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  1. The definition of a moon is a natural object (or satellite) that orbits a planet. To my understanding Saturn's rings are made up of space debris, and they must orbit around the planet. Does that mean that each individual piece of debris and dust in Saturn's rings, and other planet's rings, count as moons?
  2. I always thought that proton decay was when a proton loses its charge and turns into a neutron.
  3. I watched a documentary on string theory and they said that the vibrations within the strings caused the properties in the particles such as charge. I am sceptic mainly due to Occam's razor. Loop quantum gravity accepts less circumstances. Why are you sceptic?
  4. It is not that I am skeptic of string theory, it is more that I think loop quantum gravity is better. I am trying to be open minded and I am researching both theories before making my final decision.
  5. We know that some protons have been losing their charge, turing into neutrons, and as far as I know, we haven't worked out why. But string theory, which I am skeptical of, says that the string vibrations cause the charge of the particles. It is impossible for the strings to vibrate for ever surely, so maybe when they start to slow down in vibration, the protons lose their charge. Sorry if this is kind of a stupid question.
  6. I wish we could do more complicated physics at school. All we do is stuff like moment = distance x force and stuff like that. What if whilst a wheel is turning in the car it is also generating electricity, like a big win turbine. So it is a hybrid between the dry ice energy and kinetic energy.
  7. were talking about moving a little hutch up to let the C02 compress into some sort of material. So like 5 - 10 joules, 100% under 50
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