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  1. Hi Dave. after a little advice please. on your advice I bought a 2" dielectric diagonal with an 8mm planetary eyepiece. managed to get a clear night so used it! the diagonal made it so much easier to use but I think it needs setting up and collimating. the image I got wasn't great. I used the 8mm on the moon and then had to revert back to the 26mm.. parts is of the image we're pretty clear but overall I'd say 70% off a great image. just wondered what the best way forward is.. seeing that you also have a Meade s
  2. Hi Joc et al. Thanks for the input you've given. All input is great and joining this forum just shows me how many great astronomers there are out there with the dedication to help a new boy like me.. To clarify... I did a lot of research before buying my Meade LX90 8" SCT. I didn't want to pay the full retail price, as it was my first scope so bought mine used.. paid less than half retail price.. So when it arrived I had already paid a decent amount for it and it didn't come with the extras that it would have if new. Being a compete new comer I had and still have pretty
  3. Hi all. Assume this is a better value option? http://www.365astronomy.com/Dew-Shield-Lens-Shade-with-Dew-Heater-for-Celestron-8-Schmidt-Cassegrain-Telescopes-with-Controller.html
  4. next job is a dew shield... https://www.altairastro.com/Kendrick-Celestron-C8-Meade-8-SCT-Dew-Shield-225-240mm.html assume this is the kind of thing i need? worth buying one or better to make one myself? cheers jimmy
  5. Hey. Is this a totally stupid purchase? http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/FMC-1-25-SPL-Plossl-Eyepiece-6mm-12mm-25mm-48-Degree-4-Element-2x-Barlow-Sets-/361927907939?hash=item5444959a63%3Ag%3A1zYAAOSw2gxYx0j2&_trkparms=pageci%3Ab21a62ff-209c-11e7-b55d-74dbd180314f%7Cparentrq%3A6989ff9415b0a357ebae6c9afffd22a6%7Ciid%3A24 Jimmy
  6. Would this be a good buy? https://www.altairastro.com/dewzapper-dew-heater-for-7-8-telescope-celestron-nexstar-8-evolution-meade-8-skywatcher-180-mak-87cm-length-20w.html Do I need a collar as well or just this?Cheers Jimmy
  7. Hey... Would this do the same job... Just cheaper? https://www.altairastro.com/altair-2-meade-celestron-sct-dielectric-diagonal-99-reflective-coating.html?cat=255 Looks like it will.. Will then give me more to buy a 12mm eyepiece too. Cheers Jimmy
  8. Thank you such much for your input.. Can't wait to get a diagonal, New eye piece and a clear nights sky!
  9. Hi all. This is my SCT. Push fit 26mm plossl with thumb screw to hold in place. So assume I can buy any 90° push fit and just use the thumb screw to hold in place?. Then the new eyepiece will push fit into that and thumb screw again.. I assume that's correct?.. I've held off buying anything as a tad unsure what will and what won't fit. ? Already cost me a pretty penny.. want to make the right choices.. 90° to make viewing easier then probably a 12mm eyepiece to wow the kids!.. and me ? Cheers. Jimmy
  10. Thank you for your amazing advice and input.. Lots to take on board but getting an idea of essentials I must buy to get more out of my scope... Mainly 90° tube, 12mm eyepiece and a few shield... Cheers. Jimmy
  11. Thanks Geoff.. Just managed to get the LNT module working.. had plugged into the wrong hole... So from set up I had the telrad the wrong was round, so didn't do anything and the LNT plugged into the wrong hole.. So didn't work either.. Got rather frustrated trying to use my phone app to level and find magnetic north at 12.30 am! LoL... Been cloudy skies since so just waiting for a decent evening to try the telescope out again.. LoL... Learning curve in deed.. the school boy errors don't help. Thanks for your input. Jimmy
  12. Thanks Alan... Kind of none the wiser of which I need to buy LoL... Think I need to measure the eye piece aperture and check if it has a screw attachment too before ordering. You are all GREAT! Cheers Jimmy
  13. Thanks Anne. I was literally just about to order the diagonal.... I'll wait off and wait till home after work to check the scope.. Appreciate your input. So basically I need to check that the eye tube bit as a screw attachment and need to measure the tube bit too? Thank you..
  14. http://www.365astronomy.com/12mm-GSO-Plossl-Eyepiece.html Assume this would be a decent first buy? Or other poster has suggested 25mm, 15mm and 8mm options.. The 12mm will allow for a close view of the moon but will it also be useful for planets? Or would I also need to buy an 8mm option too? cheers jimmy
  15. Thanks Dave.. Will buy today.. Next thing to buy is a better eye piece. Would love to show the kids close up of the moon's craters and Saturn and its rings if that's possible on my scope. 2" 8mm option? Thoughts? Cheers. Jimmy
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