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  1. Hi Now back in Bristol and the weather has been useless, the binoculars arrived yesterday and we are currently enjoying permanent cloudy sky's. I have a lot to learn ;-) As for telescopes I have plenty of time to enjoy my binoculars bar the weather.................... Could make for an interesting Xmas present and will give me plenty of time to read and peruse around refactors, reflectors & all kinds of what nots. When ever we do get a break here want to look at Jupiter first.................of course along with the moon!!
  2. Quick update have bought the Olmpus DPS 1 10x50 binoculars, with a Opticron binocular tripod mount and a tripod. In total just under £100 ponuds for the lot. Previously on Kindle purchased the Philips Month by Month Stargazing 2017 book. Can't wait now as I have been trying to navigate my way around the north and eastern sky predominantly just due to the location of our caravan. Thanks again, Sonny
  3. Hello Von_Ryan. I'm looking at getting the same binoculars as you and was wondering if you have had a chance to use them yet? And if so how are you getting on with them? Cheers Sonny
  4. Many thanks again DeepSkyBagger. Been over to the binocular section this morning and have discovered the Opticron Adventurer WP 10x50 well within my budget and they look like a fantastic place to start. Sonny
  5. Many thanks for all of your replies. I have been eyeing up the Olympics 10×50 DPS-1 binoculars. The ones I have recently tried are a very cheap mates binoculars without the option of further adjustment around the eye piece, literally the focusing dial in the middle and that's it. I currently don't have a great deal of money and am looking to just gaze at our solar system and make sense of what is out there, basically find my way around the night sky before delving further. I guess that comes with time and and more than happy to walk before I can run. This for me is all part of the enjoyme
  6. Hi am almost brand new to star gazing, bar a brief flirtation in my early teens sitting in our back garden with a star chart way back in their 80's. Now mid 40's and looking to pick up astronomy again after reading Brian Cox for the last couple of years and last months BBC Star Gazing which totally blew me away!! Am torn between starting out with a pair of Binoculars or go for an entry level telescope? My question is this. My eye sight has always been 19-21, never had any need for glasses yet, however I was looking at the moon last night with a x 10 pair of Binoculars and I couldn'
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