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  1. Thanks for all your replies and advice. I've decided to definitely keep my 127 Mak, and it's now just a case of what to mount it on: My budget is likely to be about £200, so I need to decide whether to go for the AZ4 as recommended earlier, or go with my original choice of an EQ3-2 on a motorised mount if funds allow (I'd love an EQ5 but doubt I'll be able to afford one) While I'm getting my funds together, I think I'll spend a bit of time looking for whats available second hand, then I'll make my decision. Thanks again for all the advice. Kev
  2. Thanks Philip, at least I've learned something tonight !! I've attached a couple of pictures of my focusing knob. I'm assuming it's attached by 2 grub screws. So do you suggest removing these grub screws and replacing them with something of the same thread as per your post ?
  3. nightfisher: No problem. I won't mention it again. Philip R: Thanks for your advice. I've tried the clothes peg trick, and although it helped slightly, I still get wobble when focusing. Your questions about grub screws, machine screws, socket caps etc........you may as well be talking a foreign language. I haven't got a clue what you mean !! I can tell the difference between a screw and a nail, and that's about it ! Thanks for the advice anyway.
  4. Thanks to all 3 of you for your replies. So keeping my 127 Mak, selling my Synscan GOTO mount, and buying an AZ4 mount seems to be the way forward. How much do you think I'd get for my Synscan GOTO mount (it's like new, and comes with a power adapter purchased from Opticstar in Sale, so it can be plugged into an extension lead), and how much is an AZ4 mount likely to cost ? Thanks again for all your help Kev
  5. Thanks for the above replies regarding Skymax 127 Mak's. I've actually got a Sky-Watcher Skymax 127 Synscan at the moment, but there are 3 reason why I'm thinking of selling it: 1. I find it difficult getting things into focus as every time you touch the focus knob the scope wobbles. 2. It's not ideal for camping (goes through batteries VERY quickly) 3. As I'm only interested in lunar and planetary work, I don't need the GOTO function. I'm considering selling my Skymax 127 to get something more suitable, hence my approximate budget. Maybe I could sell the Synscan GOTO mount and buy something more stable (and possibly motorised) What do you think ?
  6. First off, let me apologise, as I'm sure this questions been asked many times before, but I really need some advice. What I want to know, is what is the best telescope, mount and tripod available that will give me the following: 1. Good planetary and lunar views. 2. Is nice and stable. 3. Is transportable enough for me to take camping. 4. Preferably with a motorised drive (NOT Goto) Basically, what's the best grab and go scope !! My budget is about £200 - £300 I'm thinking of some sort of short tube refractor on an EQ3-2 mount......does this sound sensible ? All advice / recommendations welcomed. Thanks in advance Kev
  7. I think I give this a go if I find using the silver dial too fiddly. Thanks for all your advice. Kev
  8. Thanks Charic. Both adjusters are identical in length, and it does appear to be normal, as I've seen many images on Google that show the 130 scope on the EQ2 set up exactly the same way. Cheers. Kev
  9. Thanks SW130p. As you've suggested, I now realised i can use the large silver knob which is on the eyepiece side, but I was hoping I could make some alterations so I could switch the proper slow motion controller over to the eyepiece side, but I don't want to start tinkering if it's not possible. Thanks again. Kev
  10. I've just bought myself a second hand Sky Watcher 130 and I need a bit of advice on how best to use the slow motion controls. One control is to the rear end of the scope so can be operated with your right hand as you're looking through the eyepiece. The other controller however, is on the opposite side of the scope, meaning you have to reach under to try to make any adjustments, and you can't look through the eyepiece while doing so. I've tried attaching some pictures, but I'm not sure I've done it right. If not, you can do a Google search for Sky Watcher 130 and select images, and you'll hopefully see what I mean. What I want to know, is can I alter the EQ2 head so the slow motion controller can be accessible from the eyepiece side of the scope ? Thanks in advance for any help. Kev
  11. Gutted !! I've been planning spending a few hours on my fishing bedchair in the back garden watching the Geminids tonight. I picked my lads up from cadets at 21:00 hrs and as soon as I got home I got the bedchair out, said my goodnights to the kids and wife, and headed off into the darkness to hopefully see lots of meteors. Within minutes the clear sky turned to a partly cloudy sky and it's now completed covered in cloud. Number of meteors seen.....2 !! I'm going to stay up for a while in case there's a break in the clouds, but the forecast isn't good. Hopefully the skies are clearer elsewhere in the UK. Kev
  12. Thanks. I can confirm now, after a couple of hours viewing, that the £15 I spent today on the adapter from Opticstar was money well spent, as my Synscan is now working perfectly.
  13. I think I've solved the problem. I took my power adapter to a local telescope shop ( Opticstar in Sale, Manchester - very helpful ! ) They told me that the problem is my power adapter . It only produces 300ma of power, which is not enough. He said I need one that produces at least 1amp of power. The erratic behaviour looks like it was being caused by a lack of power. Firstly, when using the power lead, and then secondly, when using the batteries that were running low. Fortunately, Opticstar sell a 12v 2amp power adapter that they recommend for using with the Skymax127 Synscan. It's only £15, and from my first test a few minutes ago, it appears to work perfectly. Fingers crossed that's the problem solved. Thanks again for all the suggestions.
  14. Thanks very much for all the recommendations and advice. I'll try a couple out and let you know how I get on. Cheers Kev
  15. I'm afraid I've not got a multimeter so I can't do as you suggest. Sorry
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