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  1. Hi guys ... I have a question regarding star alignment using the nexstar hand control. I've been trying the 2 star alignment followed by adding at least one (have also tried 3) extra calibration star and then slewing to a named star to begin all star polar alignment. I notice the star i choose to polar align on and slew to isn't usually visible on my camera's live view. I have to manually slew to it before i can start all star polar alignment. Is the reason the 2 star alignment including additional calibration star/s is inaccurate when slewing to it's 1st named star, because the initial setup of the mount (level, pointing north at correct latitude) was also inaccurate? The whole routine starts out with setting up the mount, then 2 star alignment, then all star polar align and then back to re-align because the mount has been moved. It seems a really convoluted way of doing it. Wouldn't it be better to polar align the mount, then do a 2 star alignment plus additional calibration stars and skip the all star polar alignment? Update: Again i should have spent more time searching for an answer before posting. I think i'm learning that if there's no replies within an hour, its' because there's already a ton of material on the subject
  2. 90 second exposures on an unguided telescope and you have no discernible star trails. Crikey, i'll get small star trails with anything over 20 second exposure, simply using an unguided tripod mounted camera.....
  3. I had exactly the same problem using also approx 3 months for my paralysis by analysis period to come to an end - I read the same article. I started out reasonably sure i wanted a small goto on an alt/az mount ala Meade ETX simply because i thought they would be simple to use. I was only really interested in planet and sun observations A Meade ETX 90 was my 1st serious suggestion although within a week that had changed to a Meade ETX 125 Then i found a FOV calculator online and that really set the paralysis in. So many different views from a huge array of equipment. Not just that. I started getting an idea that it would be great to actually photograph the things i was seeing. Also i realised that just looking at planets and the sun might get pretty old pretty quickly. This started a whole new line of analysis with accompanying paralysis as i ploughed through tons of youtube vids and forum posts regarding astrophotography/equipment . I quickly realised that i'd be swapping the alt/az mount out for an EQ (as well as buying a lot more than originally planned plus having to learn an assortment of software) and started looking more along the lines of buying mount and OTA separately. Another long period of youtube vids, articles and forum posts later and i actively started searching for specific bits of equipment. The new prices were generally higher than i had imagined so i spent another 2 or 3 weeks searching online ad's hoping to find just what i wanted. I was prepared to drive over Europe to collect. I was in correspondence with a couple of chaps with questions being asked and answered and almost drove down to Germany when doubt set in again. What if i brought a lemon, what if something breaks or malfunctions, who would i call, how could i fix it.. Bang, thoughts of used equipment went out the window. It was going to have to be new with warranty....Ended up buying the scope and mount from a retailer not more than an hour away and a few other bits and bobs posted from telescope express in Germany. My final choice also turned out to be a Celestron 8 inch Maybe i'll discover i need something different as time goes on. That's fair enough. Everything i've ever been interested in has kinda progressed that way. But damn, it sure does feel good actually being on the road although unlike you, i've yet to experience clear skies. The cloud gods are still punishing me for my indulgence
  4. Thanks everyone, some very good ideas there and i love the idea with power distribution hub vox although i think that'll probably be a project for another time. There is still equipment i need to get and the learning curve is steep. Bundling the cables to a single cable and then working with that seems a reasonable path to take. Thanks for all your input guys..
  5. Hi all ... My scope had it's first light last night under a 70% clouded sky. After 3 hours i had still not aligned (because of cloud cover) and decided to call it a night. I won't bother under such cloudy conditions again but i was so super keen last night, i couldn't hold back. So, the main problem i encountered was the mount power, camera usb + 12v dc and the mount to pc tether cables were constantly getting themselves wrapped around the mount with the usb connection being pulled out a couple of times. I had thought that maybe i could make some kind of boom that would hold the cables away from the mount but i'm not sure if this would create balance problems. Surely you vets don't have this problem, so what is it you do?
  6. How embarrassing. Yes that was the problem. There's much to learn. Thank you.
  7. As far as i know i've installed the drivers correctly. Firecapture recognises the ASI120mc on start up but all i get is a grey screen. If i move the camera to a brighter lightsource i see the light increase but its as if looking through a fine meshed cloth. I can only see light to dark gradients, no details at all. I've tried playing around with the settings but it makes no difference. When i load up the bundled Amcap and select preview i also get a plain greyscale screen here to. I've checked debayer along with everything else i can think of but no joy.... Can anyone please help me out here?
  8. I shouldn't have used google! I indirectly found the answer to my question along with ideas to alternative solutions in this thread..
  9. Hi ... I would like to be able to connect my DSLR camera to the telescope and run it from my computer which would be approx 3 meters awway. I use digicamcontrol to remote view the camera on my computer. Does anyone know if a 3 meter USB extension would work, or would there be to much resistance over that length? I haven't been able to find any information on this on google although i may be keying in the wrong search parameters. I should probably also state that i don't actually have a scope at the moment. I'm just trying to get a few things ready for when i do get one.
  10. Hej Rune .. It's been a steep learning curve right from the outset. My original thoughts where, you brought a telescope, pointed it at the sky and sat back and enjoyed everything the sky had to offer. Then i woke up and started to try and decide just what type of of astronomy excited me contra types of telescope. It's been a hard choice not made any easier by the steep cost of scopes and equipment although what has made the decision easier in the end was the fact that i have a reasonably decent sized telescope store only an hours drive away. I'm at the age where warranties and after sales service are as important as the goods themselves....almost. So i finally settled on a Celestron 8" Edge + avx mount plus the neximage 5 mp camera, T-ring/adapter/0.63 focal reducer/barlow and cables to run from the handset to PC/batinov mask. Then i guess, the real learning will start ... something i am immensely looking forward to. Thank you all for your warm welcome's...
  11. Thank you. Yes of course, it makes total sense.
  12. Very interesting read, thank you. I was wondering ... why do i never see background stars in planet pictures?
  13. Ex pat living in Denmark here. I don't have a scope at the moment as i've been stuck in paralysis by analysis mode for quite some time. It's all over now though - i think! - and i'm now on a 22 day countdown until i can get out a collect my scope/accessories. I live out in the country with no other houses or towns close by and generally experience dark skies when there's no moon. I also have a great view of the open sky from east through south to west although large oaks and chestnuts conspire to block out large chunks of the northern sky. I'm finding this site an excellent resource that's already helped me with quite a few questions ... although i'm sure it'll be the source of many more to come Thanks guys...