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  1. thanks john that link was very helpful. cheers
  2. hi is it possible to attach the celestron skyscout onto my 12 inch dob, just to make it a bit easier to locate stars,galaxies etc. thanks for your help
  3. i turned my scope to saturn and picked it up right away, it was a beautiful sight but mars is still to bright, im going to buy a couple of filters hopefully that will do the trick. thanks for the advice guys.
  4. hi, i need some help on mars i am using a skywatcher 12in dob with nirvana eyepieces 4,7 and 16mm but all i can see is a bright disc. i have colimated my scope, should i be able to get any detail or do i need to buy any filters tanks david
  5. hi i was wondering whats the best barlow between the celestron ultima and the tal x2. Can anyone give me a review on any of these models or do you know of any better barlows on the market. thanks for your time
  6. I've just ordered my very first telescope a skylinner 300p from rvo and im so excited, i just need to tell the wife now, she is going to go mental lol. Maybe the 10inch would have been anough but i probably would have had kicked myself in the long run, so i bit the bullet and got the larger scope. I just want to thank all you fellow stargazers for the help you have given me on buying a telescope, i would have been lost without you. Thank you
  7. Hi i was wondering if anybody could give me the names of any good books on learning the constellations and stars?. I've managed to find orion quite easily but have had trouble finding others. Thanks for your time
  8. Im thinking of buying a dobsonian telescope, which manufacturer is reguarded as being the best, or are there mostly all the same in quality.
  9. thanks for the great advise it was really helpful i will take all your points into account. Thanks again have a happy new year.
  10. i was just wanting to hear your theories on what happened before the big bang, could we ourself come from a super massive blackhole?. Also could there be more than one universe?
  11. hi can anybody give me a review on the skywatcher skymax 127 synscan az goto. thanks
  12. Hi im new to this and need some help picking a telescope for beginners, i've seen the skywatcher 127 syn scan az goto and was wondering if this is a good telescope, will i be able to see galaxies and nebulae with this scope also can anyone recommend a good online resaler, i have heard bad things about telescope planet. Thanks you for your time
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