, it was taking an eternity to polish out with brasso On the plus side, Ive just come home to lunch to find a nice red RS package waiting for me (superlube), I will pop along to the hardware shop a bit later for some emery cloth to get the bits that are still rough. Plenty of time to get it done though becuase this rain aint gonna shift for a few days. Thanks for the advice Rob
  7. Thanks for pointing that out guys, I think I might have clipped the black point a bit too much. I was hoping somebody would say something because I wasnt quite sure if id got it right. I will try it on the PC tonight (not the laptop) and re-work it to see if I can pull out a bit more of it, right after putting my mount back together as its in bits at the mo
  8. This one turned out to be a bit of a battle in the end, those last few subs were hard work (mount problems, cloud etc...). But now ive got 130min worth of the Veil nebula I can assume its safely in the bag 13x600s (plus dark, flats, bias) Skywatcher 150p + 1000d full spectrum + CCD CLS filter Thanks for looking
  9. Hiya, Just need a quick word of advice to check whats ok to polish the dec barrel on a CG5. I was using it last night when it decided to seize up on a slew. When I opended it up (which was very difficult, and didnt "slide" apart like it used to), I noticed that there had been some metal on metal action and something had carved very light grooves into the metal barrel of the worm gear. These can be felt as you run your finger across them. I was thinking along the lines of something mildly abrasive like Brasso, or is that too abrasive? Anyway, theres a tube of suberlube coming in the post tomorrow so I can grease the damn thing properly, just need to get that nice smooth surface back first. Many thanks for any advice, and hopefully i wont need to go out and buy a new mount
  10. Ive got the 150p and its does a reasonably good job. But you said "hunting for objects", which tells me that youre looking for something thats good for visual and non-goto - in which case you might be better off with an 8" scope. But thats going to mean you will need a EQ mount capable of taking it, unless you go the dob route (thought id get the dob in before anyone else does...lol).
  11. ROFL... Old skool curries man, takes me back a long way
  12. Besides..... if anyone truly worthy of fame turned up (eg: Brian May, who also really knows his astro onions), you wouldnt really reveal that as it would feel like name dropping... which is a bit tacky, so im glad you didnt lower yourself there
  13. Thanks Its due to be a clear night tonight so im hoping to take it up to 2 hours.... hmmmm just wish i had the MPCC that im going to be getting (very) soon.
  14. wow.... this one puts my 7023 effort to shame! I always had trouble getting the dark stuff to show up. Nice one peter
  15. Yay, got it sorted now :) Used a different set of flats and that did the trick. Its uncovered even more of the veil nebula, and on the full frame version its picked up more of the remnant in the bottom left and right corners - but ive cropped that out because of coma. Looks much better that my first 2 efforts, i think the lesson is to never stack your subs at 2am.... you'l never get it right!
  16. Hi Peter, im pretty sure the camera didnt move at all last night - however I do remember doing a very slight refocus between taking the flats and doing the lights, could that be it? I will do some more after work this eve, either sky or laptop flats will do - just to see if it was that what caused it. I tried gradient removal in Maxim, but all that did was shift the vignetting to another part of the screen. The guiding has been great recently, so much so that Im seriously tempted not to use the ST80 again. Im getting graphs so good with the finderguider you could eat them on toast Will be back later on when ive produced something im happier with (fingers crossed).
  17. Thanks guys Rob, the mad thing is... I did use sky flats and still got a gradient. I thought they should have been good becuase I shot them at dusk last night, so no idea why ive still got a gradient. Maxim spat out 3 of the sub frames last night when I stacked them so ive just completed a stack of the FITS files in DSS, and its looking a little better now. If its clear(ish) this eve I will shoot a few more flats and try again. Dont know why, but every time I stay out for a session I always get a massive headache the next morning (anybody else get this?)...lol... astro hangover. Rob
  18. Just got in from a reasonable evenings session, we had about 3 hours of clear sky so I thought I would have a bash at the Veil nebula before it crossed the meridian. I decided to go with the 150p purely because of speed, I wasnt sure how long it would be clear for so I had to make the most of it. The rest of the session was spent doing extras subs of M31, well that was until the cloud booed things at 12.30. Veil Nebula: Skywatcher 150p + 1000d 8x10min Thanks for looking
  19. Lol yeah, was thinking about modding a powertank - but maplins dont seem to stock that particular isotope
  20. Yep, and one time the roadies left him gaffer-taped to a lighting rig for being such an annoying t***....lol
  21. Bit of bad news, im going to have to dump most of the ED80 data because it was taken on a moonlit night. When I combine it with the 150P data it just introduces too much noise to give it a decent stretch. However, on the good side I think ive sussed out how to soften the core but keep the outer edges. It introduces a little noise, but I think thats something that can be sorted out with more subs. This is just the 150p data thats gone through the histogram specification, some stretch and a little bit of softening. If we're lucky enough to get some clear skies in the next week, I'll redo the ED80 data and try to combine again.
  22. Had a few clear spells last night, but not worth a gamble getting the scope out as the clouds were moving so quickly. Definitely cooler out there too. Me and the wife stood out the back for a while to see a few more persids and the MW before it clouded over at about 11.30pm.
  23. Yes, ive been applying changes to the image as a whole. Processing seperate areas or layering, is unknown territory for me so I guess its time to learn. The 1000d is in the fridge right now taking more 360s darks. Im going to knock M31 down and start from scratch again... heh, much the same way you would with an audio mix
  24. awesome pic, it must have taken a while due to the lack of clear sky recently. Worth the wait anyway
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