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  1. Sorry if in the wrong forum you didn't have a forum for today
  2. Nearly £1000 more than the CEM60 & nearly the same specs am I missing something?
  3. Unfortunately the same as my winter nights I can sit in the garden and read a book. I hate LED street light's.
  4. Bovski

    Hello from SW England

    Welcome aboard Earth Demon
  5. There are plenty of more powerful sbc's than the Pi3 the main things also needed are at least 2xUSB3.1 Gen 2 & GB Network personally I would also want 2xSATA3 for Storage. Was hoping for the Odroid-N1 bit that was canceled due to problems obtaining ram guess the Odroid-N2 due September ish.
  6. Has a Pi really got enough grunt for doing all this ? @£170-180 seems a lot for a Pi The LattePanda Delta 432 is due next month and seems much more appropriate it costs c£150 with windows 10 pre-activated. Microsoft has Remote Desktop on Android so you can control if from your phone you can also use all your favorite windows software. LattePanda runs on 12V like other AstroStuff supports USB3, SATA NVMe SSD, has a built in Arduino so you can get a GPS up and running for an extra £5 plus any other Android type stuff(look in DIY for focuser's...). Perhaps I'm missing something?
  7. Bovski

    Hi All

    Welcome aboard Spaceade. Nice Image.
  8. Seems Like a bit of a missed opportunity adding some information from telescopes to the Field of View Calculator why not create a database of all the specs into a database then just pull out the information needed for use on any of the calculators It would also make a great reference for OTA's, Eyepiece's, Mounts...
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