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  1. These are in eBay £5-15 It's what I use with my samsungs
  2. I've managed a few shots of Jupiter and Saturn, both found that recording a video was a lot better. I have 2 eye pieces exactly the same. I set up the phone holder inside and lock it into position, I found this easier to do in the light than faffinf around trying to keep an object in view while trying to find a good position for my phone lol. I will find a target with my 20mm, switch down to a 10mm, get it in focus, then switch out to a 10mm already Set up and video. If you have an android voice controls are good because it won't wobble the scope tapping the screen to take pictures. Hope it works out for you
  3. Have a look on ebay. I saw there was a AstroMaster 130eq or something for £30 in The UK. It is defiantly worth a look. The second hand market on ebay is crazy. I got a little Celestron stargazer for £5! Postage cost more than the scope and frankly, it isn't bad at all!
  4. Plan it out. I think when I saw Saturn it was like 3am in the morning. I planned when I needed to get up, had the telescope ready alarm set and went to bed an hour early. Once awake I made sure I was only out for an hour then straight back to bed. I woke up slightly later than usual but as long as you dont have work or something on the next day its normally not to bad. Staying awake untill those times Would be impossible for me lol
  5. Mattwaters


    Welcome, I'm from Cambridgeshire had some good skies in the UK recently! Shame we only get about 5 hours of darkness though!
  6. I can't wait for Saturn to be in a better position. I Saw Saturn a few weekeday ago at about 15 degrees. Was like 3am in the morning but I was able to see the rings clear ish. Isn't next year suppose to be a really good year to view Mars?
  7. You have £1200+ to spend on a scope for a 6yr old? Be my Dad instead lol. Personally, I recently got given a Celestrone stargazer for my birthday. £200 and can see every planet in our solar system. It's a great amature scope. The only thing Is I got a refractor when the general consensus seems to be reflector. I think Argos have a Celestron stargazer Reflector for under £300 with good magnification. Could be worth a look. Could get a few accessories and different lenses too.
  8. Hi All, I have a Celestrone stargazer EQ90, I brought a stargazer accessory kit for about £50 with a x2 Barlow and a few cheap lenses/ filters. Although viewing with them is quite poor and blurry. I've been looking at getting the Luminos 7mm which I think should give me around 140x magnification which Isn't to bad....... for my scope. I was wondering how people found expensive lenses on cheaper scopes and thier different experiences of this? I don't want to spend £100+ on a eye piece if it's redundant for my scope. Thanks
  9. These are amazing, seriously makes me so envious. The image is about 20x more than what I can get. Hopefully going to have a late night session, hoping to see Saturn, Pluto and Neptune fingers crossed.
  10. I found recording a video was better on my phone than taking a picture, seems to do something with the brightness so it appears much clearer. These pictures were actually a screen shot. I Dont have any editing software and Sadly I can only get up to about 180x magnification :/ I now have the S8+ So will be interesting to see how this phone manages it. May post a Jupiter shot later
  11. I dont think it's a good year for Saturn so wanted to try and see it while it was near.... ish. I will try again in the winter fingers crossed. I was going to stay up for Neptune but tiredness caught the better of me! Was defiantly worth asking up for though!
  12. So after nearly a Month of constant cloud we finally had a break in the weather and I was able to pop out last night to see Saturn. Light Pollution was terrible, and I'm shocked to even have seen it. but at 2am I had it in my sights. I used a 15mm on my AstroMaster EQ90 then switched down to 10mm, then 6mm. I decided to experiment with my x2 Barlow lens although the 10mm Eye piece still seems to be the best. Using my phone and a mount I was able to get a nice image and a video but definitely need to invest in a DLSR. Neptune next!
  13. Welcome! Im in Huntingdon so only a stone throw away!
  14. Mattwaters


    Hi Sepp I have the 90EQ. your scope seems to be a popular one. I also have the accessory kit from Amazon. it works well and was able to see Jupiter quite clearly and the 15mm is definitely my happy medium at the moment!
  15. Here it is, using my Astromaster 90EQ 15mm eye piece with a x2 Barlow taken on my Samsung S6 Edge.
  16. Thanks I will try tonight if its clear and use the 15mm and switch the Barlow in if conditions are better. I really want a good photo of it!
  17. Ahhh ok, Kind of a waste of money then! if there the same as the stock pieces!, I think I will get one from the Omni series next month then, see if it makes any difference. and I have a Celestron Astromaster 90EQ, the spec says max usable is 213x although I calculated 180ish would be the optimum before the images start to deteriorate.
  18. Sounds good, Pure Armature shot, I have a camera mount and took this with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone, I can't Afford a DLSR yet lol Will try to capture another with a light filter to see what happens!
  19. Hi all, I Looked around at some eye pieces to upgrade from the standard 10mm and 20mm that came with my scope. I was looking at the Omni series from Celestron but noticed there was a kit designs for my scope. So I took the plunge and brought myself an early birthday present . The kits comes with a x2 Barlow a 15mm and a 6mm, priced between £50-£80 I thought it wouldn't be to bad quality wise.. The 15mm looks good, defiantly a happy medium between the stock 20mm and 10mm, it will Probably be one of my more favourite pieces now, Jupiter looked good and eye relief wasn't bad. This was when I decided to try out my new Barlow lens although it just made the image completely blurry. I'm hoping it was the weather conditions rather than the lens itself. I just couldn't find ''the sweet spot''. any way, has any one got the same kit? if so how did you find it? I'm waiting for good weather to test out the 6mm, fingers crossed.
  20. Hi John, Cromer would take me about an hour to get there with no traffic. I may have to take a trip down there! Ive heard really good things!
  21. Thank you! Good to meet you all!I Ive only Spotted Jupiter, Mars and the moon at the moment, seems I got my telescope at the wrong time of year! lol I normally head out towards Kettering, some villages along the A14 east have some amazing fields and no street lights! I hope the picture scales ok.
  22. Just thought I would introduce myself. Im Matt and have an Celestron astromaster 90EQ. look forward to seeing your posts
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