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  1. Thats spot-on Peter, thanks! Nothing wrong with sat24, just wanted to see a bit further out Just had a look, you can see where its streaming in all the way from the US east coast, thats a lot of poo weather coming our way
  2. Most of this cloud seems to be coming in off the Atlantic, is there anywhere else (apart from Sat24) that would show us whats brewing out there? All im looking for at the mo is a patch of clear sky @ sunset so i can take some new flats.... not much to ask for
  3. 1000d.... nuff said. Cheap enough to abuse, and the results speak for themselves (especially when modded).
  4. I was waiting for it to clear last night too. It was still cloudy at 11.30pm, by which time I had given up..... and when I did one final check out of the window before sleep, what did I see? Stars..... bah! Mind you, the seeing wasnt exactly perfect so no big loss. With luck we might get a night over the next 2 weeks, im desperate to add to my M31 - especially now the moon is on its way out.
  5. For a change I decided to process the subs in Maxim DL, and what a difference it makes! DSS had beed giving me problems with the colour balance of the final image due to using flats taken from a laptop screen. I read from elsewhere that this problem can occur in DSS if using a modded dslr + CLS filter. Its my first stab at Maxim DL (and it takes an age to process), but I like what i see so far.
  6. Yea, same here too - hope to see some action later on tonight.... its so hard to say "no" to a clear sky! Hmmm... but from the look of Sat24 at the mo, its not looking too clever.
  7. You should put all your cameras in a (big) box and hope they breed...lol.. I thought you already had (at least) one 1000d? Would be interesting to see a Hutech/Astronomik head to head.
  8. Thanks shame about the moon really. But knowing my luck, when its a new moon it will probably cloud over again for another 3 weeks!! All i need is one good night to nail that sucker for good. Will keep the subs I have and chuck it all in the mix once I have about 30 subs (3 hours total). Normally, when the moons up I just image the opposite side of the sky where its dark but theres not much on offer in the west at the mo, all the action is in the South and East (where the moon has decided to park itself).
  9. Did you offer him a vest? He might not do it otherwise
  10. Youre starting to see one or two dust lanes there, nice one. Maybe you should up the ISO to 800 and increase the exposures to at least 3min, you'l get it a lot quicker and you should be getting M110 too (did you crop it out?). The moon is still about at the moment though, so its best to wait until a little its as it tends to wash-out DSOs. Keep em comin'!
  11. I have both models (Nikon & Canon) which I used on the 150p. It offered some relief in terms of in-travel (just a few mm) but I was already able to get focus with the 150p. So I cant be sure if it would work with a 130. But otherwise, its a very useful bit of kit and is threaded for 2" filters. Really, you need to get away from using the barlow as its a real killer for imaging times (I made the same error when I started).
  12. cheers m8, I think I will try to add another hour or two to bring out a few more of those dust lanes
  13. Hurahh!! After 3 weeks of waiting we finally got some clear sky last night. Even though it was a full(ish) moon I wasnt bothered as ive been so starved of photons lately. Had work the next day so I was limited to just a 2 hour session.... boooo. Will re-visit M31 once the moon dies down and finish the job properly. It was also the first time out for the CCD CLS clip filter (review also posted). It definitely does the job of cutting LP, though im having to poke things around in DSS to get the right colours - should get the hang of that eventually though. Anyways, here ya go: M8: Lagoon Nebula (tough for me as very low) 6x360s + darks, bias and flats M31: Andromeda galaxy 10x360s + darks, bias and flats (flats produced by AI's virtual lightbox.... very handy). Thanks for looking!
  14. I think I will only see the true power or the CLS once theres a new moon - and a bit more clear sky (we can only hope!).
  15. Last night I managed to get first light with the Astronomik CCD CLS clip filter. The last time I used the scope 3 weeks ago I was using the Baader Neodymium 2" filter. This test isnt conclusive as both subs were taken under different conditions. However, the clarity of the sky was basically the same for both. Fitting: The CLS was easy, taking it out is a little fiddly but not frustraitingly so. Under the stars: Everything seemed tighter when focusing in live view, stars looked better, and despite a full(ish) moon it still produced more contrast than the Baader filter (when there was no moon). Processing (DSS): Still feeling my way round this one as there seemed to be a lot of red for no reason (camera noise?). I know the colour of M31... and its isnt orange! Playing with the red channel though produced something more pleasing to the eye. Below is a visual comparison of both filters. Definitely worth it for the extra dosh.
  16. I think its going to be more of the same for everyone for at least the next 5 days.... wall to wall cloud.... ughhh... im bored! All I have to show for the last 3 weeks is 2 poxy subs of M31 which I managed to grab on Friday night when there was a very brief break in the clouds. Still, at least I had the gear from storage to guiding+imaging within 15 min lol... was packing it up 20 min later though.
  17. lol... sorry, should have worded it better. Should have been: "without going through the hassle of repeatedly taking the camera apart" as ive had it apart 4 times already. I shift one speck, only for another to appear so its better to be done with it completely. Full spectrum would be the last time I have to do it
  18. Cheers Peter Just checking them out now on Modern Astronomy, very tempting. Also if i go full spectrum, I can finally shift one or two stubborn dust spots without going through the hassle of taking the camera apart (as they are on the underside of the front filter). Ive invested in some sensorklear pens as well to keep the CMOS in good nick. Having said that, im looking at the 2" filter in case I want to use it when I finally get the Atik 320e (is the 320e a 1.25 or 2" fit?, its difficult to tell from just a picture).
  19. awesome I almost felt sorry for the poor kid
  20. Thanks merlin, I just thought the CLS might give me something that the baader filter doesnt, or whether it would have any effect on imaging times (+ or -). Still, worth a thought as a means of keeping dust at bay (clip filter).
  21. Hiya, Would I make any noticeable gains if I decided to go full spectrum on the 1000d and use the UV/IR blocked version of the EOS CCD filter? (clip or 2") Currently using 1000d rear filter removed + Neodymium filter thanks for any input
  22. link now up on BBC: BBC News - Astronomers detect 'monster star' Hoo boy its a whopper! PS: Just checked it out on stellarium, seems it is something we'll never see in the northern hemisphere
  23. Who says you need a fence panel? You could do it with a few 6ft poles, a roll of that stuff you put on the garden to keep the weeds down (£4 from wilkos) and a stapler or a few tacks. Build what would be simply a massive wind break - except in this case its a "light break". If you make the poles 6ft apart (the usual length of a fence panel), you can then attach the poles to your existing fence posts with a makeshift bracket (or go to b&q to see what will do the job) so you can put it up and take it down as desired. The added bonus is that its lightweight, and wont take up much storage space as it just simply rolls up. Not sure how it would cope with wind though, better build it tough Im thinking of doing exactly this soon because of a nearby housing development thats going to spoil the atmos a bit in about 6 months time.
  24. Tell me about it Ive had the scope out only 2 or 3 times in the past month. And the forecast for next week isnt looking good either! Oh, I have that filter too. Pretty soon you will realise its one of those things you cant go without
  25. Here ya go: Canon Digital Rebel XSi 450D, 1000D, 500D IR Filter Removal Modification- Page 1 -Configuration & Preparation -by Gary Honis If you follow it **to the letter** you should be fine, but from experience here are a few tips: 1) Use gloves when handling the CMOS sensor and filters and use dust free containers for the bits you remove - that will save having to re-open it to shift a speck of dust. Mines still not 100% dust free, but thats only in the in the far corners so no real need to get it open again. 2) Get a good, magnetised posidriver - otherwise you will be putting some of the screws in whilst on your back... especially the one under the left side of the viewfinder. 3) Use toothpicks/cocktail sticks for the ribbon connectors. 4) Go slowly.... its not a race. If you get it working the results are noticeable and instant, a good camera becomes a great camera. The Ha sensitivity is increased by 5x meaning you can do some lovely nebula work. Personally i cant wait for M42 again now ive done the mod
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