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  1. Excellent pics- I looked at the Sywatcher 130p-DF with a view to buy but what is the cheapest mount you cd use with it? (without going motorised?)
  2. Thanks again to all who replied. There are some ingenius methods there! I think decision day is drawing near about buying some kind of scope! I'll let you know what and when!
  3. As mentioned before I have a small back yard and wd need to move any scope from one end to another in the middle of a viewing session. How easy/hard wd that be please? Unfortunately I only have photos of the scope (Never seen one in the flesh) and the weight of 25kg which seens quite heavy!
  4. Thanks - that is informative. Maybe the Pronto Alt-Az 130p is an alternative? Would tracking double stars visually be easy with alt-az?
  5. Yikes! Ive just noticed the tripod/mount has a button/knob for slow motion adjustment on the main body of the tripod so could result in 'shake' when used!?
  6. seems like a good tripod according to the video, thanks!
  7. I'm still dithering about which scope to buy. Just seen this Skyhawk one which has a tripod which can be used in both EQ and Alt-AZ modes. This wd be ideal for me as my back yard is restricted in sight lines - a lot of 45degrees - 90! But I cd poss use the Eq mount elsewhere. Any advice welcome? Wd the tripod be stable? (possibly as OTA is light) total weight 7.8kg. (THe original 1145p has good reviews.)
  8. ericleo1

    Brand new

    Me too! I made an alt-az scope with a 8" mirror (bought) and used a car axle for the motion. Tube was wood and the whole thing turned very smoothly! I used it in an urban back yard. Let us know what/if you buy. Im split between Haritage 130p and Dob 150 skyliner!
  9. Thanks to all who replied - How about the Skywatcher 100p Dob - are the optics ok do you think? I amy go for smaller scope as it is for occasional use only and there are street lights nearby! Maybe a refractor wd be better for star-splitting?
  10. Thanks Roland - Do you mean 130mm wd be too big and I wd be better with smaller apperture? (I mainly want to split double stars and see Messier objects.)
  11. Im still wondering if the Heritage 130p Dob with open tube woud let in too much surrounding light. Is the Starblast series still on the market? Is there a closed tube Dob as good as the Heritage does anyone know? My budget is under £200
  12. Im considering getting the Heritage 130p after reading thumbs up on here. However, I also found good reviews for Orion Starblast and wondered if it is still on the market. I wd like to do some solar watching and think the enclosed tube best for that. Otherwise my urban back yard faces North and I wd be restriced to the northern hemisphere. So,, Im looking for smth very portable and uncomplicated. (no astrophotography!)
  13. Thanks to all for your great help. I will let you know if I get one for Xmas (my daughter may ask me what I want!)
  14. Thanks Neil - if I decide to go ahead members have kindly convinced me the Heritage 130 wd be best - I can live with inverted images!
  15. Thanks - Im coming round to opting for the Heritage130! Will check out my yard 1st (on a clear night) to see if it is worth getting any scope as it is fairly light-polluted!
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