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  1. Oh ok, I think I just got confused with seeing 2X Barlow lense, I just saw that as two of them, not twice magnification lol, That's a brain error on my part! I was considering this set as a beginner set https://www.amazon.co.uk/Astronomical-Telescope-Accessory-Telescope-accessories/dp/B0186UCI9G/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1491302410&sr=8-6&keywords=telescope+eyepieces+plossl Something to just have as a base to start on, Seems (From my PoV) that it has a nice basic selection to start with.
  2. Thanks again guys for all this awesome information, I didn't expect to get so many great, informative replies when I came here, I greatly appreciate it, and taking the time to offer up recommendations too, I'm going to have a look online today at all the things suggested here once I've finished some work, (At least working from home I choose my breaks:D) I was originally looking at getting a set of cheapish lenses, But I think I might go a little further and get something a bit more expensive that I know will last, and get some Barlow lenses too. Now I just have to wait for my replacment part for my mount to get here, so I can fix it then have a play around with that and work out how to work it all:D
  3. Thank you very much Putaendo Patrick. That's some good information, I'm writing this down as I go along, So I can refresh my memory on important things, I didn't realise there was so many factors when considering an EP. And thank you very much on your recommendations, I'll look into those first thing in the morning! Appreciate it!
  4. Thank you for your reply Dave! I think I'll definitely look into getting Stellarium, I've been thinking about how I'd know which way to point the telescope, And I was going to start trying to teach myself a little bit of the layout of things, Constellations etc. I think I'll be getting another eyepiece or two soon, My 40mm gave me a much better view of the moon than I've ever had with my own eyes, But I'd like to be able to view some other things too, I wasn't aware of the amount of things that you can actually see with scope, Of course price comes into it and the better your scope etc, the more you'll see, But even on lower end scopes, I was surprised to see the things people had spotted! But I'm looking forward to some fun for me and Son, sitting out and looking for things in the nights sky!
  5. I think I'll definitely get an eyepiece in the 15-20mm range then, my 40 seems a bit off lol I'm not sure on cost really, I was thinking around £40 to start with to get us started, But all goes well then I'll be looking to spend around 100
  6. Thank you for your replies! happy-kat I've been reading that thread:D I just find it a little confusing lol, And thank you very much kilix for all that information, I had seen the Barlow lenses and was considering them, I've read a lot of threads on a few forums today trying to figure it out, But I think I've read too much in a small amount of time and it's just turned to lots of numbers and random letters in my head:D But that magnification sum helps a lot by the way:D
  7. Hello everyone! Newbie here, Just registered after looking around the net, trying to find answers! I've always been interested in stargazing, never got a scope, though, Until now, Me and my 6year old decided to get one, I got an Astromaster 130eq, for free, as it has a broken leg brace, and the eyepiece was toast, (I bought a new eyepiece, and got a leg brace on the way) The eyepiece I got, Was a generic brand, and it's a 40mm one, (I got a 40mm one as the broken one was also 40mm) Today me and my son got our first look at the Moon, which we both loved! Now however, I've been looking at getting some better eyepieces, From what I've seen, I believe a 10mm would be better for looking at the Moon? I've seen them from 4mm up to 40mm, And I'm unsure as to what I'm looking at:S Obviously we'd like to view all sorts of things, But as with a lot of people, being on a budget means I gotta be smart with what I get, so any suggestions would be well received! I think I've read something about certain eyepieces work better for certain scopes, And I don't really know much about the one we have, if it's any good for a starter etc, so any advice there would also be wonderful! Thank you for reading my longer than expected wall of text:D -Chris
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