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  1. Pm sent re diagonal Threaded for SCT, not push fit, so not suitable for me
  2. I hadn't thought of that as a possibility. It could be the best way forward, but I'll never get another scope past the beloved wife at the moment! It would make a nice addition at some point though... More to the point, it has made me decide that once I upgrade the diagonal, it will be to a 2" one, even if I don't actually get a 2" eyepiece for a while. Thanks for your comments
  3. To be honest, when I started this thread I figured I'd never be able to afford a true UWA long(ish) FL eyepiece and so the extra few mm clear aperture of the T2 diagonal would be more than enough, allowing me, say, a 25 mm 68°. Then I discovered the Skywatcher Nirvana eyepieces - a 28 mm 82° eyepiece for £185 does sound VERY tempting, especially since a number of people here say that the Nirvanas are nearly as good as Naglers in slower scopes. It looks like my overall budget for diagonal, eyepieces etc is now totally shot to hell! As Oscar Wilde said, I can resist anything except temptation...
  4. Hi Richocet Yes, it's the hexafoc version, so I'm glad to hear that I don't have to worry about it.. Thanks also for the info about the clamp - that's very useful to know
  5. Hi all It wasn't (quite) so much the optical quality I was concerned about so much as the Bresser diagonal seems to be made of something not much more substantial than stale cheese! On a (somewhat) related note, does anyone know what sort of load the Bresser focuser can handle? Just in case I decide I can't live without a wide angle hand grenade.... :-)
  6. More great recommendations and good food for thought. Thanks!
  7. Hi rwilkey Thanks for the recommendation - much appreciated. It's well within budget as well, which is always a bonus!
  8. Hi Geoff Thanks for the comments. The supplied diagonal flexes somewhat even with the Plössl, so I figured I need something a bit better - I have to wear specs to observe so will need eyepieces with better eye relief than Plössls at the shorter focal length end, which will presumably be somewhat heavier, although I appreciate that at f/10 I won't need hand grenades. The scope does have a 2" focuser, along with a T mount thread.
  9. Hi all I was recently given a Bresser AR102/1000 f/10 reflector, which I'm VERY happy with, but the supplied diagonal is a horrible cheap plastic thing and I have no confidence in it being (a) any good optically and (b) robust enough to take any eyepiece much more substantial than the supplied 26mm Plössl. I'm afraid I've ended up somewhat paralysed by the choice of replacements and was hoping that your good selves could give some advice. My budget would be about £100 or so (and then only as long as i can keep SWMBO ignorant... :-) I'm tending towards the Baader T2 (non-Zeiss) prism - does anyone have anything good or bad to say about it? Or, what else should I be looking at? Thanks for any and all advice or comments... A very confused Shane
  10. Yay, another Shane! And more here in North Wales... I'm not feeling so lonely now... Now all I need are clear skies ...
  11. Thanks for the suggestions - well worth considering, and a fair bit cheaper
  12. Hi all I need a bag / case for a Bresser Exos2 mount and tripod. I already have a Geoptik bag for the OTA which I'm very happy with, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Geoptik EQ5 etc mount and tripod bag: If anyone has anything good or bad to say about it, or about possible alternatives, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Shane
  13. Hi I need a bag / case for a Bresser Exos2 mount and tripod. I already have a Geoptik bag for the OTA which I'm very happy with, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with their EQ5 etc mount and tripod bag: Thanks Shane
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome
  15. Welcome from a fellow new member. Have fun, and enjoy stimulating those young, inquisitive minds!