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  1. I'm following SpaceX for a while now and I have to say that I'm in awe every time he lands one of his boosters! The best thing is that you can follow the live feed of the start every time! Go Elon ^^
  2. I had very little time to work on the list the past few days but here's an update: • the first cell of the observed object turns green as soon as you fill out the "Observing Date" field • in General Overview the Star Log effectively counts the observed objects • the Messier and Caldwell Catalogue are almost complete Things that I'll do as soon as I get to it: • Counter for the different catalogues in the General Overview • The what's on this / next month section (essentially a field where the sheet will tell you which constellations are to observe) • further detai
  3. Crunshing NGC numbers like a mad man!

  4. I think I'm done filtering the catalogues... I'll re-check everything a second time just to be sure 873 combined entries should be enough to keep us busy for a while I think... Next up: filling in the basic missing details. The Collinder Catalogue should be the most time-consuming one... But hey, weather is bad!
  5. Hello everyone Okay, as soon as I've finished the Star Log, I'll share it with you here. Does anyone know how to share a Google Sheet as a file? Is that even possible? If not I'll copy the stuff in a normal Excel sheet
  6. Okay, thank you for the Magic Fluid tip. Buying myself right into it! Thank you @Louis D for the detailed description of taking it appart. At the given moment I won't strip it, but who knows what the future holds! Some valuable input here
  7. Hello fellow gazers I want to share a little project of mine I started a few days ago. Last week I opened another thread regarding a new EP which I ordered and @YKSE commented on it (again thank you for that! ). I saw his awesome signature and blandly copied it into my signature thinking to myself that I as of now had a Mission... a Mission to see and log all those beautiful clusters, nebulas and galaxies! As a well known sitcom actor would say... "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!" Then I ran into a few problems... first of all... where the hell would I find all the informati
  8. Thanks everybody I'll cut them in four little pieces and try to get them back under there. Yes, I was recommended to do that as soon as I'd get the EP, but I have to say that I quit like it as it is at this moment. Perhaps one day I'll strip it What are you guys using to clean the glas by the way?
  9. Oh my god, you were absolutely right with your suggestion... There was a rolled up foamy sticky tape underneath the shroud! I removed the both of them but I'm asking myself what their purpose is? Perhaps to prevent that area from getting moist and getting moldy? Should I try to stick them back?
  10. I think I'll try this before jumping to anything at the moment... THX Hm okay I see... just talking about the 40mm, which one do you think has better eye relief and is sharper on the edges? What about correction? Has anyone tried both perhaps?
  11. That's what I fear too... It bothers me already just seeing this wave... Thanks for all the other replies. I contacted the seller and they are out of stock unfortunately... so no way to exchange it... After scrolling over the site I also noticed that they carry the Explore Scientific 68 Series Eyepieces. Are they recommendable? If so I could see myself exchanging the Maxvision for the 68 SE 40mm... What do you think?
  12. Hello fellow watchers Thanks to a few members on here I purchased a Skyliner 200P with BST Starguider eyepieces a while back. I absolutely love tanking the stuff out and sit in my spot all night long and enjoy gazing around. As a member in my previous threat about the BST Starguiders suggested, I also bought myself a Explore Scientific 68° Maxvision 40mm to sweep around the night sky. It was delivered last night and oh boy, this thing is huge! I mean I knew it had to be bigger... but that big? NICE! Now here's the thing... As I took it out of the bag I noticed t
  13. Hoping for clear skies tonight!

  14. According to skywatcher.com the tube itself comes in at around 21kg, packaged it weighs 23kg. The base ships in a different box than the tube and weighs 20kg (with packaging, so around 18kg without) for the normal version and 33kg (with packaging, so around 31kg without) for the GOTO version. So it could be that the normal version weighs around 44kg and the GOTO version around 54kg...? Someone correct me if I'm wrong I'm just taking a wild guess here, I just own the 200P.
  15. I really enjoy reading your stuff!! I can identify myself with a lot of your impressions
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