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Status Updates posted by Uranium235

  1. Blummin' fireworks!... already!

    1. martin_h


      Been at it all week here!

    2. michaelmorris


      Had them last night for the first time this year. ?

    3. Uranium235


      Yeah, it started just as it got dark.... fortunately I was using 5nm Ha filters, so that should have blotted out the worst of it.

  2. Guiding tonite!

    1. Ibbo!


      Too much cloud here- taking darks instead


    2. Uranium235


      Got a couple of hours in last night, not a great sky - but worthy for some testing.

  3. Guiding tonite! (for a bit)

  4. Guiding tonite! (for a couple of hours)

    1. Uranium235


      Grrr.... Flex!!

  5. Its a good sky out there tonight... fill yer boots! (with photons)

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Ibbo!


      redone the calibration, checked cables and swore at it

      should do the trick


    3. Uranium235


      Dont forget to shake your fist at it...lol.. "work.. or else!"

    4. Ibbo!


      I would kick the pier buts its 8" solid concrete and about 7 foot high - well the boit you can see is


  6. Made EAPOD (yayy!) :)


    1. Robp


      Congratulations, that image deserved it.

  7. Mini-me in control of the Star71 tonight...lol.

  8. Solar film ordered for SGL XI ..yay!

  9. 130pds to the rescue!

    1. tingting44
    2. Coco
    3. Uranium235


      The 71 is going to be exchanged (collimation), so I've put it all back in the box now. Tis but a minor setback :)

  10. 2" filters rock!

    1. Daniel-K


      no vignetting

    2. Naemeth


      I take it you're enjoying the upgrade :).

    3. Uranium235


      Ohhh yes :)

      New possibilities have opened up, just waiting for an adaptor from TS. Spacing is over for the SWCC (58mm), the new adaptor should bring that down to about 55.5mm.

  11. 2nd Atik back from servicing, woo hoo!

  12. 48hrs of rain coming our way :(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cotterless45
    3. ronin


      Heard it a couple of days back and just checked, apparently every second between 16 and 17 million tons of rain fall every second on the earth.

    4. PhotoGav


      Most of that seems to be in the UK.....

  13. 7 panes down, 3 to go! Bit of a challenge with a full a Moon and bonfire night.

    1. Robp


      Can't wait to see the finished Mosaic :)

  14. 80ED stock focuser rage!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Uranium235


      Already done that mate, its really struggling with a 383+FW+FF/FR. Especially at the zenith.

    3. Daniel-K


      Don't bother with the sw upgraded one either they look ok but move with a nats fart

    4. Uranium235


      Think Ive improved it slightly now, there is more than one adjustment bolt, ive tweaked em and it actually defeats gravity now!

  15. All parts have now arrived for the focuser mod, have measured everything and all is looking good.

  16. All systems go - now doing some pre-SGL9 testing. The 130pds and 383L+ are much happier with 2" filters.

  17. Andromeda... get in my telescope!

  18. Anyone elses Flikr playing up? It looks a bit broken at the moment.

  19. Armageddon has arrived for next door's trees, feel sorry for the birds though.

    1. Psychobilly


      Better that it's done this time of year they will find another place to roost...

      Enjoy the Sky :)

    2. Uranium235


      Yeah, I think they will be ok too. Theres a lot of evergreen trees to choose from around here, as long as they dont mind a squirrel for a neighbour.

  20. Attempting a "smash & grab" on the rosette...

  21. Attempting to install an SSD in an Acer aspire one..... easier said than done!

    1. Coco


      I did this the other week, use Paragon migrate, it is easy and so far not a single issue changing my old HP laptop to SSD, what took 3 minutes to boot to desktop now take 27 seconds! PM me for any further help :D

    2. Uranium235


      All sorted mate, it wasnt the actual "getting it to work" part (worked first time) - but getting it in there. With the Aspire one, you have to take the whole thing apart to get to the HDD... screws everywhere! A bit like modding a DSLR. Now boots in under a minute (instead of 10) :)

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