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  1. can I buy the 60mm Guidescope with mounting brackets and helical focusers. please PM sent
  2. Nice story Emil, and great image.. You know I love your work.. Keep them coming
  3. I am now the proud owner of the EQ6-r.. Been waiting for a few days to get it out and have a go at anything with it. I know the handle is a really nice feature, but I have removed mine and replaced it with a power board to hold all my power packs. I have had to stick guide scope either side just for balancing.. Come on clear skies, I am super excited
  4. Greetings. Here is Jupiter from the skies over Farnham last night @ 22:30 I was using my Skywatcher 127MAK with a Bresser 1080p telescope camera Jupiter21052017.mp4
  5. oppss, sorry, posted this in the wrong section.. my bad
  6. http://www.xyzcommunity.xyz/jupiter1.avi I decided to go live tonight with some very good results. Skywatcher 127 MAK Meade Barlow x3 Bresser 1080p CMOS camera Didnt want to post the video directly here as it can load up the servers
  7. Sorry, my bad its a CMOS Bresser Full HD (1080p) USB 2.0 Microscope Telescope camera
  8. the 3rd image was with the x2 barlow... I didnt get the x3 out
  9. I know the quality is not great... but for £50 its fantastic... way above my expectations
  10. I thought I would buy a cheap ccd camera to see how it would go.. below are some shots of Jupiter tonight (10/05/2017) from Farnham, Surrey, UK For £50 camera attached to my Skywatcher 127... Thats me now hooked on astrophotography... This is gonna get expensive (for the wife)
  11. Thank you everyone for you advice.. I have taken all on board, and will first look at getting the Meade working.. Then come back to a new scope idea... Again thank you all
  12. Thank you all for making me feel welcome here... I have a weakness for Saturn (not sure if I will ever see it though). Something majestic about the rings. I mainly would like to see planets in our solar system. Somehow get the telescope hooked up to my laptop so I can live stream what the scope sees. Most of my friends live in heavily light polluted areas, so to be able to live stream my nights to them would be great.
  13. Greetings everyone, The other week I was speaking to a friend and I mentioned to him that I used to look up at the stars when I was a kid and would spend many a hour doing this... He told me he had a telescope I could have, although he said it was old.. It's a Meade LX90 EMC. Last night was the first real clear night I could get it out.. During the day my daughter and myself setup a tent in the back garden, got out the scope, set it all up, and waited for the night.... Bless her being only 5 fell asleep at 8pm, but I sat up in total awe until 4am this morning (only to be woken by her at 6am). Unfortunately I kept getting motor faults on the scope, so I am guessing this is why my friend didnt want it anymore.. I am now looking at getting something a bit more modern.. Sky-Watcher Skymax-127 SynScan. Does anyone know if this can be connected to my laptop? Also is this a good scope for a complete novice? My darling wife saw how happy I was last night and has decided to buy one for me (budget of around £400), or is there another scope for around the same price that I could be advised on getting Thank you for your time Lynk1973
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