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  1. thick cloud in Middlesex so i'm watching it via a feed in U.S. Heavy traffic though on the network
  2. just starting to image the moon myself, nice crisp shot.
  3. I had exactly the same problem. I struggled to get the scope pointing horizontal so I ended up using polaris. I went out just before dusk and it's quite easy to find using the polar scope if you know roughly where to look. I then used the rotating 180 deg technique and adjusted it using the three allen screws. It took me about 15 minutes. By the way the screws need minimal turning. A good website is http://www.astro-baby.com/HEQ5/HEQ5-1.htm
  4. Thanks Russell, I think you have live view on that, i'm jealous.
  5. Cheers Bizibilder, I went to the beginners imaging day and have since acquired a SPC 900 webcam so I will try that next. Ta for the advice. (I have a homemade Bahtinov mask.)
  6. That is stunning. If you did that in the Sea of Tranquility you could see the lander!
  7. I know Peter, I can assure you I wasn't out for very long, it was definitely brass monkeys. Thanks Bizibilder, I would still like to get the original Raw image much sharper; maybe I need a pier.
  8. Shot with a Canon 300D @ prime focus on a C8 SCT, mount CG-5. Subs 1/320 sec, approx 10 frames stacked in registax to make 2 images, stitched in ICE, final processing in PE 9. I needed to apply quite a lot of sharpening using wavelets in Registax. I thought the original RAW images weren't very sharp so any advice and CC would be most welcome.
  9. Hi Stuart, No that makes perfect sense; thank you for taking the time to explain the basics. Cheers, I shall try again.
  10. Hi Stuart, First go at webcam (spc880 flashed) planetary imaging. Not very good but it's something; just about see the great red spot. Reading through this great thread, you mention that you couldn't obtain focus, when putting on a barlow, guess what, nor could I, (in fact I couldn't see anything). Is it impossible or am I being stoopid. Anyway tomorrow I am going to read through the tutorials you mentioned earlier on and try to improve. Image taken with; C8 SCT, SPC 880 flashed, no barlow, using sharpcap, Registax (about 750 frames).
  11. Thanks for uploading that Dave, loved the talk at bedford btw, clear skies
  12. I'll fifth it then, great day; That must take some organising. Thanks to all who arranged it. Just got to put all I learnt into action. I'll let it warm up a bit first though. Cheers, Daz et al Colin
  13. I can only concur with all of the above, excellent day and as someone has already mentioned the talks just flashed by, they were so interesting. Many thanks Daz and everyone who helped to organise it. Thank you very much too, for the solar views, they were stunning, I can feel a modded scope being made, lol.
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